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    I agree with the OP 100%. Not being able to place blocks kills all sorts of possible puzzles.

    I made an adventure map back in the day where a player dropped into a long pit with a bunch of spiders. When the pit detected a player inside of it, pistons moved blocks in a way that caused the wall to slowly move towards the player, eventually crushing him. The player had to kill spiders to obtain string and then craft wool blocks to get out of the pit before he gets crushed.

    If adventure mode prohibits block-placing, then awesome mechanics like these will be impossible.

    Another example: I made a puzzle dungeon where players needed to obtain redstone torches, which were "keys" used to unlock the final door by placing them in "shrines" which were connected to logic gates behind a wall that the player couldn't see. These logic gates unlocked the exit once enough keys had been placed.

    Again, if block placing is not possible, you can't make awesome puzzles like those.

    If you truly want to be a great map-maker, you need to be open to ideas and be able to use ALL the features you're given to their maximum extent.
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    posted a message on Chronicles of Genesia roleplaying server! *Realtime story, 1.2.5, roleplay server, Whitelist!*
    Apparently I'm still banned from your server, eheh. Here's an app if you want it. I've changed my character's backstory to something more realistic than before.

    IGN: Kriptini
    Age: Prefer not to answer.
    Gender: Female

    Character Name: Kriptini
    Character's Age: 23
    Character's Race: Akine
    Character's Physical Appearance:

    Character Backstory:

    Any time someone tells you that you can't do something, every measure must be taken to prove them wrong. This is called "self-worth."

    Born as an only child to poor farmers, Kriptini's first eleven years of life were filled with simple monotony. Day after day she would stand close to her mother, keeping quiet as she went about making clothes and preparing food. Her father was always working the fields or tending to the animals. Kriptini never knew anyone outside of her parents and never received a proper education in those days. Her whole world would've been sheltered this way if it weren't for a convenient incident.

    A great plague swept through the lands, taking out entire villages of people. The symptoms were hardly noticeable; there was a slight drying of the skin before the heart stopped entirely. Kriptini was absolutely shocked when in the middle of sewing a shirt, her mother fell out of her chair and never got up. Unsure of what to do, Kriptini ran to the barn to find her father. He wasn't to be found amidst the cattle and swine, so she ran into the wheat fields, struggling to hold back tears as she desperately looked for her father. After hours of searching, she returned to the small farmhouse, unsuccessful.

    She made her own supper that night and cried herself to sleep. She returned to the fields to continue searching for her father, but again, had no luck finding him. Rain came down in torrents that night, almost too iconic of the events that had come to pass. Rain was rare where she lived, so Kriptini knew she had to take this opportunity to do the most horrifying thing she ever experienced in her life.

    She grabbed her father's shovel from the barn, and dragged her mother's body behind the house. The rain had made the soil muddy, and she was able to dig a deep trench. Crying, shaking, she placed her mother into the trench as gingerly as she could, before sealing it back up.

    Days passed, and Kriptini began to grow paranoid and lonesome. She was running out of food and was convinced that her father had fallen victim to the same plague that hit her mother. On a whim, she left her house with nothing but the clothes on her back and just started walking.

    Eventually she came upon a nunnery in the hills, where she stayed for another ten years. There, Kriptini was educated in the ways of the gods, learning reading, writing, and poise. During her time here, she also became socialized. She was able to befriend people and hold proper conversations, though her bitterness towards her past had made her extremely sassy.

    After a decade of being subject to the strict rules of the covenant, Kriptini was evicted from the nunnery for trying to upset the traditions of the establishment. As she was thrown out the front doors, the head sister told Kriptini that she would never make anything of her life if she acted so liberal. Undaunted, Kriptini traveled to a nearby kingdom in an effort to prove the head nun wrong.

    Kriptini joined a military academy in this kingdom, where her advanced education and knowledge of social graces quickly promoted her through the administrative ranks. On the side, she also studied basic combat, where her agility was noticed by the leader of a secret organization known as the "Street Rats." The Street Rats were select members of the king's royal guard that carried out special stealth missions, such as blackmailing foreign ambassadors for classified information or assassinating key officials in warring kingdoms.

    On one particular mission, Kriptini was instructed to scope out a secret facility where a dangerous kind of alchemy was supposedly being created. This laboratory consisted of several crazed wizards mixing together different elements to create contained explosions. Stealing their research notes, Kriptini reported that all of their attempts were unsuccessful, but asked for permission from the head of the Street Rats to look into the alchemy herself. Her superior gave her a grant and small laboratory to conduct research.

    Experimenting with different reagents of normal alchemy, Kriptini discovered that fermenting a spider eye before distilling it into a solution would cause the solution to completely inverse itself. Her first major invention was a potion that contained a poison which caused symptoms extremely similar to the one that had struck her mother. But tather than being disgusted by it, she became infatuated with it.

