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    A question to the staff members; would you say this server revolves more around Minecraft gameplay and mechanics? Or more around roleplay itself? Certain things make it seem like it'll heavily focus on RP, but most of what's shown on the site, especially pretty much all the pictures that aren't screenshots of the server's builds, makes me feel this will be mostly survival Minecraft with casual roleplay sprinkled in here and there.

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    Minecraft Name:





    United States

    Experience with Minecraft and MMORPGs:

    I've played on both Wynncraft and Dungeon Realms, getting slightly past mid-game in both, spending about a few hours on each every now and again, whenever I got the itch to do so. I wouldn't particularly say I immersed myself with the community in either, really. But I think i've done better at doing so in other places, since i've played on both of them.

    I've also been a moderator on a small Minecraft RPG before, called DruneVerse. It never got out of its open-beta phases, but I did my best back then, even if I was a little lazy at times. Point being that, I know what to look for and what to comment on, when testing a game out, due to helping out a lot with DV back in the days.

    Reason you want to join the beta:

    I'm always looking for new RPG servers to try, as there seem to be a very small number of them popping up these days, compared to a while ago. And the ones that do pop up tend to be very poorly made. Now, don't get me wrong, my reason for joining isn't simply just "I want to play on here because I want to play on here", but I also wish to be able to test the beta and give input on it, as is the purpose of a beta in the first place. I also wouldn't mind getting to know the community before this thing blows up and it becomes hard to know everyone. (And, by what i've seen so far, that'll most definitely happen, if given time)

    How long you can be online per day:

    I could probably shoot for a couple hours per a day, give or take a couple more. Really, it all depends on what i'm in the mood to do during that day. But I can say without a doubt i'll try to be on a minimum of a day, as to try and help out where I can.

    A few quick question to wrap this up; Is there going to be a guild system at all?

    Will we be able to rename and add flavour text to items somehow?

    And will there be pets, excluding mounts (cosmetic ones or not, doesn't matter to me)?

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    Edit: I actually hadn't seen you had messaged me, so i'll take what I originally posted here and talk with you about it on Skype instead. Sorry for posting without realizing sooner.

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    Right, suppose like any other server I should ask a few questions before I get started.

    1) For the magic part of the application, is this for ones character to start with the ability to use magic, or to start with an artifact to use magic? If simply for the ability to cast it, could one become able to use magic later if they dont start out with it? Or are they kind of screwed in that aspect?

    2) Is it possible to have more than one character? Or is everyone limited to one? (And a side question that doesn't relate to this (sort of) but is similar; are we allowed to play minor characters on the side, that dont particularly need a large amount of backstory (meaning, that they dont need an app)? Like, an animal, or someones servant, or some sort of monstrous experiment someone's working on, or even an undead under control of a necromancer. That sort of thing.)

    3) Might be a bit too large of a question, but, theoretically speaking, would it be possible for someone to create their own school of magic through, well, whatever they might need to do? Whether it's through heavy research, or taking an already existing school and slowly morphing it into something different, or whatever really? I mean, if the answers yes, I have no clue as to how one would go about doing that, so i'm just throwing out guesses here.

    4) (Probably the last magic question I swear); In the magic rules, it states that pushing yourself and trying to cast another spell after you're drained of your natural resources could cause physical harm, but even if it does so, would a person still be successful in casting said spell? Or would they simply just mess themselves up a bit in the process of trying?

    5) If it's not too much to ask (I hope it isn't, sorry if it is), do you think I, and everyone else, could get a list of plugins you guys are using? You do kind of advertise the fact that you have 40+ plugins, but you dont really list a lot of them. At the very least, can you let me know if you guys are using the Courier plugin (and if not, what plugin might you guys be using for an IC mailing system?), as well as what chat plugin you might be using?

