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I'm leaving the forum, if anyone cared. You can find me on OC or FFR.

"Oh. That guy there. He's Sgt. Traveler. He's your self-proclaimed 'average idiotic dumb person' that 'weeps everyday wondering why the heck does he still live for another day'. I'm not sure if it's true or not but rumor has it that he keeps thinking about making suicide notes and hanging self sometimes. I don't know, that's up for you to decide.

He makes EDM music for fun and at times play games casually. He also used to moderate Off-Topic but not anymore. When he's bored he usually RPs with himself and does graphic designs.

Try not to come close to him. He only approaches people, not otherwise. If anything though he's free to be contacted via private messages, just not something that'd bother him much.

Oh and, I heard he's a bit wild when it comes to cuttings and rippings and stuff..."


"The other day he confessed to me about this one forum he frequents to. I can't remember much of the name, but I think it's somewhere about 'Minecraft Forums'. He said that, ever since one of the thread came off the forum--can't remember, heck, he never told me which though--he had lost interest in most of the forum and just somewhat getting bored of it. He mentioned a different forum--mc...f...t, I think?--to replace that thread with a lot more of loose rules in it, but he said that the forum is just a little...feral. He told me that one of his acquaintances said that the other forum's kinda like some sort of a little experiment, and it apparently answered up quite well; for him, it's not a fun and a quite pleasant forum.

He has been sticking to only a few threads and...uh...this one's the Forum Games, I guess? He's been sticking there now, and that thread where it's all about...anthro.....morphical creatures of some sort. 'Furries', I think. Kind of a funny name. He said it's not even worth it to look around most of the forum anymore; it's not that the IQ points are dropping, it's just that he had to carry on. I guess that whole disappearing thread shocked him for a bit, but, well...he did say it got a little spammy.

People come and go, but there are some enjoyable people that only come once in a while. I suppose he doesn't like the forum anymore because the friends he knew are leaving the forum altogether, and it served no purpose for him to keep browsing the site."

"...mmhmm, and why are you telling me this?"

"I had to. It bugged me on my shoulders for so long."

Interests DEFINITELY NOT THIS SITE ANYMORE Also music composing now

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