    However, the king declared that this new alchemy was too dangerous, and ordered Kriptini's lab to be shut down. Royal soldiers burned her facility to the ground, and when she protested, the king exiled Kriptini and discharged her from the royal guard and the Street Rats. Unwilling to accept this unfair punishment, Kriptini secretly built a lab under an abandoned shack in the slums of the kingdom, where she developed a potion that exploded violently on contact with any surface. Now obsessed with explosions, Kriptini researched the igniting properties of sulfur, and eventually developed dynamite.

    She contacted a few of her friends from the Street Rats and implored them to break off and help her form her own agency. However, her friends were still loyal to the crown, and instead alerted the king of her whereabouts. Enraged, Kriptini fled from her lab at the sound of the guards pounding on her door, carrying a large amount of dynamite with her. She scaled the walls of the castle and found her way into the bedroom of the king, where he lay asleep. Silently, she wired the entire room with dynamite, and placed a tripwire to set it all off on the door.

    For a moment, Kriptini felt regretful. If her plan fell through, she would be wanted throughout the kingdom. Though most of her friends had already turned against her, she didn't want to break off ties with her close companions. But then she spied a large conflagration from the balcony of the bedroom. It was the fire the guards had set to her lab.

    Without remorse, Kriptini climbed down from the window of the king's bedroom, then shouted into a nearby hallway, "Someone is trying to kill the king! Help, quick!" One of the guards heard her cry, and dashed into an adjacent hallway, yelling something similar. Kriptini deftly made her way outside of the castle walls, and strode down the main road that connected the kingdom to the wilderness. As she neared the main gate, she heard a large explosion come from a ways behind her, and a sadistic smile crossed her face.

    Now, she scours the world in search of a new home, and a place to establish her own society of operatives.

    One more thing:

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    posted a message on [PUZ] Duneveil Sewers (1.0) [500+ Downloads!]
    Do you hate all that "parkour" and "find your way through the maze" ********? Do you want to play a map that's intellectually challenging? Well, you should play:

    Download for 1.0!

    (Download also works for MC Beta 1.8!)


    Duneveil Sewers is a linear puzzle map. It requires no mods to run and is totally lag-free. First play-throughs take approximately fifteen to twenty minutes to complete.


    Far off in the desert in the lands of Atrius lies Duneveil, the Mirage City. With its beautiful sandstone walls and majestic palace, Duneveil is one of the most beautiful cities in the whole world. The densely populated city is run by the illustrious Queen Kriptini, who controls the wealthiest bank in all of Atrius. For years, Duneveil has been in a state of peace... but all of that has changed.

    Recently, a letter was delivered to the Queen by an unknown messenger. Queen Kriptini opened the envelope and was shocked at what she saw:

    Queen Kriptini,
    We have planted a giant bomb beneath the palace. You have two options: surrender your city, or watch it go up in flames.

    There was no name at the end of the message, and the messenger promptly disappeared as soon as the letter was delivered. Not wanting to surrender her glorious city, the Queen has asked you, as one of her most trusted citizens, to brave the old sewer system beneath the palace and diffuse the bomb. With a slight hesitation, you enter through the old steel gateway to the sewers... which promptly lock themselves behind you.



    1. Do not break or place any blocks except for Redstone Torches.
    2. Do not use any mods or cheating devices.
    3. You may "drop" items as you wish.
    4. Play on Peaceful difficulty.
    5. Some puzzles can't reset when you fail them, and you will have to reload the map.


    Xenocontendi - Edit
    (Uses Xenocontendi textures except for SMP Revival paintings and gold armor.)


    Did you like this map? Join the HalfCraft multiplayer server! We use plugins such as Towny, Heroes, Falsebook, and many more! You can also become a citizen of the real Duneveil!


    • Minor art tweaks
    • Fixed inaccurate ending sign text

    1.1 (November 7 2011):
    • Ending puzzle changed!

    • Repainted a few ceilings that didn't match the art scheme.
    • Piston-based doors opened by wooden pressure plate item triggers will no longer close. Ever.
    • Changed the ending so it didn't suck as much.
    • Moved back the dispensers in the final room so that players can't just right-click them to receive their items.
    • Added a wooden door in the final puzzle room to make the objective a bit more obvious.

    • Initial release.

    Kriptini's Maps

    [PORTAL] Aperture Depths Chell must escape from Aperture a third time, but the facility seems more empty than usual... (Featuring custom and fully voice-acted GLaDOS dialogue!)

    [ADV] Bitterwind Sanctum An ancient barbarian treasure hold has been discovered buried among the snow of a far-off mountain. Brave the danger of the Sanctum and claim your treasure!
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    posted a message on [PORTAL] "Aperture Depths" by Kriptini (January 5 UPDATED!) (1.0 Compatible!)

    by Kriptini

    Download Link! (Edition 8, compatible with Minecraft 1.0.0)

    (If there was a hotfix recently, please be patient as the my upload speed to the Dropbox server is very slow.)

    (Beta 1.7.3 compatible version availible here.)

