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    posted a message on Thaumcraft 6.1.BETA26 [no longer being developed]
    I have an idea! More Fortress armor upgrades. Face plates: 1. Pumpkin King Face Plate (protects you from enderman) 2. Potion Sipper Face plate (You can bind a potion to it but it will not delete it and when the potion gets low it can drink another one atomatically) 3. Great Gluttony Face Plate (When Hunger is low it will take the food that you bind it to the face plate and eat it automagically) 4. Ender Arms Face Plate (Opens Doors, chests, Furnaces, or anything with a gui if you stare at it Only if its toggled) 5. Bargain Hunters Face Plate (Gives you better Trades with villagers) Chest plate Upgrades: 1. Robe Interior (Acts as a Robe And A Chestpiece) 2. Deflecting (With vis can have a chance of deflecting mundane projectiles [For The Distortion focus from tt] 3. Satchel (Gives you a few extra Slots in inventory) Legging Upgrades: 1. Dire Speed (Gives you a speed boost when low health and near hostile mobs at the cost of vis) 2. Razor Plates (Cuts Grass and flowers when walking on them. Can be toggled.)

    Well! Those are my ideas! Hope you like em' fellow forumers and @Azanor!
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