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    What is Marvelous about?

    Marvelous is a new Vanilla Survival Whitelisted safe community for players to Build, Mine, and Craft anything that their heart desires. We are a detail building oriented server, currently with only two players FeraliciousVex and myself. This server is just as much community oriented as we are build oriented. We want to find players who have the same interests as we do and are looking to build relationships, collaborating on projects, and in general having a fun and relaxing time in their free time. We want players that play together, rather than someone who is thousands of blocks out and only pops up on our chat box.

    Our Goals/Plans:

    We want to prolong the life of this server for as long as we can. We as builders know that there is vast expansion to be made, and we won't stop anytime soon! We want players to collaborate as much as possible. We encourage teaming up and creating bases together, or working on projects together. We want to fill this server with cottages, towns, cities, provinces, countries, whatever your imagination comes up with. We are also very fond of mixing redstone mechanics, villager trading, farms, etc.. into all of our builds. Roleplay is also a great way to have some extra fun while playing the game. Such as creating our own currencies, having rulers/leaders/presidents of certain towns. Having the theme of builds all based off of a certain era. Thing big!

    What makes us different?

    We are a family here, we invite people in to enjoy the aspects of Vanilla Minecraft and expand on that. We have a safe environment for people to play, and a lasting place that will be here a year down the road and on! We are community and build oriented and are very interested in roleplaying. We want to have a range of small to large builds spread out all across this map. Build one city, awesome, move on to another! We aren't your money scrounging type of server. There are no ranks on this server, the game is played the way the game was developed to be made. Aside from possible one player sleeping.

    Please make sure that you have Discord, that will be our primary way to chat with players, plan projects/events, and or post screenshots.


    • Griefing is a big fat NO!
    • Stealing is a big fat NO!
    • PvP is only allowed when both parties agree
    • No harrassment of any kind.
    • No Spamming of the chat's
    • Please chop down trees, and fill in creeper holes(This should be obvious)

    Apply here:

    If you are interested in a server such as this one, click here to fill out an application :)

    A couple photos to show what we like to build like:



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    Quote from therealbedtime»

    Hey, I was wondering if you would like to be a builder on a new op factions server with custom plugins. We could use some help building, If you are up to it, please apply here:


    I hate to burst your bubble. I am 100% positive that none of those builds are even his.. He can barely even figure out how to take a screenshot without using F2...
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    posted a message on *NEW* AltisCraft! HermitCraft, Mature, Whitelisted, Pure Survival, Brand New Map, Discord, Friendly! Apply Today!

    In Game Name (IGN): KreAtor

    Preferred Name To Be Referred As: Oakley, or KreAtor... I know that's two names, but I like my In-game name and real name to be called by, whatever you're most comfortable with typing :)

    Discord (Please make this correct as possible and include your 4 digit number. Ex: CptBigD#2847): KreAtor#5016

    Location: United States, Utah. (Mountain Time Zone)

    How much time can you afford per week (Hours)?: I do have a job to attend to, but generally 3 or more hours a day after work during the week, on the weekends more because I have a different schedule those days. Generally 15-20 hours a week, especially with days off. You might not see me log off on those day ;)

    How can you contribute to the server?: I hope to contribute to the well being of the server, and just have an overall great experience building. I hope to build a city/town in the future all while contributing to spawn, and whoever else's projects need a different perspective or view. I want to be able to create some new friendships on this server and see where it goes from there :)

    Tell us a bit about your hobbies (sports, music, video games ;)?): I love games, but don't usually buy a ton. I like buying one and putting most of my time into it. Definitely Minecraft, then there's GTAV, Destiny, Batman: Arkham Knight, Just Dance 2015 (ooooh yes, yes I do indeed play this.) I love all sorts of music, generally listen to R&B, Rap, Hip Hop, Pop type stuff. I don't play much sports, but I do love to work with computers. I do a little bit of Web Developing and hope to do more in the field of Computer Programming.

    Why do you want to join this community?: I have been searching near and far for a community that hopefully will stick around longer than a couple months. I want to be able to join a server where I can fulfill a goal of mine, which is to build a town/city. I want to be able to collaborate with other players while getting to know them. I want to become friends with people over the fun ol' classic game of Minecraft.

    Will you abide by ALL of the rules listed above (answer wisely)?: Sounds like a lot of rules to be following, most definitely not gonna follow them.

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    posted a message on New Survival SMP Realm | Looking for players

    Minecraft Username: KreAtor

    Age: 18

    Experience in Minecraft: I have been playing for almost 6 years now. I started back around in the version 1.0.0. It's crazy how I have made it this far. I used to do redstone things mainly, but now I love to build and create some amazing structures to look at.

