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    posted a message on Unable to connect to any Minecraft server after ISP change

    A week ago I changed my ISP, and along with it, all settings related to my wifi connection via modem. Ever since, I've been unable to join any Minecraft server, modded, using different clients (Technic, FTB, etc.), but any other online game with community or dedicated servers work.

    I received the following error message when trying to join any server:$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection refused: no further information:

    Since then, I have tried to:

    1- Port forward all ports from 1024 to 65535 (has not worked)

    2- Disable and change all firewall settings both on my PC and the modem

    3- Change IP addresses and connect to servers directly

    4- Restarted the modem, computer, reinstalled both Minecraft and Java and sacrificed a goat

    Anyone has a clue about what to do next? I've spent a week searching and trying different solutions to no avail.

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    posted a message on Hermitcraft Inspired Vanilla SMP! TRUVILLE SMP!

    1) How old are you?


    2) What is you IGN (In-game Name)?

    Kursze. Use it for everything.

    3) On a scale of 1-10, how mature are you?

    That's kind of a loaded question. But if I HAD to, I'd go with 8/10. Goofy at times


    4) Do you have skype/discord (mandatory)(You can say it here or PM it to me later)?

    Skype: Kursze. Same with Discord.

    5) What are your skills in Minecraft (building, redstone, etc)?

    Grinding, resource gathering, all the long menial tasks nobody likes to do.

    6) Have you played on an SMP server before?

    Bunch of other SMP vanilla servers, but they kinda died out after a while.

    Have you ever been banned on ANY server? If yes, explain: Once, a creative server's admin went nuts and banned anyone for not obeying him. Having known better, I just left at the time. Came back and was banned.

    8) How many hours a week do you plan on spending on the server?

    For the summer break and further on, around 1-4 hours. Flexible times for the summer and fixed 2-3 hours during school times (September-June)

    9) What special qualities will you bring to the server?

    Played since 2010 and I tend to help out anyone I can whenever possible. Also mentioned above, I take on all the ridiculously long and boring tasks so no one has to do them. I also enjoy it. Builders can't build without terraformed land and scaffolding, can they?

    10) How did you find out about this server? i searched on the MC forums.

    Trying to find back the good times of a small SMP server.

    11) Any other information you want us to know?

    I'm trilingual. French, English, and zombie chicken.

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    posted a message on Custom Worlds setup

    Is there a way to set up a custom world so that only hot biomes (Desert, mesa, savannah and all their equivalents) generate or only one biome can be selected?

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    posted a message on What's your favorite biome to build in?

    Desert/Mesa, since I tend to build lone buildings and kinda like to keep a 70'-80' southern american theme. Otherwise I just build in plains and terraform accordingly.

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    posted a message on I just realized that Minecraft works with surround sound now. (Windows)

    Plantronics Rig 500HD. Surround sound works super dope now.

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    posted a message on I just realized that Minecraft works with surround sound now. (Windows)

    Damn, that's cool. Finally it'll work with my headset.

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    posted a message on Whats your Gender?

    I identify as a agender neurosexual trans penguin with penguinkin, pumpk-

    Ok, I'll stop with the Tumblr bull. Meyle.

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    posted a message on Cuboak - Designing Minecraft-like furniture

    Are there more shapes or materials to choose from currently or are they all oak and joints?

    Asked by someone moving out soon.

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    posted a message on Huge project, need opinions -- The layout of my kingdom

    I really like the idea of your project. Your layout is well thought-out and taking inspiration from a seed is a really good idea. I have a suggestion,


    Try to work a bit on the exterior of the kingdom.

    Rarely will a whole kingdom be in one huge walled fortress, unless you're talking rabid, wall-destroying giants salivating at the idea of a villager kebab.

    Try to spice up land around your walls; mine shaft in the ravines, small lumberjack village in the woods, or perhaps a wizard tower in the forest hills?

    It's all you, though.

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    posted a message on Saddest (Minor) thing that has happened to you?

    Ripping a drawing while trying to erase part of it.

    I feel you bro.
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    posted a message on 100% Vanilla 1.8.8 SMP Survival Server Worth Checking Out (Half World SMP) (I Need People To Join)
    Minecraft Username: It's on your left. Can't miss it.

    Skype: Mr.CryoLyoKitty.

    If You Have One, YouTube Channel URL: I got problems recording, but if I do start doing videos, it won;t be daily.

    If You Have One, How Many Subscribers: (NA)

    Age: 17.

    How Long Have You Played Minecraft: Since the official 1.0 release back in 2011.

    Your Time Zone: EST (-5:00)

    Country: Good ol" Canada.

    Have You Ever Been Banned on a server: Only unfair bans, like mod power-trips or servers running out of ideas.

    If So Why: Specified up there.

    Why Do You Want To Join: For fun, obviously. Why not?

    Additional Information You Want To Add: I'm a vegan superhero I love pancakes.
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    posted a message on Countries Community Server [WHITELISTED]

    Sure, why not try it out.

    Info's on the left, Skype's the same, otherwise contact me on Mr.CryoLyoKitty.

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    posted a message on Saddest (Minor) thing that has happened to you?

    Here, I'm talking stuff like "I ordered pizza and I opened the box upside-down, not some cancer story or how people have died. Minor stuff.

    Saddest little thing that happened was when I was about to answer back to someone being toxic here with a 45-minute long reply, and turns out the thread was deleted right after.

    Other thing that happened was when I went to buy the new Pokemon X game, and I had the exact amount, even taxes included, to pay, and discovered the game upped in price by 5$ when I went there.

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    posted a message on Largest vein of diamond ore

    Counting single-vein, I haven't got larger than 8. If you count merging veins, then the tides are turned, as I have experienced about 31 diamond ore blocks in one go. Using pre-saves and a bit of luck with Fortune 3, I extracted 82 diamonds out of it. Which covered me for about 3 days of mushroom island conversion. Mushroom island grass is too pretty to pass, and no mobs to disturb any buildings.

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    posted a message on Rooms to put in a modern house?

    Personally, I'd say scrap this house, always, ALWAYS build interior, or at least plan it before building the exterior walls.

    Otherwise, you could add plenty of stuff. A greenhouse, balcony and gigantic closet are only few in the list you can do there.

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