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    Quote from DrRoses

    Are you still in need of of staff? if so:
    Position Aiming for:prefferably Mod but i would take Builder
    Previous Experience:i Have never been a staff mamber but i am a very friendly person and LoVe to help people and would love for this to be my first spot as a staff member
    Maturity:I am very mature for my age i am mostly serious but can be a bit silly at times unless i Have to be serious for something or a staff member tells or needs me not to be silly i don't swear and dont act immature
    Time able to be online:i would say 1-5 hours a day unless something comes up if something Does come up i could either not be on that day or only be on for a few min to half an hour
    Why i should be accepted:i love minecraft and its community i love being able to help and play minecraft with the people in it i love helping people and am always very friendly to everyone though i have never been staff before i know i would be very good at it i would help people with what there doing supervise/moniter whats going on in the server to make sure everything is in order and no one is breaking any rules i would kick or ban the nessicery people and do my best at what i do
    Have i ever been banned?:Yes Once a long time ago late two years ago or early last year i accidentally broke some glass and glowstone cause my mouse wasnt working but after a while(couple days) i was no longer banned long story short,Yes i have been banned but it wont Happen again c:
    Additional info:I live in Canada and have been playing Minecraft since beta 1.8 and Am going to my First Minecon this year(2013)
    Contact me through:My E-mail/G-mail address [email protected]

    Sorry, denied.
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    I know the person who made this; their severs are quite good quality.
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    Quote from mistercrtaz

    Hello Kovu,

    I am posting here to apply to become a moderator.


    Server Owner of Core Legacy
    -Was a Factions based PVP/Raiding Server
    -Ran it for the Clan I had going at the time
    -able to provide people to vouch for ownership of the server (also, check my topics)

    Server Co Owner for Night Time Gaming (Factions PVP)
    -Started staffing at Moderator Level
    -Reached Admin level
    -Then Co-Owner Status
    -Helped configure plugins and solved conflicts which Admins could not

    Clan Leader of Core Legacy
    -had over 20 active members
    -we were on three separate servers
    -see above for our own server
    -also had a joint website for Clan and Server

    As for dedication, for the next 2 weeks we are looking at 1-2 hours a day if I don't work that night. In two weeks time, I will be out of school and my play time will increase.

    I am trained and have sufficient knowledge in Group Manager, Factions, Iconomy, Vault, Chest Shops, Sign Shops, Essentials, False Book, and many of essential mods. If you have questions about these, feel free to ask.

    I also have Skype, TS3, and can grab Vent or any other program you need me to get at. Even if this app is declined, I would still be interested in playing on your server. Pass the IP?

    EDIT_ forgot to post my age. I am 17, and male. I do some Graphic Work in my free time, so if the server gets popular I can do some work for you.

    I'm going to accept for the time being;

    Quote from bronayne

    Hey, gonna keep this informal.

    I am 22 unemployed with lots of free time.

    Looking to be a mod. I would be able to add to your server mini-games, as well as create any kind of custom landscape you want done, from massive volcano, ships, islands, or anything you can imagine really.

    Here is a link to a PvP battle arena I made.


    Here is some images of stuff I've made

    and tons of other stuff...

    Well if you think you could use me on your server send me a PM.

    Would you have any issues being a builder?

    Quote from TheAverageJay

    What position am I aiming for?
    Preferably Moderator, though, I would take a lower ranked position if offered.


    I would say on average, 3-4 hours a day during weekdays. As for the weekends I'd say 5-6 hours. Take into account I go to the gym on Tuesdays and Fridays for 2 hours each session. Take into consideration, I am a teenager and my social life is vital so I may not be on some days due to going out with friends etc.

    How mature am I?
    If I was to be honest, I would say my maturity level is 7/10: I love the common jokes, I have fun with what I do, I curse, and do a lot of stupid things, though I am serious when the matter requires me to do so or if the owner asks me to mature for a certain task, but I can't change who I am.

    Why should you accept me?
    I love the Minecraft community, even though it is harsh at times and I am harsh at it sometimes, but I still enjoy helping it. I like building creations for the good of the community and for my own enjoyment. I don't rage, if I were to leave, I would say my goodbyes and demote myself, not blow the server up first, and I see myself as a good member of your team. I am strict but fair, if I see players acting suspiciously, I will inspect the activity and let the players explain themselves and maybe consult the owner if needs be. When it comes to hacking, spamming, racism etc. there is a zero-tolerance level which I place when any of that takes place. I am very respectful of the owner's opinions and 'orders' but if I can think of a better way to complete a task or handle with a player, I will tell the owner/staff member how I would deal with it and offer them a different insight and hopefully help their future endeavours. But take into consideration, there is absolutely no reason for you to pick me, if you need a person that can act fast and efficiently under pressure by all means pick me. If you need someone to just fill the spot and not do anything, I am not the person for you. I will dedicate time to this server. Please take that to regard.

