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    ~ Welcome to my little corner! ~

    Simply put, I will completely design your Minecraft skin for you! As an aspiring graphic artist, pixel art is something I've worked with for eight-ish years and skins are no exception to that. I'm willing to make your character for you whether it be from a concept, reference, edits or revamps to an old character, I'll work with you to get our best possible result. Pricing for these starts at $10.00 USD.

    ~ Content ~

    Skin quality is divided into three categories, each with their own pricing. They are listed as 'Basic', 'Better' or 'Detailed' type skins. For every skin, I will send screenshots along the design process to ensure we're going in the right direction. Below are some examples of what each category consists of.

    ~ 'Basic' Skin ~

    'Milotic' skin for CelestialMyst.

    Shown above is an example of a 'Basic' skin. They're minimal in extra detail, features are rougher but it can still clearly display the character. It makes your character unique, but not too fancy. If you're looking for a quicker skin, then this is the choice for you. Pricing for these starts at $10.00 USD.

    ~ 'Better' Skin ~

    'Krohitsu' skin for Krohitsu.

    This is a 'Better' skin. Details are prominent, features are defined and blend together much easier. This would be your go-to choice if you want more showy and unique clothing, as I try my best to keep the shading equal while giving it shape. Pricing for these starts at $15.00 USD.

    ~ 'Detailed' Skin ~

    Fluff' skin for "Fluffles".

    Finally, we have the 'Detailed' skin. Detailed skins go all out in every aspect, going as far as to try and mimic arm and leg shapes to the best of my ability. If your character has a lot of details you'd like to show in greater detail (Fur, growths, energy, many clothing items, etc.) then this is the choice for you. Normally taking the longest, these start at $20.00 USD.

    ~ Final ~

    So that's it for categorizing your skin accordingly, and I will throw in a few more skins I've worked on in the past at the bottom of the thread. Now, to cover the important aspects of sales, which are settled through Fiverr due to lack of a better medium.

    • Refunds : Refund can be requested throughout the entirety of the creation of the skin. However, once we have finalized a result and you have received the skin, no refund can be requested. This is because art, especially skins, can be easily taken advantage of once sent.
    • Revisions : Each category comes with their own amount of free revisions. I classify revisions as "Drastic changes to a large part of the skin," otherwise a small change (like changing eye shape, different colors, etc.) are free of charge and will not use up any free revisions.
    • Contact : Have any other questions, concerns or requests? Listed below are the best ways to get into contact with me.
    • • Email : [email protected]
      Discord : ~ Ӄꞅꙩћ𝔧ʈꚃᥙ ~#7574 (You may need to copy/paste it.)

    ~ Extra Skin Display ~
    (These images display more detail.)

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