    6) Will other lore be touched on later on? I'm not trying to seem disappointed or make you feel bad or anything, but the racial lore is rather short, really. Or at least, some of them are. If you dont have any plans for this, can I ask that you message me privately so we can discuss this further? (And if you're comfortable with it, think you could just PM your Skype name, if you have it? I'd prefer to talk there anyhow)

    7) SPEAKING of lore. You mention in the General Lore document that there are books filled with more lore around the world itself, but will that lore ever be put onto the forums? I mean, it'd be a shame if only a select few read it. Especially if those books were ever to be lost, or worse...

    8) Will MorePlayerModels be widely used? Or will that probably only be a thing a handful of players use? I know some of the more avid RP'ers out there tend to use it a lot, so I know at least they'll be using it.

    9) Is the server strictly 1.8? Or is it 1.7 compatible as well?

    10) Any plans on putting the server out there more? Or, at least, the enjin site? This thread seems to have gotten at least decent attention in the span of 5 days, but the view counts on the threads on the enjin site are... kind of worrying, really. (Also kind of find it funny that Demon lore is the most viewed)

    11) Any plans for a Dynmap?

    12) Whats the current level of technology and medical science on the server? Would one be able to have an engineer character that works with semi-advanced inventions, or is that not an option? Is there a decent knowledge of how to treat wounds and broken bones, and even diseases and such? Or do doctors in this time rely more on superstition and herbs and what not?

    13) You mention in the accepted application bit (Or at least, the most recent one) that players can build their own homes, but would they have to, y'know. Have the IC knowledge and strength to do such a thing? Or can just anyone go out, chop a few trees, mine a bit of stone, and build a small hut out in the woods? If so, what happens if a build does not particularly match the style of the world around them? Or is just overly plain and simple? I guess to sum this question up in one big one; ARE there any rules to building? I know you've only really mentioned this on a single users accepted application message, but that user -did- apply as a Scribe/Scholar, so it doesnt fit all that well with their character.

    14) Alright, I lied, one last magic question. How integrated is magic in the society of the world? Is it a thing that's at least semi-commonplace? Has it affected the technology of the world at all? Like, do certain machines, or anything really, require magic to be used? (Or to be made?)

    Guess that about wraps that up. Sorry for the huge wall of the text. I do hope to hear from you guys soon though!

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    Alright, besides my app, time for a load of questions too:

    1) Is there going to be a site/forums for this server at all? Or is it going to be strictly this thread, the server itself, and a skype group?

    2) Are scorched able to infect others? Or is it simply the radiation itself that infects a person? Im assuming/hoping the latter, but if the former, be sure to let me know, and i'll edit my backstory with that information in mind. Hoping it just works like a zombie to where only wounds inflicted cause infection, if it is the former.

    2) Are there any plugins used for immersion on here at all? Brewery? LoreLocks? Maybe a lore plugin to allow players to add a bit of flavour text to their items? I'd highly suggest that last one, if anything. "Lores" is a good one for that. It may seem out-of-date, but since its entirely text based, it'll work just fine on 1.7 *or* 1.8

    3) Is it ok the ask why the IP is hidden until one is accepted? I don't mind it, I just find it a bit strange is all. Don't really understand the point, I guess.

    4) Question for you Elf, personally; what other roleplay servers have you been on before? I recognize your name from somewhere, just cant recall where exactly. My mind seems to drift towards Mirai when I think about it, but it doesn't show you've ever posted on the thread there.

    5) Probably a rather cliche question, and probably wont be answered since its not mentioned anywhere in the lore, but; does magic exist in this world? Or no? At the very least, are there any wondrous items/artifacts?

    6) On the topic of the immersion aspect, will client-side mods ever be used? Maybe something that adds more type of weaponry and/or mobs, or maybe just something like MorePlayerModels?

    7) How exactly might in-game enchantments work? On a server I moderate, enchantments other than unbreaking (which are on items made with blacksmithing) are reserved specifically for special items given out through merchants and events. But how do they work here? Are enchantments going to even be a thing at all?