    I want to minimize the amount of rule breaking and create an enjoyable experience for the whole player base. But more to the point I would like to become part of your server's staff to help and encourage new players, provide them any assistance they may need, and generally aid any player in any way they require in a polite, respectful and accelerated manner. Finally I would like to help relieve some of the stress of the other staff members by being active and helping consistently. I can bring my commitment, I would try my hardest to provide players with informative and helpful answers to all their queries, I would do this frequently to make sure all players have an enjoyable experience.

    Also because of my previous experience I have a great understanding of appropriate sanctions and the best means to deter rule breakers, by simply making fair unbiased decisions. Also I have high amounts of time and patience, which I think would be essential when helping players come to grips with rules and any problems that have. I would like to be part of your server's staff because I really love helping people. If somebody will ask something on chat, I will answer it right away. I can take responsibility for the chat when there is no higher staff on. By this I mean banning them when something goes out of hand and such. I will always try to calm down the people before I do that, of course. I have worked extensively on servers, most of them small or less popular than most, I love to be a part of the start of something great. I have the dedication, experience and professionalism that it takes to be a part of the team. If you consider me as a team member of your server, I would provide above and beyond expectations that are set.

    In addition to the above, I would just like to state that my reason for this application is wanting to improve the community and use that to make your server a better place. Now understanding why most of the servers has lag spikes, and understanding why most of the problems it has are caused, I believe I can benefit the server, and bring it to greatness.

    Have I been banned before?
    Of course I have. I mean, for the time I have been playing Minecraft, which is since InfDev, I was bound to be banned at some point up until now. That was a while back now and I was young and I made childish mistakes which will certainly not happen again as I now have discovered what common sense is! Long story short, yes.

    Proof of work?
    http://i.imgur.com/1.../1ZUSAtN.png��- I did this font for a server. The space in the middle had a tree, but I removed it.
    http://i.imgur.com/E.../EbNf6YT.png��- I built this in an old server I played on.
    http://i.imgur.com/aHUoqDS.png - An image of a spawn I helped build.
    http://i.imgur.com/E.../EOlpMLn.png��- Two large builds on an old, now closed, creative server I played on.
    http://i.imgur.com/NpqCK6D.png - A corner tower of a courtyard. Before, it was just plain stonebrick, I spiced it up a bit.
    http://i.imgur.com/HF9BEBK.png - A house I built for the courtyard of a server. It is now being used as a shop.

    Previous experience?
    I have been staff on a few of my friends servers and I have had Admin, Mod, Semi-Mod, Co-Owner on many servers that are now closed except for AeroCraft Creative. It is successful and has multiple players per day, but I had to have a period of absence due to my schooling and education as I am nearing the end of my school days. Even though I am still in education, this will not affect how active I am on a server. I feel like with my maturity and time spent on Minecraft, I can provide clear insight to the mind of Minecrafters and deal with infractions appropriately. My previous experience with Modding and Administrating a server has strengthened my capability to lead and enforce.
    - creative.aero-craft.net

    Any additional info?
    I live in a large city called Plymouth which resides in the UK. It is not the nicest place to live, but it's home. I have been playing Minecraft since InfDev so I have a lot of knowledge when it comes the the world of Minecraft.

    Can't contact me through Skype?
    Try my Email: [email protected]
    Or my Twitter: @AverageHolton

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    General survival. Shops / barter. Possible Minigames if I get bored with the generalness.
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    At least 2 of us are felines.
    Though a cookie dragon is pretty nice.
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    I have a newly starting up server. <3
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    Quote from EmpireZ132

    Hello, as my name suggests I am empireyo, or better known in game as empirez123, and I would like to apply for your server. I have fond memories of the chestshop plugin and little of minigames, sorry, but I believe I can learn and also help you, your staff, and the community as well.

    Personally, I believe in equality and fairness, so if I am to be kind to, which applies to anybody, some person and I am being respectful and minding them and themselves, I would of course expect to be treated like it. I think while I help members and staff, I think I should get at least, what's in my eyes, morally correct respect and maybe even a thank-you after i've accomplished said task. No, I won't ban or kick or warn anybody if they don't, but this part of my response to your thread is what I like, what i'm about, and how I intend to help you and your community. But let's back up to where a player first logs in to the server, hypothetically this is their first time playing and they are slightly interested in the server and want to give it a go. Of course, these people should feel welcomed and shouldn't be disrespcted or feel uncomfortable when they join. I will maybe show him around, tell him some things about the server, and be on my day, and if it isn't his cup of tea, then it isn't. But personally from past experiences of me joining servers first-hand I, at least, prefered to be treated like such. Welcomed, helped, and afterwards, if they decide to stay, then we'll have a regular possibly. That one person that joined the server, if he leaves and doesn't come back, we could of lost somebody who could of helped the community and maybe even became a known person on the server for just generally being himself.

