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    posted a message on Food fatigue (new statistic to solve "steak problem")

    Sooooo... a system that if you don't eat a diversified diet it introduces your Player Character to Depression?

    No thanks. I already have that IRL. I don't need my game character suffering from it too. :-)

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    posted a message on Sleep Mechanics - Multiplayer - Fractional Percentages

    Why thank you! Yes I'm sure something in there, or all of it, will help in some way. :-) I also do not mind modding the game and whatnot, but I'm still putting this here as a suggestion to Mojang/Microsoft (MicroJang) to hard code this into Vanilla Minecraft somehow, and I still want folks' thoughts on the idea. :-)

    Thank you.

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    posted a message on Sleep Mechanics - Multiplayer - Fractional Percentages

    One problem with what I see you saying here... the way you have your reply typed here, makes it sound as if all hostile mobs simply spawn the instant the Day/Night Cycle turns over to the Night Phase.

    This is not the case. As per your reply, you stated that the number of mobs spawned during the Night phase of the Day/Night Cycle is reliant on the number of ticks in said Night Phase. So... reduce the number of ticks, it naturally spawns fewer mobs.

    If the Night phase is shorter, has fewer ticks than normal, because someone is sleeping in a server, then there will naturally be fewer mobs spawned, as there is less time for them to spawn in. The Night phase does not have a "this is how many mobs will spawn tonight" counter checking if that many mobs have spawned, it randomly spawns a certain number of mobs within a given area, so long as the "Night Phase" portion of the Day/Night Cycle value is "true". Once that value becomes "false", the Night phase is over, and Night phase spawning mobs cease to spawn in the Night phase, simply because there is no Night phase at that moment.

    Thus, if you make the Night phase "go faster" (have fewer ticks) it be done faster and fewer mobs will spawn, simply because there will be fewer ticks available in the Night phase in which they CAN spawn.

    This idea DOES NOT affect an area around a player, it affects the Day/Night Cycle's Night phase ONLY. It does not make a "no-spawn" area around the players, it does not make a sleeping player immune to mob spawns, it does nothing to the players or the area around them in any way. The ONLY thing it would do is decrease the number of ticks the NIGHT portion of the Day/Night Cycle has per a percentage of how many players are sleeping versus an opposing percentage of how many players are not sleeping, as per how many players are in the given game map at that moment. These percentages would adjust when new players are added to the server or players leave the server, and would NOT affect ANYTHING else. The ONLY way it would affect mob spawn rates is that there would simply be less time (fewer ticks) at night in which mobs CAN spawn, thus it reduces the number of mob spawns simply by virtue of there being less time for them TO spawn.

    Sleeping RIGHT NOW affects the number of hostile mobs, because if you sleep, the number of hostile mobs spawned is reduced to zero (if you go to sleep at the beginning of the night), simply because there was no Night phase of the Day/Night Cycle for them to spawn in. All I want, is to use that same existing mechanic, but make it more granular instead an simple "On/Off Switch" like (all or nothing) mechanic.

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    posted a message on Sleep Mechanics - Multiplayer - Fractional Percentages

    1) As stated in my Original Post, it only affects the NIGHT phase, and NOT the day phase, of the Day/Night Cycle. I DO NOT want to speed up or alter the DAY phase of the Day/Night Cycle with this idea in any way.

    2) I think this might be harder to implement, but I see the merit of your idea. I would say maybe make this an option that could be toggled for a given game map. The idea I had was basically just to slightly alter the NIGHT Phase sleep mechanic, so that if ANY players go to sleep, it would simply increase the speed by which the NIGHT phase of the Day/Night Cycle rotated towards the Day phase, thus this would decrease the number of Night Phase Spawning Mobs that would spawn, simply by the fact that the Night phase was shorter.

    I.O.W. if the night phase is unaffected (as in no one goes to sleep), the same number of mobs that would naturally spawn as per the currently programmed Day/Night Cycle mechanics. However, if even one player sleeps in a multi-player game map, then the NIGHT phase of the Day/Night Cycle would just spin towards the Day phase faster, and thus by merit of the shorter amount of time it is Night, fewer mobs would spawn, simply because there is less time for them to spawn. The player that wants to stay up still gets to see mobs spawning, just in a fractionally smaller amount.