    Hey, community! My name is Kriptini, and I've made a Minecraft Adventure using iChun's Portal Gun Mod! (Coincidentally, this is my first post on these forums!)

    "Aperture Depths" is a custom map I have created using iChun's Portal Gun Mod for MineCraft. Using a Portal Gun, players will solve puzzles that put both their reflexes and spatial thinking skills to the test.

    As the player, you will assume the role of Chell, who finds herself trapped inside Aperture Labs yet again. She is not sure how she arrived here, considering that GLaDOS released her at the end of Portal 2. However, one thing is certain: GLaDOS is still fully-functional and wants to get back to testing. Chell must escape from Aperture Labs for a third time, but something seems eerily strange about this run-through...

    There are a few rules on this map that are in place to enhance your gameplay experience. Please observe the following guidelines:

    -Do not break any blocks other than the following:
    -Weighted Storage Cube
    -Weighted Companion Cube
    -Do not carry any items in your inventory other than the following:
    -Portal Gun
    -Advanced Knee Replacements
    -Weighted Storage Cube
    -Weighted Companion Cube
    -Music Disc
    -Do not break or alter redstone trails
    -Do not remove your Portal Gun from your inventory after obtaining it
    -Play on "Peaceful" difficulty


    1. Risugami's ModLoader: http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=1032&t=80246

    2. SDK's ModLoader MP (Updated by Flan): http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/182918-173smp-flans-mods-planes-ww2-guns-vehicles-playerapi-moods-mputils-teams/#MLM

    3. Risugami's AudioMod: (same URL as ModLoader, different download link)

    4. iChun's Portal Gun Mod: http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?t=215961

    5. Hippoplatimus' Pistons Patch: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/228373-100-piston-patch-updated/ (chaining and launching)

    6. Peronix's Speaker Blocks: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/188949-100-peronixs-mods-fan-blocks-updated/

    7. Ali4z's Wireless Redstone: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/328725-166wireless-redstone-v13/ (base mods only)


    1. Carlotta4th's Precisely Portal Texture Pack: http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=171644

    2. Simo_145's Single Player Commands: http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?t=100267

    3. Mrcrazyperson's Chell Skin: http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/72111

    19 standard test chambers
    1 boss chamber
    3 hidden test chambers
    30 GLaDOS voice-overs
    5 "achievements"
    Level selector (if Single Player Commands is installed)
    Complete walkthrough in the readme.txt
    60-150 minutes of playtime

    Want to see some delicious screenshots?

    I'd also like to thank the following people for making this creation possible:

    Risugami's Mods
    iChun's Portal Gun
    Hippoplatimus' Pistons
    Carlotta4th's Texture Pack
    Simo_145's Commands
    codewarrior's MCEdit
    Peronix's Speaker Blocks
    CJ2311 for updating Peronix's Speaker Blocks back in 1.7
    Ali4z's Wireless Redstone
    Flan for keeping SDK's ModLoaderMP updated

    If you enjoy this map, please donate to any of the people listed above so they can continue to make cool things for me to put in maps! Also, feel free to post any comments regarding the map, and tell me what your favorite GLaDOS line is from my map!

    Made possible by:

    Kriptini's Maps

    [PUZ] Duneveil Sewers A bomb has been planted beneath the lovely city of Duneveil, and it's up to you to disarm it! (No ********, just puzzles!)

    [ADV] Bitterwind Sanctum An ancient barbarian treasure hold has been discovered buried among the snow of a far-off mountain. Brave the danger of the Sanctum and claim your treasure!
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    posted a message on [1.6.2][1.5.1][1.5.0][1.4.2][1.3.2] Not Just About Boobs

    Why is it "Not Just About Boobs" when it only adds boobs?

    Because the OP has this legendary quality called a "sense of humor."
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    posted a message on [1.6.2][1.5.1][1.5.0][1.4.2][1.3.2] Not Just About Boobs
    Quote from Recoded

    maybe say i like it? I like it

    That's the most awesome picture I've ever seen. DURARARA!
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    posted a message on Digital Diamond: Lonely This Christmas?
    There's nothing funny about this video. Most of it is just some guy nodding. Awful pick, Curse.
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    posted a message on Weekly Recap - Passing the Scepter, C418 & More
    When looked at objectively, this is an interesting approach, as not many game developers get the community involved in the patching process.

    ********. Every accomplished PC game has a seperate test server that is free and accessible to players of the normal game. EQ2, TF2, etc. all have test servers and clients.
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    Whatever you decide to do, make it CONDENSED. Don't make segments longer than 10 minutes (which is still pretty long) because nobody wants to watch someone talk that long. Be sure to cut to your stories as if you were a legitimate news station and keep the stories SHORT, with links provided that the viewer can click on for more information.


    Most Curse-created videos so far have

    looked like middle school

    video projects.
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    Quote from Smolderingego

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

    All of us here at Half-Bit Gaming (except me because I'm playing Skyrim)

    Fix'd. =(
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