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    posted a message on [Windows] [VERSION 1.0.8] Minecraft Texture Studio - Resource pack editor, add block, item textures and in HD, sounds and fonts

    the gui of the pack? do you mean the player's inventory container or the resource pack selection background?

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    posted a message on Minecraft Shop Creator (MSC) is now in Beta

    Beta-Testers searched!

    Some time ago I already created a Thread for this software (here). However, I worked a lot on it because I was really bored the last months. This tool is useful to create villager shops and mantain them, while trying to avoid the json syntax.

    This Beta-Version offers many new things. To name some of them:

    - Support for Minecraft 1.8 - 1.14*

    - Many new styles available

    - Better UI, better arrangement of objects

    - The software is so much more stable now

    - Many new icons, hover-effects

    - Some new settings, audio in testing

    - user manual because why not

    - New tabs - new functions

    - you can create scene-files (MSCODE)

    . . .Read more about the changes on the official website!

    There you'll also find the download. Thanks for reading.

    > Click here for more information <


    *work in progress

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