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    IGN (username): Kurosion

    Age (no restrictions): 22

    Location (country): English is my main language, and I'm from the US.

    Do you agree to the rules?: Yes, I agree the rules and I commit to obey them and be a respectful player.

    Why are you interested in joining?: It sounds like a wonderful new experience, and I like the idea of being given quest, and becoming a member of a community of players just like me.

    Tell us something about yourself so we can get to know you: Well, my name is Damien Green, and I'm an avid gamer. I used to play Minecraft extremely often, and got very familiar with how things work. I ended up getting relatively bored with the game, due to the fact that I had beaten in mutilple times, and had crafted everything I could think of! With this realms, I'll have an objective, and a community to be able to work with, and it sounds like it could be a lot of fun!
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