    8) More of a suggestion than a question, but if you don't already have one, may I suggest a dice plugin? I don't personally use rolls for a lot of things, I prefer to decide on how things play out myself rather than to leave it to luck, but I know a lot of other people who roleplay like to use it.

    9) How fast does time move in-character wise? How long would an IC day/week/month be OOC'ly?

    10) Actually, since I mentioned LoreLocks before, can I ask what means of storage and door locking the server uses. If it's just Lockette or something similar, might I suggest using LoreLocks instead then? It allows for physical lock items, as well as lockpicks, allowing thief characters more ease with their actions. It also allows you to manage thief characters as well, as you have to give a person permissions for picking locks, which are broken up into a tier system. The plugin is set up to where you can give a person permissions for separate lock tiers, meaning a person would/could have to start from the lowest tier and work their way up to the highest. It also means a thief cant break into just anyone's house or chest, as a person may have a higher lock on their storage or door than the thief can pick. Just be warned that there is a glitch to where locks on doors randomly disappear, but it doesn't happen that often. It's easy to refund a lock someone might lose because of it as well.

    11) If you die to a mob during roleplay, does that count as a permanent character death? Or simply an IC injury?

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    What’s your Minecraft Account Name?:


    How old are you?:


    Have you read and agreed to the rules?:

    I have and I most certainly do.

    What’s the rule you agree with the most?:

    #2. Always nice to see a no tolerance policy when it comes to that sort of stuff OOC'ly.

    Are there any rule(s) that confuse you or don’t make sense?:

    Not at all.

    What is roleplaying?:

    Roleplaying is the act of. Well. Playing out a role. It can vary depending on how one views it. A person could see it as acting out a part, while another can view it as pretending to be someone else other than themselves.

    What is metagaming?:

    Metagaming is when one uses information they learned OOC'ly in-character. Say Bob learned that Mary's character is secretly plotting to kill someone while they talked to Mary's friend in private. And then Bob went straight to the guard force IC'ly and reported it. This is a prime example of metagaming.

    What is powergaming?:

    Powergaming is usually one of two things; forcing an action upon another person with giving them the chance to properly react, or constantly dodging all attacks and obstacles thrown at one. A variation of powergaming can also be where one does impossible feats (without any proper or possible reason), like jumping over a building, or punching in an iron door with their bare fists, et cetera.


    Character’s name:


    Character’s gender:


    Character’s age:



    ((Please note I wrote this from about 11:30 PM to 3 AM at night. There might be (and probably is) a few grammatical and spelling errors, or even a word here and there where I meant an entirely different word to be. If there isnt any errors at all in here, then I am extremely surprised and proud of myself.))

    "Where are they? Where are they!?" a small boy screeches at the top of his lungs, racing through a small ruined town, frantically checking every building in his path. Eventually though, as he finally checks the last building in the destroyed village, he falls to his knees, curling up on the ground and beginning to sob.

    "Mama... papa... where are you..." he gives a gentle sniffle, before beginning to completely melt down, bawling his eyes out, and generally making quite a bit of noise. He begins to shift through the pack on his back, grabbing out a stuffed bear, and stares at it for a moment, before going to hug it tightly. It's at that moment though, that the boy would feel a tap on his shoulder.

    Beginning to freak out, his eyes going wide, the child punches who or whatever might've touched him straight in the gut, going to scuttle away towards the broken down home on the other side of the street. He pulls a dagger from his pack, which he holds in one hand, stuffed animal in the other. "D-DON'T COME ANY CLOSER!" he shouts at the figure, having a hard time seeing in his current state, his vision blurry.

    The entity that touched him now lies on the ground, holding its stomach. As the childs vision comes back, he'd notice now that it's clearly a man, with hair as white as his, and red, runic tattoos covering him. Not someone he actually recognizes, the child still holds the dagger with confidence, despite his current state.