    Basically, instead of completely rewriting an entire system of code, and subsequently spending months doing so and putting in massive amounts of work to alter a mechanic that already works really well, I am suggesting something that could be implemented with MUCH less code work and MUCH less headaches, AND the code could be more generalized, instead of having to be super specific code. I know programmers like code that is more general and reusable, so I was thinking of simply updating the current mechanic, instead of completely changing it.

    You still get Player A reducing the mobs spawning near them and the Night phase of the Day/Night Cycle goes faster, and you still get Player B able to mob hunt, just with fewer mobs spawning over all.

    This ALSO does not reduce the difficulty for Player A, as Player A cannot simply sleep their troubles away. Mobs would still spawn and put them in danger, thus this is not breaking the game. Your suggestion would inherently break the difficulty system, in that a set of players could become completely safe in one area (so long as they went to bed regularly) while another set of players are at the normal difficulty setting of whatever their server is set at.

    I do NOT want to break anything with this or make major alterations to native game mechanics, all I want to see is the ability for sleep in a MUTLI-PLAYER game map be useful in some way. And I DO NOT want it to affect the Day phase of the Day/Night Cycle in ANY way.

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    posted a message on Sleep Mechanics - Multiplayer - Fractional Percentages

    HELLO! :-)

    I'll get straight into it here:

    As we all know, sleeping in a one player game of Minecraft reduces the number of Hostile Mobs you see in a given world, and advances the day/night cycle to daytime.

    As we also all know, sleeping in a multi-player game is a pain in the backside, and nearly pointless, unless you can get everyone in the world to coordinate and sleep at the same time.

    This can be incredibly challenging in anything more than 4 players (especially if you have hostiles beating down your door and are trying to use the day/night mechanic to help you get rid of them), and is almost impossible in a multi-player server. There are various mods and lines of code (or you could play on peaceful, but that can get boring sometimes) that handle this in various ways, but what about a native way of handling this?

    What if there was a way of making the game handle this in a manner that is beneficial and stacks as you get more players to go to sleep in game?


    Fractional Sleep Mechanics!

    Current Sleep Mechanic:

    • All Players in a given map sleep in a bed.
    • Hostile Mobs are reduced in number and frequency of spawn.
    • Day/Night Cycle advances from night to day.

    Fractional Sleep Mechanic:

    • Any number of players in a given map sleep in a bed.
    • Hostile Mobs are reduced in number and frequency of spawn... by a percentage determined by the percentage of players sleeping and not sleeping.
    • Day/Night Cycle ALSO advances faster... by a percentage determined by the percentage of players sleeping and not sleeping.


    Thus, as players sleep, the day/night cycle advances slightly faster. The more players you get to sleep, the faster it advances. Say you have 10 players, and 9 of them go to sleep in a bed; the day/night cycle advances at a rate 90% faster than normal, until it reaches daytime.

    If all 10 players in the map go to sleep in a bed at night, then it does the same "instant" flip to daytime like it does now.


    If there are 10 players in same said map, and 9 go to sleep, then there will be 90% fewer mobs spawning throughout the much shorter night portion of the accelerated Day/Night Cycle. Which means there will also be fewer night spawning mobs that are still around the next morning. If all 10 players in same said map go to sleep in a bed of their choosing, then the mob spawn rate reduction will be the same mechanic as it is now.


    NONE OF THIS will effect the day time portion of the cycle in any way.


    In this way, a group of players, even those on a server who don't know each other and may not have any communication with one another other than in-game chat, can still all benefit from players sleeping in game, and it would encourage the use of this mechanic on more than just single-player and small player number LAN worlds.

    What are your thoughts?

    (please keep all flame wars, rude comments, any "oh mah gaaaahd, no you can't change muh minecrafts", and any unproductive suggestions to a minimum. I am trying to be helpful and suggest an edit to an underused game mechanic.)

    Please feel free to like and share this post if you think it worthy of your time. :-)

    Thank you.

