About Me

Hey! My name is Kai Sorensen, an aspiring Graphic Designer who cooks in the day hours and draws under the moonlights cover. I had studied Graphic Design briefly at Daytona State College, but being self taught over the span of 11 years I decided to take my own path. Learning more every day, my areas of expertise range from Logo and Brand design, Cover Art, General Design and a broad understanding of Pixel Art. My current practices are with character design and coloring, having an intermediate understanding of sketching processes and line-work.


I have interests in many things! Finding great enjoyment in practicing art, regardless of medium, I also enjoy cooking and cleaning. There's a certain bliss that comes with it, something not found in many other activities I've experiences.

Location The Antiquity, in time.

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Minecraft Krohitsu Steam ำƒ๊ž…๊™ฉั›๐”งสˆ๊šƒแฅ™ Twitch krohitsubitte Discord ~ ำƒ๊ž…๊™ฉั›๐”งสˆ๊šƒแฅ™ ~#7574