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Visionary of The Colonial Fellowship

I'm very lucky to live in Canada where medicine is so affordable, especially as an orphan. My parents disowned me shortly after discovering my cooties and told everyone I was dead.

They knocked me out, put me in a large garbage bag (double bagged - they spared no expense), and threw me off a bridge. I was lucky that there was a kind old hobo living underneath. He saved my life, and taught me how to live with my cooties, as he had learned to do after his parents threw him off that very same bridge.

He was still wearing his garbage bag.
Interests Clarification: I am of the female sex, but I have no gender. I play a lot of video games, and I'm getting a computer science degree. I'm a Pokefan, I love the Elder Scrolls games, and my favorite TV shows are either The Office US or Firefly. I also play the drums. Woo.

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