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    posted a message on Bookshelves Actually Working As Bookshelves

    Yes. As long as they do not cause lag like several folks have stated. Do es not need to be a new texture, does not need to be a new entity... just add the ability to access the bookshelf block as it is now and add and take books from them. If the bookshelf has books, it shows books in the texture map. If there are no books in it, then it shows a different texture map of no books.

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    posted a message on Oil and Pipes

    Pipes yes... oil no.

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    posted a message on The Update Civilis

    1) I would say... for the very first part... village generation. Instead of completely negating villages being built on the sides of hills and if water is in the foundation and such... separate Villages into 2 classes... Cities, and Villages. Villages follow the current generation rules as they CURRENTLY are, with a few minor tweaks to make them not generate buildings completely under ground where the door is hidden, or being built 50 storys tall on the side of a sheer cliff with the front door off the side of said cliff, etc.

    Cities however, will be just big to massive and generate in large open terrain and do all that stuff about flattening terrain and such you suggested.

    This keeps the little trading outposts and ALSO gives a new dynamic type of village that conforms the landscape to the city, instead of the city to the landscape... to a certain degree. In an Amplified map for example, a city may conform to the terrain somewhat, like even building UPSIDE DOWN STRUCTURES under cliff overhangs for example.

    2) For the BUILDER Villager... I would say make them ALSO REBUILD and REPAIR buildings. If a building is damaged by a player and hat building is not acted upon by any player within 1 day, the Builder Villager will attempt to rebuild the building using a randomly generated blueprint that will fit within the space the building is still standing in, as long as there is a 2 air gap space between the outside of the new building and any adjacent solid blocks, glass, water, or other structures. Builder will call the miner and the lumberjack to remove anything that the builder is not equipped to remove or destroy. The three will work together to build the new building. Also calls on the engineer to "oversee" the building and the Engineer villager will grunt and whine and moan at the builder, miner, and lumberjack as if they are not doing what he is telling them quickly enough. His grunts and whines will be high pitched and squeaky, like a mixture between a villager squeak and a wolf whine. High and nasally sounding. Can be heard whining and nagging from up to 16 blocks away.

    3) NO GUNS.

    4) Guardsman Villager: Will have a full suit of iron armor and a sword and shield (if they are from a village they will have no cape, if they are from a CITY they will have a cape with a coat of arms randomly selected for that city by the procedural generation system), or a helmet and breastplate of leather armor and carry a bow and arrows (again, village no cape, city with cape). Both will work together with the Iron Golem to defend the village and will patrol a dirt and grass beaten down path around a Village, or a fenced and walled in road around a City.

    5) Alchemist Villager: Some will be in Purple robes that shimmer as if enchanted at all times and will be civilian Alchemists. These will work in shops and can be hired as free lance mercenaries if they do not have a shop of their own or are wandering about the village or city.

    -- A second variant will be the Cleric Guardsman - This Alchemist Villager variant will have robes made of white leather armor with a red cross on their chest plate (and on their cape if they are from a city, cape will be plain if they are from a village, but they will ALWAYS have a cape), and they stand behind and work to heal their fellow guardsman as well as cast potions of harming and poison at enemy mobs. If you fight with them against a mob, they will also heal you by throwing splash potions on you as well. These CANNOT be hired as they are City and Village Guardsmen loyal to their people.

    6) Captain of the Guard: Will always have a big bushy mustache... and never wears a helmet. Has fully enchanted Diamond armor (minus thorns so he does not damage everything that comes in touch range of him) and a cape that shimmers as if it is enchanted... and carries a fully enchanted Diamond Longsword (Longsword soon to be implemented in a recent snapshot apparently???) and shield. Font of chestplate, cape, and shield will ALL have the City coat of arms (mentioned above and chosen by the Procedural generation system of MineCraft), and can ONLY be spawned in a City. Stands back and directs his guardsmen where and what to attack and can be heard bellowing loudly during combat. Always grunts in a low baratone voice... a mixture between the pig grunt sound and a villager grunt sound. Never makes any other sound... but during combat that grunt gets LOUD and VERY forceful sounding. Can be heard clearly from up to 32 blocks away. Has 2 tamed wolves that follow him everywhere.

