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    I've started to make an undertale mod with the entire GUI of the battlescene and all of the characters of the game(TEMMIE of course).

    I plan to build an Undertale world and use the game's textures as a texture pack. I'm also making 3D and 2D models of the characters using Techne and MCAnimator.

    I plan to ADD items, food, dog residue, armour, pretty much everything from Undertale possible.

    Using all of these ideas and textures created by Toby, what kind of copyright info would I need to provide to stay out of trouble with the law and not getting sued.

    I'd love multiple answers.

    Thx a lot!

    Down below is:

    the splash image of undertale created by Toby Fox

    A screenshot of undertale. The flowerbed is an example of a texture I would copy

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