    "Please calm down, kiddo..." the man chuckles, coughing slightly as he stands, before groaning, still holding his stomach. "I'm not here to hurt you." he simply stands there. The man takes a step towards the boy after a moment, to which the child backs up further against the house, which creaks against his weight, a bit of dust falling.

    "W-wh-what do you want th-then?" the child asks, his hand now shaking as he holds the dagger with a little less confidence. "I just wanted to see if you were alright. A person doesn't just see a kid crying on the street and not wonder what's wrong." he man replies, now rubbing his stomach gently, before standing up straight, putting his hands in his pockets.

    "I j-just... have you seen my famil-ly? My mama and papa and sister?" the small boy asks, tears forming at the sides of his eyes. The man would simply shake his head in reply. "I haven't seen anyone in days, really."

    The child drops to his knees once again, the dagger falling out of his hand. "Hey, come on now." the man speaks up, moving over to him. The child doesn't argue at all at this point, letting him do so. Once close enough, the man would go to one knee, putting a hand on the boys shoulder.

    "How about this. Maybe I could help you find them? I've sort of just been drifting anyways. Don't got anything better to do." he smiles to him, to which the boy looks up to him, tears beginning to stream down his face; this time not of sadness, but of joy. The child seems to wrap his arms around him, beginning to bawl once more as he clings to the man.

    "Hey now, easy there. We'll have plenty of time for that later. Right now, can you tell me your name? I'm Alain." he smiles again to the boy, who sniffles against the mans tattered coat and shirt. "I'm Neo..."

    "Well Neo. I might suggest we grab our things and get out of here. Because it seems we have some guests coming to greet us..." the man speaks quietly, as horrific moans and groans can be heard outside the rubble around the town that was once large walls.


    Days would turn into week, weeks would turn into months, and months would become a couple years, as Neo travelled with Alain, as the two of them come across many wonders and horrors. They started out searching for the boys family, but eventually, Neo seemed to lose that goal, and eventually, Alain would too. They would've grown comfortable with each other over a short period of time, soon being able to trust each other with their lives.

    Neo himself ran into many troubles along the way though. Once, his clothes were torn to shreds by a Scorched, who Alain hastily killed. While stitching him new clothes made of rags found in abandoned towns, he explained Scorcheds their origins to Neo. Once was all said and done, and he was now in a slightly fresh set of clothing, Alain took Neo and began training him with a proper blade.

    Another time, Neo's pack became snagged on a tree while him and Alain ran from a small tribe of bandits. The contents of semi-spoiled food and crumbled notes spilled on the ground, but the child was at least able to hold onto his bear by the end of it. When they were finally done being chased, the boy cried the whole night at the loss of the pack and his possessions, and Alain did his best to comfort him.

    The worst time though, was when the boy lost his stuffed bear. He didn't know where he left it, but with his most prized posession gone, he simply froze in place, unable to move on his own, barely able to even. The man moved him to a safe spot, and went out looking for it. Three hours later, Alain came back with tears in his clothing and hints of Scorched blood on his coat, a smile on his face and a bear in his hands. Neo was the happiest he had been their entire journey once it was returned to him, and smiled for almost an entire two days straight after that.


    Near the end of their journey, once a couple years passed, and Neo had grown quite a bit, the two of them had found themselves in their stickiest situation yet. They found themselves face to face with a radiation zone. A mass of Scorcheds roamed in it, and quite a few dozen noticed them. The man would draw his sword at the sight, motioning Neo to leave.

    The boy looks at the man, then to the mass of death-crazed people in front of him, and then back to the man, before shaking his head. Alain lets out a sigh, before leaning down on a knee and placing a hand on the childs shoulder. "Neo. You need to run. Go back to the last town we were at. You need to go get help. I'll be ok. But for now, you need to go. Do you understand?"