    -- DEPENDENT ON CITY SIZE, when the city is spawned: The Captain may ride different things. If the city is Massive, he will ride a very slow and nearly hobbled horse with shimmering (as if it is enchanted) diamond armor. If the city is just huge, his steed will be a donkey. If the city is only big, he will ride a llama. If said "city" is small enough to only be little bigger than a hilltop village... he will ride a saddled pig and direct it with a carrot on a stick,and have to dismount when he gets to the combat area. :-P

    7) City size will depend on building count. Players can convert a village into a city... but such a process MUST be done THROUGH THE VILLAGERS THEMSELVES. The PLAYER building buildings does not a city from a village make. ONLY the villagers can upgrade and convert their village into a city by building more buildings. The player can HELP build buildings, but this will automatically convert that building into a player built building and the villagers will not work to construct it unless they are hired specifically to do so as a work crew.

    -- Work crew for a building must have at least one Engineer, one Lumberjack, One Builder, and One Miner Villager. Player built structures do NOT count towards city building count and will simply be built around as if they are a lump of bedrock.

    8) VILLAGE building foundations are made from dirt and hardened and colored clay ONLY. CITY Foundations are built from Sandstone, Stone, Cobble, Granite, Andesite, Diorite, Hardened and Colored Clay, and Concrete... depending on where the City is located in relation to what biomes. If it crosses between 2 biomes... the City on one side of a biome is one type of materials, the city half on the other side of the transition be twen biomes is another type of materials. Building style does the same thing as well.

    9) Village Chief: ONLY spawns in Villages. Wears a black robe and makes the same sounds as the Engineer. High nasally whining. Does nothing but walk around all day and walk in and out of his Chieftain lodge. No villager walks within 7 blocks of him as they wish to avoid his whining.

    10) City Mayor: ONLY SPAWNS IN CITIES - Same as the Village Chief except he wears a cape with the City Coat of Arms on it and goes in and out of the City Council building all day. All city dwellers avoid him by no less than 10 blocks. When bumped into, stops walking, starts to whine and grunt and complain for 5-15 seconds while spinning around in circles. Can be bribed for lower cost with trades for up to 1 in-game day. May be followed by a Financier in Massive Cities only.

    -- City Council Person: ONLY SPAWNS IN HUGE AND MASSIVE CITIES - Same as the City Mayor, only with Charcoal Grey colored robes instead... constantly walks within 1 block of and is constantly bumping into the City Mayor. Every time they bump into the City Mayor said Mayor grunts, moans, or whines. Can always be heard grunting, moaning, or whining at all times... never shuts up. Every time they bump into the Mayor they bow (crouch) 3-5 times while whining loudly. Causes all City Villagers to avoid the Mayor by 1 extra block per council person. Will never spawn with less than 2. Huge Cities spawn up to 5. Massive cities spawn up to 10. Never more than 3 blocks away from the mayor. Never stops walking. Can be bribed for lower cost with trades for up to 1-in game day.

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    posted a message on Small Suggestions for Update Aquatic (W.I.P)


    • Seashells
    • Algae Stone
    • Sunken Treasure (Chains drop as Iron Bars maybe?)
    • Pirate Hat
    • Ore Deposits (I think they are already doing this one.)
    • Full set of Turtle Shell Armor
    • Narwhal Helmet... Make it out of the Turtle Shell Helmet and a Narwhal Horn.
    • More Fish varieties.
    • Narwhal.
    • Undead Pirates (no gun powder guns... cutlass and harpoon guns. Gun powder does not work under water any way.)

    MAYBE... IF:

    • Revolver - The revolver did not exist in history until well after the stereotypical (and mostly WRONG) "pirate" depicted in Pirates of the Caribbean existed. Perhaps a Harpoon Gun instead that fires harpoon arrows. Those have existed for centuries.
    • Bullets - Again... harpoon arrows maybe if a harpoon is implemented.
    • Cutlass - Make it do one full heart LESS damage as the sword, but swipes and slashes twice as fast. Almost same DPS per swipe, but swipes faster so it CAN OUTPUT that DPS at a higher rate, thus the Sword and Cutlass are essentially the same, without actually BEING the same.

