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    posted a message on SkyblockME :) ~BRAND NEW 1.5.1 ~ [FREE RANK :)] {Apply Now} [Website] [Anti-Grief] [24/7] [No Lag] "The Way Skyblock Should Be P
    Applying for two people since my friend doesn't own a minecraftforums account.

    Minecraft Username (IGN): ySo :SSSS:

    Age: 16

    Why do you want to join us?
    To be a part of a friendly community, contributing my ideas and thoughts and building new friendships.

    Minecraft Username (IGN): Meefe :SSSS:

    Age: 16

    Why do you want to join us?
    I want more. (He's a hardcore RPer and a deep thinker. Great with redstone though.)
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    posted a message on I really miss the old days of Minecraft.
    When you get more knowledge when playing Minecraft it becomes a chore. In this case I'd think ignorance is bliss for Minecraft as you always discover new things. I wish I had never visited that Minecraft wiki. The times when you'd be setting up TNT under your friend's base and accidentally triggering one off and running for your life. Those were the times.
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    posted a message on [ CLOSED - New Server is Live! ]
    In Game Name: ySo
    Age and location: 16 Canada
    Have you ever been banned?: No.
    What do you love about Minecraft SMP?: The memories of playing Minecraft with a good amount of friends, the atmosphere and the community of players on a server that are rational, nice and are friends.
    Anything else?: I'd like to consider myself as rational and nice, and I'd like to join this server to regularly play on it while getting to know the community. I have of no interest to become a moderator or anything of that, just a friendly player who likes to play Minecraft.
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    posted a message on Joypad Mod - USB Controller, Split Screen [over 350K downloads]
    • I have a problem once I've downloaded this mod. Several issues happened but when I try to log in with the .bat I get a black screen. Here's the list.

    • C:\Users\bob\Desktop\New folder>set APPDATA=C:\Users\bob\Desktop\New folder

      C:\Users\bob\Desktop\New folder>java -cp bin\minecraft.jar net.minecraft.Launc
      27 achievements
      182 recipes
      Setting user: Confidential, -6805915118630480346
      LWJGL Version: 2.4.2
      WARNING: Found unknown Windows version: Windows 7
      Attempting to use default windows plug-in.
      Loading: net.java.games.input.DirectAndRawInputEnvironmentPlugin
      Minecraft Joypad Mod (JOYCRAFT? MODJOY? ) v0.10 by Ljubomir Simin
      Found 4 controller(s) in total.
      Found controller USB Receiver (0)
      It has 31 buttons.
      It has 0 axes.
      This controller does not meet the input requirements
      Found controller USB Receiver (1)
      It has 0 buttons.
      It has 0 axes.
      This controller does not meet the input requirements
      Found controller USB Receiver (2)
      It has 0 buttons.
      It has 0 axes.
      This controller does not meet the input requirements
      Found controller Controller (MadCatz Call of Duty GamePad) (3)
      It has 10 buttons.
      It has 5 axes.
      This controller meets the input requirements
      Loading configuration file, using joypad no. 0 - USB Receiver
      Selected controller USB Receiver has less than required number of axes or button
      Buttons required - 8 , detected - 31
      Axes required - 4 , detected - 0
      Check settings file named 'options.txt' for the correct value of 'joyNo' paramet
      If there is no such parameter you can add it yourself
      Total number of controllers detected: 4

      Starting up SoundSystem...
      Initializing LWJGL OpenAL
      (The LWJGL binding of OpenAL. For more information, see http://www.lwjgl.or
      OpenAL initialized.


