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    So the Glow squid snap just came out and knowing the glow ink sack is what they drop and are used for item frames, what if you could use it for more things? Like imagine using the ink sack to put on leather clothes to make them glow.

    Like using it on a tunic to make yourself or other players wearing it illuminate, a portable light source. Now I know optifine has its torch feature that lights up the surrounding area while holding it but could you imagine just wearing the light source, not only could you wear one piece of it but all your leather clothes. The more you wear the brighter the area around you is.

    I took into consideration before thinking this. Like "why leather, why not diamond armor or iron?" to that I respond with that the fact leather can be dyed should make more sense for glow ink to work with leather, since its like a paste. Which makes it balanced and not OP, leather armor is pretty weak which means that you would use this for light up your surroundings while building or mining, not combat as much. which would mean you can wear diamond boots, leggings, chest plate but have a leather cap with glow ink on it, as if it was a miners cap but leaving your head vulnerable at that cost.

    I think it would be a interesting function and give leather armor a little bit of a better use.

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    I've seen so many past things on this and I'd thought i'd give my idea on it. I would love to be able to recycle old tools and blocks I dont need. Get some resources back while throwing away the stuff you dont need. For example: you dont need a stone pick after crafting the iron one, so you recycle it and once you recycle it you get half of the crafting cost plus a small amount of XP. For things like spades or small crafting recipes you should only get one item back and that item should be random from that recipe along with getting a tiny bit of XP. The more resources you need for a recipe the more resources you should receive plus more XP but not too much. The recycler should be a hard to get so you would need Netherite shards and iron to craft it, if you don't have shards however you can find a recycler at a Village's blacksmith, it should act as a anvil that if a block is mined from under it, it will fall like a anvil do to it being heavy. To mine a recycler you need a diamond pick due to it being made of a strong material. I'm not too sure of a good crafting recipe for the recycler but Iron/Iron blocks and Netherite shards in some order would do good. The reason I make it so expensive to craft is do to it giving half of a recipes resources and mainly give percentages of XP back, its a good way to balance it from being to "OP" and, just like a anvil, it can damage over time from recycling to much so you'll need iron to repair it. You cannot recycle some things like potions, elytras, heads, ect., damaged tools will give you the smallest amount back and little to no XP depending on how damaged a tool is, Totems of undying wont give you any resources back instead it will give you a good chunk of XP since the totem is considered a "magic" item but upon doing this it will damage your recycler greatly. In fact the more expensive an item is the more it will damage your recycler, also a cooldown would need to be in effect for the really expensive things so you cant spam farm resources and XP from it, lower tier items wont have such a cooldown like high tier things. Please let me know what you think of this Idea and let me know if you have questions, comments, or suggestions to this. This is my first post on here so if I messed something up let me know. I'll put a poll for those to vote if they think this would be a great Idea to come to the future of Minecraft.

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    I got a realm, but only for a few days, and im bored as a board game, join my realm if you want to have fun! or.... i dont know whatever

    Join this discord:



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    on almost 5 days a week for 3 to 6 hours

    I need something to do till i get my collage money and go on to next semester

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    username: Krazydav

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