    NO. :

    • Guns of any kind as you have suggested... Minecraft is MEDEVIAL gameplay. Pre 1600's. Until such things can be implemented without making bows and swords completely obsolete... no.
    • Bullets - read up one ^^^. Same comment.
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    posted a message on The Aquatic Chief

    I assume that you mean if you kill the chief it will drop the Trident right? Not just run in on it and off yourself and suddenly you have the Trident when you respawn right?

    In that case... yes +1, supported. :-)

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    posted a message on Tactical Update

    YES and +1 to ALL of this please! :-)

    Also could we get a Potions pouch and a Seeds pouch we could keep Seeds in and use a specific button to select them please?

    Also, to make POLAR BEARS and DOLPHINS more useful... temperature and weather would be a good addition.

    IF Whales are ever implemented they would replace dolphins for this... but here goes.

    Dolphins (eventually whales) would drop Blubber. Polar Bears and Wolves would drop fleece.

    These items in conjuction with Wool and Leather or rabbit pelts (depending on the recipe) could be used to make clothing that would be worn UNDER armor, to ward off hot and cold and rain.

    The armor could also be supplemented by these items to make Wet, Hot, and Cold weather armor variants.

    Scuba suit anyone? :-P

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    posted a message on [SUGGESTION] [REDSTONE]: The Pacer Block

    (For this suggestion thread, I will be mostly using Pistons as an EXAMPLE. Please keep in mind that this will NOT only apply to Piston blocks but to ALL Redstone Blocks in general.)

    Hello! I have been playing Minecraft for a few years now and I was watching YouTube, Mumbo Jumbo's channel, and saw him playing with a

    Piston House build and an idea came to me.

    The "Redstone Tick Pacer Block".


    The Tick Pacer Block would make any Redstone Device Block that it is connected to move at a different pace than it normally would.

    Meaning that a Piston Block for example could be made to extend and retract faster or slower than it does normally, and it would do so

    SMOOTHLY OR not smoothly, at the discretion of the person setting the pace.


    PLEASE correct me if I am wrong on this but...

    (1) If I am not mistaken, in Minecraft right now when a, Piston Block for example is activated, it retracts or extends dependent on

    what state it is in, but it does not physically DO this transition itself, but the model of said Piston Block is simply rapidly replaced

    with the other model of block. Meaning, in game there are at least 2 "entity models" for the Piston Block, one Retracted and one

    Extended, and this is simply swapped from one to the other to make it SEEM like the piston extended or retracted, and any block in the

    way of the piston platform is moved in relation to the piston platform. I honestly do NOT know if this is how it works, or if there is

    an ACTUAL and PHYSICAL transition from extended to retracted and vice versa. I have never delved that deep into the code, because I

    have no idea where to even BEGIN to find the information in the game code to figure that out or not.

    If the above is the case, and I hope it is not, then that would mean that things like Chests, Trap Doors, and Doors need several entity

    models that must be swapped between in rapid succession to make this LOOK like a smooth transition from open to closed and vice versa.

    IF this IS the case, then my suggestion would mean that it would need several HUNDRED to several THOUSAND new entity models to be added

    for EACH of the various Redstone Blocks/Devices so that a smooth transition could be achieved even at slower speeds, when enacted upon

    by the "Redstone Tick Pacer Block".


    (2) IF THE ABOVE IS NOT TRUE... (which I REALLY hope it is not) but that Redstone Blocks/Devices like Pistons, Doors, Chests, Trapdoors, etcetera execute a PHYSICAL real time change in their physical shape between opened and closed in the game, and do so at a specific speed/pace, then it may be possible to simply do a bit of light programming to allow the "Redstone Tick Pacer Block" or "Pacer Block" to cause the part of these

    blocks that physically moves in real time within the game, to do so at a slower pace.