    With a bit of hesitation, Neo nods to him, before beginning to race off. He looks behind him a final time, watching the man slice one of the Scorched in half at the waist, while crushing the skeletal head of another to dust.

    It'd take an hour, but eventually, the kid reaches the town he and the man were just at. Seeing some people, despite knowing they could be hostile, he calls out for them in his time of need, racing towards them. "H-HELP!"

    The three figures turn to him, one of which Neo runs straight into. "Y-you gotta help! P-papa, he..." the child stumbles on his words, to which the figure he ran into pats his head. "Calm now. What happened?"

    "Alain's back th-there! We ran into a big ho... wh*re..." he stumbles on his words again, before finally speaking up a split second later. "Horde! Horde of p-people! The monster ones!"

    The three people look at each other, before the first one speaks again. "Alain is gone. And soon these ruins might be too. We need to start moving."

    The child eyes grow wide, before a small tinge of anger can be seen in them. Despite this, he doesn't say another word, simply standing there now. "What should we do with him, Azael?" the first person turns to the one to her right, before the other person speaks up finally.

    "We'll take him back with us, to Atticia."

    (( Also yes I made up a name for one of the Jumpers. Hoping that's alright. I don't particularly know any of the names of them yet, so that's why I did it. ))

    Personality Traits:

    A kind and caring soul, Neo is very happy-go-lucky, and is usually as happy as can be. On a rare occasion, something might upset him, and he'll be pretty upset and sad, and he wont be afraid to show that he's upset either. His mentality has also sort of been twisted along his travels and adventures with his adoptive father, as his living conditions and the things he's experienced aren't exactly the greatest. So while he might be a happy child most of the time, sometimes, once in a blue moon, a more devious, sadistic, and twisted side of him might show.


    While it may take him some time to begin with, Neo is a rather fast learner, being able to become more advanced in subjects faster than others, if he puts his mind to it. He's also able to adapt to his surroundings more easily, though this too can still take time. When put in front of an enemy, the boy can tend to go into a beserker frenzy when he feels threatened, despite his small size. Beyond this, in his everyday life, he likes to cook and and make drinks; including alcohol, which he partakes in drinking. Though, it's hard for him to learn new things to make, as he doesn't know how to read all that well.


    Neo's biggest weakness is that. Well. He's a child. He's not exactly fully mature, physically and mentally, but he's getting there. Because of this, he isn't exactly the greatest fighter around, though he's still able to hold himself in a fight, as he was taught at an early age; he tends to rely more on speed and wit than brute strength, as he lacks such a thing. Beyond being slightly weak, Neo's speech pattern is slightly off, as his vocabulary isn't exactly the largest since he doesn't know how to read much, if at all, as said before.


    A somewhat small boy, Neo stands at a small 4'5", weighing a good 74 pounds. His hair is a snowy white, and his eyes are a piercing blue. He wears a pair of trousers, a tunic, and a cape, all made from tattered cloths found scattered around. One might notice a lack of shoes on the poor lad.

    (Right now I don't actually have his skin file(s), as they're on another hard drive. I'll get them off and put them here later though.)

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    Alright, so. Recently, I figured out how to put enchantment glows on items without them having an actual enchantment with command blocks earlier today. Thing is, is that this was done on single player. When I tried to do it on a server that I was an OP on, this didn't work, and simply gave me a normal version of the item, instead of one with an enchantment glow. I tried to do this on a personal locally hosted server as well, but the same thing happened. Both of these servers were running Bukkit. Anyone know how to fix this?

    The command I was putting into the command block on the single player world was this;

    /give @p iron_sword 1 0 tag:{ench:[]}

    Another small thing to note is that, while on single player, the swords I spawned in didn't stack, but they did stack while on the multiplayer servers I tried on. Don't know if that bit of information will be useful or not (probably isn't) but I figured i'd mention it.

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    Mirai - A review

    So this is going to be a somewhat small review, and there's a good reason for that.

