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    Quote from Creeper in your bed »
    Mine was after I was griefing on a server which I was admin on after the owner destroyed all my stuff and my friend's stuff. I had placed around 3.3k tnt and then a creeper blew me up and all the tnt with it.

    Ahahahahaha that's a good one! i guess the creeper just added to the explosion
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    You could try TooManyItems, its an in-game easy to use editor. Here's the link. viewtopic.php?t=152174 :Diamond:
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    Creepers, love 'em or hate 'em , they'll still blow up your house. I'd just like to know , your worst or best Creeper memories.

    I'll start.
    I just finish making a massive "TNT trap" for my cousin on our SMP server when a Creeper crept up on on me and took my life and left a hole the size of New York.

    This just happened, I was mining and I broke into a natural cave by one block so I could just see in and there was 5 creepers bouncing around.

    I edited this over a year old post.
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    Once , I started a new world and I saw these few sheep happily bouncing around and I took account of them and returned making my house. When I returned from collecting supplies I saw the sheep on fire , jumping around a lava lake.

    :VV: :VV: :VV:
    :Sheep: :Sheep: :Sheep:

    R.I.P Sheep
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    I followed all the instructions, like i deleted my meta inf and copy/paste the class files into my minecraft.jar but when i start up my minecraft i still pull an amazing 9 fps. Can any one tell my what I am doing wrong?
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