      SoundSystem shutting down...
      Author: Paul Lamb, www.paulscode.com

      EDIT: What's weird is that I looked at the commands and I saw that the USB receivers were invalid so I unplugged my mouse and then it worked perfectly, although I need to configure the deadzone since my controller is spinning at times, or it might just be that the controller is a little bit derped. Thanks, and I hope that you do well.
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    posted a message on PurpleMC | Nice Staff | 38 Plugins | Factions | Dedicated 24/7
    Please whitelist me, my username is ySo. :D
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    posted a message on Friendly little server (18+)
    IGN: ySo
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Location: Canada
    Additional info: Hey, I'm 16 but I'm looking for a mature community that doesn't go balls deep and aren't more sensitive than a vagina (joking), but in reality, I just want to commit to a server and establish a nice friendly relationship with it's members aswell as partake in MC projects like building cities, statues, etc. It's cool if you don't want me cause of my age since it did state 18+ cause I'm not going to be all butt hurt neither am I going to suck your **** to get in the server (another joke). Well kudos.
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    posted a message on Verendus [Essentials][Factions][Mcmmo][iConomy]
    Ign: ySo
    Why should i let you join: It is completely your choice for letting me join or not, I'd like to join to establish a well friendly relationship with the players and be a frequent member of the community to do only positive for the server.
    Age: 16
    Have you read the rules? Yes.
    How much do you play a day? It depends on the weekdays, but weekends I normally play with my friends on a randomly selected server to build, survive and whatnot. But I'm currently seeking a server that I can commit to.
    Do you want to be mod? In future time it would be cool to be a moderator of this server, but I'd like to earn it by gaining your trust and friendship when I'm only just a member.
    Why should I make you mod? I want you to realize that I can be a proper moderator in due time.
    suggestions? Suggestions would be to allow /sethome and /tpa already when you apply, but as you rank up, your ability to set homes can be raised to 2 or 3 and ability to make a faction is at the highest rank so there won't be millions of factions wandering.
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    posted a message on VCGaming *Revamped* [v1.2.5] [Whitelist] [Towny] [Survival][Bukkit][Mob Arena][MCMMO]
    • IGN: ySo
    • Age: 16
    • How long have you been playing: On the server, started two days ago. For Minecraft I've had it since Alpha.
    • Are you a team player: Yes.
    • How often do you play: 1-5 hours every day.
    • Do you have pictures of any previous work, yes please submit in linked form: Nope.
    • Can you maintain an active presence within our server: Yes.
    • Do you have Mumble: Nope.
    • Do you have a microphone: Yes.
    • Are you able to socialize: Of course!
    • Can you adhere to the rules set forth by this post: Yes.
    • Are you willing to offer suggestions in order to improve this server: Yes, I often find many server-based glitches and I am not the one to not report them. I've had my own server before and I know how stressing it is so I will not be a nuisance.
    • Oh by the way, bump.
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    posted a message on Savage Realms - [1.7.x] [The BEST Server] [24/7 Lag-Free] [Towny] [Custom Bosses w/ over 250 abilities] [PvP World] [RPG/Dungeon
    • Your "IGN" (In Game Name) Zooman510
    • Age: 17
    • Have you voted for Savage Realms at all 3 sites mentioned below? Yeah!
    • Any questions/concerns/comments? If not, that's ok. Registering with ySo and Brodza! Woohoo!
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    posted a message on Starting a new server. Looking for builders.
    IGN: ySo
    Building Experience: I've build maps before, including Flustevia, the Island of MADNESS. I can build quite nicely and make it look natural with WorldEdit, but it does not stop me or limit my building capabilities without it.
    What you have built: Pirp-Pip! I've built many structures! I am in the process of building an adventure map with my dear friend, Meefe, and it will consist of many deadly traps with very complicated redstone wiring! Haha!

    Redstone App;

    IGN: ySo
    What can you do: Redstone lamping, clocks, flashing lights, many traps, and the list goes on!

    I applied for both because I can do both!
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    posted a message on MIRACLE, New Server, Looking for experienced builders and mature players to just build a good community with
    Hey guys! I'm starting up a new server, and we've already built some buildings in it. It's whitelisted, and we're looking for some people to recruit. We're looking for people who are mature but can take a joke and have some fun in the gameplay of Minecraft! The world is SURVIVAL, but currently there is NO GRIEFING, STEALING, OR RAIDING ALLOWED unless stated otherwise (like a city raid or something). Add economy to the secret password part of your application to show you actually read this.

    If you're interested please fill out the application below and I'll see to it if you join or not!

    Minecraft Username:
    Why do you want to join?:
    Do you understand that we have the right to ban you at anytime?:
    Are you an experienced builder? (You don't have to be) If so, then please add pictures (OPTIONAL):
    Where do you live? (Country):
    When are you most active? (PLEASE ADD TIMEZONE):
    Are you able to speak english fluently?:
    Secret password?:

    Thank you, and good luck to you all!
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    posted a message on [SURV] Flustevia, the Island of Madness!
    tried it out. its so hard but so fun
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    posted a message on ★ RoleplayЯevolution RP ★[1.2.5] [Chapter 4] [Serious Roleplaying Community] [Factions] [24/7] [60 Slot] [Lag Free] [Bukkit] [Pe
    Minecraft Username: OneLaggyMofo
    Roleplay Name: Koga Fireborn
    Roleplay Story: Being a very wise person from childhood to adulthood, Koga was a man that showed great ability to make inventions and solve problems. A very calm man that ignored civilization unless it came to him. He would choose to rest and meditate on the cold, wooden floor of his home rather than go out to a nearby bar and socialize. He was deemed wise and powerful to the citizens of his small village and often people would go to him for advice. Love, compassion and inspiration flourished throughout his village from his wise advice and teachings. Showing farmers a new engineered way of farming wheat with redstone, teaching a lovestruck man to propose to the woman of his dreams, and also taking the hobby of being a blacksmith. He was truly a 'Renaissance Man' in his village. His life is very simple, born by a poor family that lived with love and did not need money to survive, until his village was raided by barbarians. The whole village burning, except for his tiny house residing on a tall hill, he escaped from the village, no friends, no money. He became a changed man that day, knowing that the world is not full of love and happiness, but with greed, lust, and anger. He became bitter, heartbroken and now decides to exclude himself from the world, hiding in a thick forest in which now he is just a myth, Koga Fireborn, the ol' wise man who if you find in the thick, dangerous forest, he will answer and help you with all your needs and questions.

    Reason to Join: I want to join because the length of detail and effort that was placed into this server, nice players and admins lead to a good community and good RP. Other roleplay servers I was just building, and then the server shut down. I want to be a builder in this server, yes, detailing small villages into the roleplayrevoulution world, and host events where I'll play as many roles. This server shows great depth in which no other server has, pure survival and darkness of what truly is Minecraft.

    Do you agree with the Server Rules?: Yes.

    Do you believe that you are trustworthy?: Yeah.

    What will you Contribute to the server?: An unique RP rather than the cliche ' I WANT VENGEANCE YOU KILLED MY DAD' or 'IM A NINJA WHO CAN LIKE KIL ALL OF YOU'

    Special Code: [*#!]
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