    Meaning that... well let me explain what I visualized in my head as I was watching Mumbo play with one of his Redstone Hidden Wall


    Basically I was watching him play with a wall that would retract into the floor to reveal a hidden storage and furnace room. Pretty

    simple, and then I watched the way the pistons retracted, and it looks REALLY cool as is, but there was something that it reminded me

    of. It reminded me of the robots in a car factory moving car parts. While this does look cool and for many things it gives a really

    neat mechanical effect to things being opened and closed with pistons, like walls and hidden doorways and such. I thought it might

    also be cool if those pistons could be made to move SLOWER, and do so smoothly, so that the entire wall slides down out of the way in a

    slow and smooth transition. Then a vision of a Jungle Forest Temple popped into my head, and I thought, "hey, that Temple would look

    REALLY cool if the "door" could slowly slide out of the way, instead of the blocks that make up the hidden "door" jumping out of the

    way looking like a robotic car factory arm just yanked on them to move them."


    Essentially... I would like the ability in game, to slow down the pace at which a trap chest opens so I can add music to it or make

    note blocks make a creaking noise to match the speed at which it opens. Or slow down the speed at which a door closes and add a creepy

    haunting "creeeeeeak" to it for a haunted house. Or like the temple, where the stone block "door" sloooowly sliiiides out of the way and

    I could make a bunch of note blocks and command blocks and such make a sound like stone grating as it opens. Or a Trapdoor slowly opens to push up an armor stand with a Zombie head on it to make a haunted house look like a Zombie just opened a trapdoor in the floor, and make a jukebox play one of the creepy sounding tracks for example.

    Or on the other side of the spectrum I could make a piston open even FASTER perhaps, so that it flings you even HIGHER up in the air

    for example. Or I could increase the speed at which a chest closes so that if you grab the wrong item it SNAPS shut like the closing

    jaws of a monster and then I could make it snap opened and closed rapidly and add monster sounds to make it sound like a

    monster chest is trying to eat you inside the dungeon you are in, and then it would spawn "minions" suddenly and you have to fight them


    Or for example, those folks who made Redstone COMPUTERS in game... this would allow them MORE control over how their in-game Computer

    operated. Might even be able to create a working television that could live stream within the game for example and would not look all

    blocky as the speed at which blocks were moved in and out of a "pixel" could be increased to make the picture on "screen" more fluid.

    Such things could be possible. I am sure most of us are aware of the ACTUALLY WORKING CELL PHONE build for example. MANY, things that this could make possible that are simply not feasible or just look weird with right now.

    All kinds of possibilities.

    Please, if ANYONE knows how the Open and Close/Retract and Extend actions of Redstone Blocks/Devices ACTUALLY operates in game, PLEASE

    correct my knowledge and enlighten me so I know which way this could go.

    I think this would be fun to try and turn into a mod first and see how it could be implemented and test out all the problems and

    possibilities it could open up... but I DEFINITELY want this as a new in-game Block at some point in the future! Please. :-)

    Thank you ALL for being nice to each other and NOT sitting in this thread and being a bunch of whiny useless trolls for no good reason.

    I am NOT a programmer so I do NOT know anything about the programming or how to find the answer to my questions about game code other

    than asking questions.

    This IS a suggestion thread, and yes I am asking a question in it, but it is part of this suggestion so that the suggestion can be

    fully sussed out for the benefit of the entire community as a whole. I personally think this would be a neat addition to the game, as

    it would open up many new and exciting possibilities for anyone who wants to play around with Redstone. I have come up with as much of

    the idea as I can think of with the limited knowledge I have. I am not asking you the community to come up with the rest... I am

    simply asking for correction of my own knowledge so that if anything about this idea needs to be tweaked, I can know which way it needs

    to go.

    Thank you.


    Ugh... please pardon the weird format that looks like I hit return after each line... I typed this up in the forum page,l then hit an F-Key by mistake and it erased everything, so I RE-typed it in NotePad and copy pasted and tweaked it. My apologies for the weird formatting. :-(

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    posted a message on I can't decide!!!

    I would go for medevial.

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    posted a message on Apples... I think I figured it out!

    Lol. Nice. That is a really neat way of thinking of it too!

    Perhaps it is a tesseract virus that spawns tiny tesseracts that Steve and Alex's eyes can only comprehend in 3 dimensions so their brains imply the shape of it as an Apple instead of the mind numbing hypnotic wobble of its true self. :-P

    Tesseract Apple Oak Tree Fungus... I like it! :P :Notch:

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    posted a message on Mars

    I like it!

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