    But let's get out of the whole opinion part of this, that was my point of view and how I would handle it. More indepth, and on topic, here are some facts about me that you would probably want to know after reading that.
    IGN: empirez123
    Skype: I don't have a skype so the best way to contact me as of right now would be the curse messaging system, so sorry if that is of inconvenience to you.
    Experience: Not much experience at the moment, but servers that i've played on in the past I was never really hated and for the most part the people enjoyed just hanging out, and playing.
    I am applying for moderator rank.
    I can dedicate 1-2 hours a day, sometimes 3-4 if I have a lot of time.
    Thank-you for reading and have a good day! =)

    I'm going to accept you for the time being;

    Quote from BraedenNation

    Hello! I am BraedenNation on Minecraft and would be honered to be mod on your server! I am able to play 18 hours a day, and I have been mod on servers like Omega Realm and DubCraft. I can build awesome structures in short amounts of time, and I can moniter the chat as well! I know all the chat commands too! I would love to be mod on your server!


    Denied. It is the EXACT same application as posted on another topic. No modifications at all.
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    Quote from Peeweeyay

    Hi, I'm Maya, or Peeweeyay.

    I would like to be a builder/mod, I have not been either on any servers, but it really annoys me when I go on a server and there are no mods to control spamming or greifing. I also have done a lot of building for a survival games type map and am experienced with redstone. I can get on the server for at least an hour a day, sometimes more, sometimes less.

    I am 15 years old and female, and I would prefer not to do skype. Feel free to email me, though! ( [email protected] )

    I've been playing minecraft for about a year. I would really apreciate if you would consider me!

    Thanks, Maya :)

    I'll accept as a builder. A little cross-check says you're pretty good at it, so I'll PM you the address of the server.
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    Quote from Avaroad

    Don't look at the post count a new account :D

    IGN: Avaroad

    Position demanded: Moderator

    Experience: I have moderation skills, I can control myself, I've been an admin on other games and proved that I am worth being a good admin.

    You can test me and check my skills if you want
    Also I can dedicate myself for this server if I got accepted
    If you want I can PM you my skype.

    I'm sorry, but I simply do not have enough information on you in order to make a concise statement.
    I'm going to say no for the time being; But I'll keep you on a list.
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    You do know that this is a huge project to undertake right? I (think) that it incorporates physics which would have broken in the 1.3 update.

    If you do continue with this though, the power to you.
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    posted a message on [1.6.2/1.5.2][Forge] denoflions Mods! (Threads condensed)
    I like those mods, quite nice.
    I specifically like the Forestry Add-On.

    Nice username as well.
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    Quote from SuperSpyTX

    IGN: SuperSpyTX
    Skype: I do not use skype. I do use steam though.

    I feel that I should get Developer because I can program in Java http://github.com/SuperSpyTX

    I've also written a Bukkit Plugin called AntiBot

    You have been accepted!
    Your plugin source and other projects you have commited to on GitHub are quite nice.

    For any future applicants, this proves that if you provide decent links and have proof, a long and lengthy app is not necessary.
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    posted a message on What Is A Easy Recording Program for Mac? Please Help!
    TBH, I can't think of very many decent screen recorders for Minecraft on the Mac OSX platform.

    The only ones which come of mind are:
    • Camtasia, which is around $199, and I'm not sure if there's a mac version
    • My mod MineVideo.
    There may be an equivalent of FFMPEG for Mac in which you can write a .sh file to record the screen VIA library, but I don't have experience with that on OSX.
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    Quote from 23chicagobears23

    Well like is this in a chat or voice?

    It's IRC, also known as Internet Relay Chat.
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    Quote from 23chicagobears23

    Ign: 23chicagobears23

    Spot wanted: Mod plz

    Why should you choose me: you should choose me because I am helpful experienced I am trusted I can moderate the chat everyday For 3 hours at least I know the commands ( kick mute maybe temp ban depending on your server ) I can do anything needed

    Skype: nordstrom2323 (no mic)

    How long can you play a day: 3 hours

    Other info: i can be like an admin if needed like if no one is on (staff) and just moderate the chat hardcore :)

    Thanks! If you need more info just reply here or add me on Skype!

    Oh yeah and I'm 14

    Not sure, would you mind hopping onto #MineVideo on irc.esper.net so we can chat about this?
    (Same thing for you ZombieMiner)
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