    Something to start with would be the economy. The economy is, well, in all honesty, rather poor. You start out with 240 of the local currency (Tol), and while that sounds all good and amazing, it's honestly quite little with how much things actually cost. The fact that this money is the only money you can get besides through jobs or player trading, highly discourages purchasing things from others, from what i've seen, due to the prices of everything.
    Now. You can get more money, if you have a job employed through staff ran things, like the bank, the guard, or even the mages guild. The problem though, is that, for one, there aren't many jobs to go around, or that fit peoples characters. Besides that, you only get paid once every two IRL weeks. Originally, I thought this to be one, but others were saying two. And even then, it's only a measly 100 - 400 tol, from what I understand. This, mixed with the prices for rent of houses, means that you're more than likely going to be putting all your money towards housing, instead of food or weaponry or anything of the sort. And even then, it'd be smart to save your money for whatever you might actually need.
    Now, obviously, the warehouse would be the ideal place to get money from. Players can sell their goods there for a little extra cash. The only problem though, is at the moment, all they're buying is iron and coal, which, with the single mining character that i've yet to even meet, means no one can actually sell anything there. So the warehouse is a complete bust, for being able to be an economic stimulant.

    The idea I had was for a few (possibly temporary) admin set-up automated shops. There are plenty of plugins that would be able to do this, most noticeably Shopkeepers. Players could sell things like wood, stone, ores, fresh meat, baked goods, farmed crops, and whatever to these shops, in exchange for a little bit extra cash, as well as being able to purchase these things as well from them. Now, obviously, player trading would still be encouraged, so the buy prices would be somewhat high, and the sell prices somewhat low. At the very least though, they should at least be reasonable, and not some really petty prices for selling and ridiculously high buy prices as well. If that were to happen, no one would use these shops, and it would be completely pointless to have put them in in the first place.

    I originally suggested this idea to a group of people on the server to get their opinion on it. I even asked "Hey guys, do you think you could listen here for a sec to my idea and then give me a simple yay or nay before giving a more detailed opinion on it?"
    And they all said yeah, sure. So after a moment, I started to say my idea. But not before people started talking over me. And even after I said my idea, no one even said anything about it. I was completely ignored. Which brings me to my next point that I want to bring up. The players.
    Yes you, possible random reader of this review other than the staff. You are one of the problems from my point of view with this server. And here's why. It is god damn near impossible to get a single word in, in-character, and out-of-character. If you're not part of a certain clique of players, then guess what? You'll be easily ignored.
    I've gotten very minimal roleplay because of this, because every time my character would say something, i'd be ignored. And even then, with the roleplay I did get, it seemed everyone was highly annoyed just by me simply being there. I realize my character is suppose to be viewed as annoying by some. It's even in his damn personality. But finding the guy annoying simply for him being in the same room as you is not a valid reason.
    This is a big problem, because it means, not only does it make me not want to even try, but it also means it could discourage others as well. I realize this isn't anything the staff can fix, as it's the players fault, not their own. But there definitely does need to be something about it.

    The roleplay itself, however is. Well. Quite good, in all honesty. It's less that the quality is good, but more of the fact that there's a lot going on. People aren't just sitting on their butts, they're actually out there trying to create RP between each other, and that's a good thing. It's not so good when it's only between themselves and that basically shun anyone else who tries to get involved. But overall, it's a nice thing to see.
    Events are a little few and far between, but it's only been a few days, so it's a little understandable. The quality of the events aren't the greatest, but they definitely get things going. Overall, the RP on the server is good, so that's a big plus in my book.

    At the end of the day, Mirai is trying. It's not exactly trying it's best, but it's trying. It does seem like it needs a good amount of change though, or else it'll fall a bit flat. But I can definitely see it growing into something good. So kudos to you, the staff of Mirai, for doing the best you can do.
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    Quote from Shakamalaka»

    This is a very solid app. I like the way you structured your bio, quite original, and your RP examples are on point. You have, however, forgotten something in your god-modding definition, So check the post for that and you'll be accepted once you've corrected it.

