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    1st, pretty thanks for the fast replies.
    2nd, to affirm: do mobs actually generate their sounds even if they don't have visual contact with you?
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    Hello. First off, I hope this is the correct forum for my post.

    You know that sometimes you finish from mining a certain cave, and you have no longer use of it, so you figure it's better to close it for any of the following reasons:

    - Avoid mistakenly rescouting/remining it in the future.
    - Avoid falling into a deep hole, thus getting damaged or trapped.
    - Avoid having hostile mobs spawn out of it.

    So your best choice would be closing the entrance, since filling the enitre cave could be out-of-the-question option if it's a really big cave.

    Problem is, that by closing only the entrance, the interior would be dark and AFAIK it will be egligible for hostile mobs to spawn inside. That would lead to some problems:

    - Getting alerted by hearing a hostile sound, though you will not see any threat, nor you are really threatened.
    - Having many beasts unleash upon you if you accidentally end up opening the specific cave in some way.

    The only idea that came to my mind would be to force light to access the area, whether wreaking the ceiling or leaving torches inside...

    Any thoughts?
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