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    posted a message on Minecraft survival world, looking for mature people

    the name is Oakley
    In-Game name: KreAtor
    Mountain Time Zone
    Love to play minecraft with other players to collaborate on builds and create friendships over the classic ol' way of playing Minecraft. I hope to fulfill some dreams I have had in Minecraft for a very long time. Hope I can join you guys on your journey.

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    posted a message on Block World - Looking for players!

    I'll give this application a good shot. Grab your popcorn, because this is gonna get interesting.. I hope.

    What is your in-game name?: KreAtor
    How old are you?: 18 years old.
    What part of the world are you from?: I live in United States of America, Utah.
    What kind of builder are you?: I don't really know. I kinda take all different kinds of building styles such as Nordic, Medieval and just kinda mesh them together into my own building style. I do like building cities or towns. I generally like to build buildings that have meaning to them. Not just to have another house, but they all have a purpose, or atleast a roleplaying meaning.

    What times (please include time zone) do you normally play?: I live Mountain Time Zone. I will usually play after work which for during the week usually after 6, and then on Saturday's and Sunday's I will be on after 3. Day's that I have off usually I like to use up mostly on Minecraft. My schedule does change up a lot but I am definitely committed to a server when I start it!

    How many days do you normally play each week?: I haven't been playing much lately, because of the reason of not having a Vanilla Survival server to play on. Hopefully this server can help me get back into Minecraft and not lose all my progress because of some inactivity.

    Other?: I work as a Manager at Taco Bell, so if you wanna fly down here I will give you free freezies and food :)

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    posted a message on New Hermitcraft-like Realm! Looking for experienced, mature players to create a family-friendly environment.

    Age: 18
    Timezone: Mountain Time Zone, Utah :)
    How long you've been playing Minecraft: I have been playing for almost 6 years now.. Makes me wonder how I got this far. I started around the update of 1.0.0
    What can you bring to the realm that others can't?: Lame jokes, overlooked by some hopefully fantastic to look at builds. No seriously I hope to bring some fun to this server. Build some amazing creations that will hopefully be long lasting. A friend that you can call to in a time of need whenever you need some supplies, or help building your own fantastic projects!
    Why do you want to join this realm?: I want to play with a community that is hopefully active for the next year, to collaborate with each other. I want a place I can log onto every day and not be worried of losing my build and just be able to continue doing my grind. I do have the dream of building my own cities/towns, and hopefully this can be the place that I can fulfill that.
    Attach screenshots of your best original build/s: http://imgur.com/a/IF0wY

    P.S. I seriously hope you're still accepting applications, hopefully I wasn't too late.

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    posted a message on First "spawn" I've ever built :p

    Awesome work! I just wanted to let you know that you can actually take a screenshot inside of minecraft! Using the F2 button on the top of your keyboard will take a screenshot. Then to access them open up a file browser on your computer, seeing that notification on the right tells me you're using Windows 10? With the File browser click in the address bar which is located right to the left of the search bar. And in there you want to type %appdata% and then double click on .minecraft, double click on screenshots, and voila!

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    posted a message on Looking for people to start a new server with.

    Are you in need of a Website Developer?

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    posted a message on 🔫 CrimeLords // War Factory 🔫 | Custom RTS Gameplay | MANAGEMENT POSITION AVAILABLE
    First Name / Nickname: [/b]Oakley
    Minecraft Username: [/b]KreAtor
    Discord Tag: [/b]5016
    Years of age: [/b]18

    Desired Position: [/b]Website Developer
    Previous Experiences: [/b]I took a class in high school and at a college to learn Website Development. I am currently looking for work to add and make a Gallery of Website i've created.
    Your capabilities: [/b]Web Development, building and any other things you need me to do.

    Why we should select you: [/b]I am fun and charismatic, love working with other people and I work fast!
    Why you have chosen to apply on our server: [/b]Because I need somewhere that needs me there to design them a website!
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    posted a message on Builders Needed on ThatMiningLife Apply Today!

    01: Do you have discord? If so whats your name and # KreAtor #5016

    02: Can you speaking on discord? Yes I can!

    03: How long have you been working/building on minecraft? I have been playing for over 5 years, the last 2 years off and on.

    04: Describe yourself as a person. A loving, loyal, fun charismatic person enjoying every day of my life!

    05: Are you punctual with deadlines and loyal to the staff? Like I said above, I am loyal and I love deadlines because they keep me focues, motivated and on task!

    06: Everyone on minecraft has their own building specialty. What is your building specialty? I generally love to add a splash of redstone to things, but I am very good and just building different themed builds, and terraforming!

    07: Do you have microsoft office installed in your computer? I currently can't really access much on this computer, I might be able to but if that fails, I have two other computers upstairs in my house that can access those types of files.

    08: Are you familiar with World Edit? very much so, its been a couple years since I have used it, but I use to be a master with every one of its commands.

    09: What kind of exterior styles can you offer to ThatMiningLife? I can do a wide range of different building styles, I usually am best with Medieval, and Nordic but can really do anything, and sometimes make up my own style.

    10: There is no need to upload pictures or videos of your work. You are required to take a building test. Be prepared to present your own standard of building. Bring it on! Just really excited to see where your server goes whether or not I even get accepted! Just because I want to leave them here. http://imgur.com/a/IF0wY

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    What do you want to make out of this server? I am trying to find a server where I can build there spawn and just contribute to those type of builds you know?

    What are you looking for currently, what would you have them build? What type of server do you hope this one to be? A vanilla whitelist server? or something like a popular Essentials run server etc...?

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    posted a message on CatalystMC Looking for experienced builders and developers!! <click here!> <$$possible payment$$>

    IGN:[/b] KreAtor

    Timezone: [/b]MST or Mountain Time Zone

    Do you have skype and/or discord?:[/b] I use Discord mostly

    if so put them here: [/b]Skype: snowdevil93, Discord: KreAtor #5016

    Have you built for other servers before?:[/b] I actually have not, this is something I am new to and I want to try, I usually play vanilla minecraft smp, and build the spawns in survival but other than that I used to dabble in it a long long time ago.

    Can you work with other people?:[/b] Very much so, love meeting new people, getting to know them and work with them on something super great!

    What is your maturity level(1-10):[/b] I want to give it a 8/10, I like to have to fun but I am a serious hard dedicated worker!

    What are your strengths in building?:[/b] I used to work in redstoning, so that is always on the table, and I really am good at making wall designs, and just creating a new house and making sure every aspect looks great, grass, leafage, details, etc...

    What are your weaknesses in building?:[/b] I would have to say I cannot for the life of make something perfect in my eyes like right on the spot, sometimes I have to leave it and come back later with a new mind, sometimes that's why I like working with other people they can give a different opinion on it, give ideas of what I could change and what could be different.

    How many hours a week can you work?:[/b] I still have school and work so those do come first, but as long as I get my things done I should be able to provide myself atleast 20 hours a week.

    Can you terraform using worldedit and voxelsniper?[/b] I know how to use worldedit very well, its been a while for me tho, and I have only dabbled in a little bit of voxelsniper and I know how to hand terraform perfectly tho, I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to that!

    Why should i pick you over someone else?:[/b] I have no reason to say that, I have what I can offer to the table, maybe you will be making a mistake or making the best choice of your life by accepting me! That's for you to find out!

    Pictures of your builds, with proof its your build![/b]

    I don't have a way to prove these are my builds, I mean the servers I took them on are long gone now, but they're all posted on my imgur from when I first took them.

    Here is an image Album: http://imgur.com/a/IF0wY

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    posted a message on ⌛ STAFF/BUILDERS/DEVS/YOUTUBERS NEEDED for Bungeecord/Minigames Server - EndCentral ⌛

    IGN: [/b]KreAtor
    Age: [/b]18 years of age
    Time Zone:[/b] MST, or Mountain Time Zone
    Do you have access to voice communication?:[/b] Very much so! Skype and Discord which I prefer more!
    Would you be able to build in a similar style to that of the server? Or of a town if you were asked to?:[/b] If I saw what the server looked like yeah I could do my best ability at that. I normally stick to a Nordic, Medieval, style its really all over the place tbh. But I can give it a whirl!
    Availability: [/b]Basically every day I am free! Just depends on the hours, like I still have work and school so those are other things I have to focus on more. School days I could be building at around 2pm, then on work days I could be playing around 6:30pm. Weekends are around 3:30pm after work.

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    posted a message on Looking For 2 Serious Builders for Spawn Building Project
    IGN: [/b]KreAtor

    Age: [/b]18 years of age!

    Location: [/b]I currently live in Utah, United States of America, so I live in MST or Mountain Time Zone

    Skype or Discord: [/b]Skype: snowdevil93 Discord: KreAtor #5016 (more preferred chat system)

    Real name:[/b] Oakley

    How Long Have You Been Building On Minecraft:[/b] I have been playing for well over 5 years, off and on the last 2 years tho.

    If You Were To Attempt To make A Medium Scale Spawn By Yourself How Long Do You Think It Would Take:[/b] Honestly I feel like I might be able to do it in less than a month, just depends on my schedule and what your idea of medium is!

    Are You Able To Cooperate And Work Together With Another Builder:[/b] Would love to, as long as they're a great builder and have the same mindset and ideas!

    Would love to be a part and to even see the outcome if not even chosen! Thank you for reading! :)
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