    Ah, sorry 'bout that! I expected something like that, even looked the first time. But I didn't see it somehow. Ah well. Should be added now.
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    How did you find us?:
    By simply looking on the MCForums.

    Why do you want to join?:
    Just to try out the server and have a new RP experience. Perhaps make some new friends as well.

    What role-play experience do you have (if any?):
    I've played on quite a few servers in the past, the most recent (and current) one being The Crystal Isles.

    Define Meta-gaming:
    Metagaming is learning In-Character information OOC'ly, but using it IC. Or also the other way around. (Person A learns that Person B's character is afraid of pigs OOC'ly, and then proceeds to semi-torture Person B's character by having pigs around all the time IC'ly)

    Define Power-gaming:
    Powergaming is when you force an action upon another without letting their character react. ("Person C's character punches Person D's character in the nuts", would be a good example of a powergaming action.)

    Define Role-playing:
    Roleplaying is the act of, well, playing out another role. Pretending to be someone else in a familiar environment, or playing yourself in an unfamiliar world, and everything inbetween.

    Define God-modding:
    Godmodding is when you making your character ridiculously overpowered and unrealistic (like good ol' Merciful Qin), to where they can jump over buildings and Just stuff that no normal peasant farmer or some random guard would be able to do, y'know?


    Alexander the Dead




    Character description:
    Alex is a man of decently large stature for a Cromijn, being a height of 6'2". He weighs in a a measly 147 lbs. though, and it shows, as he's quite lanky. He has bright blue eyes, and somewhat long shaggy hair dyed blonde. He usually sports a tan jacket on top of a plain white shirt, and plain dark grey trousers.

    Character personality:
    A quite pure man, Alex is as kind and caring as can be. He's pretty much always happy, even if his actions, movements, or even facial expression don't show it. He's a tad bit ignorant though, and some may even find him annoying, depending on how they deal with people. He's really a hit or miss type of guy when it comes to relationships with others. Alex will always try to learn about his surrondings and what knowledge it might hold, whether it's rich in long history and lore, or maybe there's someone who can teach him how to make alcohol, or whatever, in the hopes of bettering himself. In the end though, Alex is just another guy, trying to look on the more positive side of things, and always trying to know more about what he doesn't.

    Your character is sitting at a bar in a crowded inn. A bard strums his lute in the corner, while the rest of the inn drinks and sings along. Suddenly, the barkeep yells at you, claiming that you need to pay for your drink still. You have already paid in full for your drink. How do you proceed?:
    An expression of uncertainty and awkwardness washes over the mans face as he looks at the somewhat angry bartender. One could hear said barkeep tapping his foot on the other side of the counter, and a few of the people around have turned to see what all the hubbub is about. "I've... already p-paid for my drink." the blonde haired man speaks up, obviously a little nervous. The barkeep doesn't seem to be having any of it, as his expression turns a little more angry.
    "Listen here, buddy. If yeah don't pay up soon, there's goin' to be trouble for yeah soon instead. And I don't think either of us want that, now do we?" the barkeep eyes a couple of muscular men in the back of the room after he finishes speaking. Alex himself takes the quickest look at them to see what the barkeep was looking at, only to grow more worried at the fact that in the short glimpse he saw of them, he saw them get up from their seats. The nervous man would point to one of the bartender's pockets wordlessly, as Alex recalled him putting the money he used to pay for his drinks in there. The annoyed barkeep checked and, sure enough, pulled out the money. He'd hastily slap his forehead in response at the sight of the money, and put it back, muttering a quick "My apologies", and giving Alex a second drink on the house. The two men in the back take their seats, and the people watching the situation go back to doing what they were doing before. And all in the inn calms down to the original atmosphere it once was before.

    Your character sits in a tree at night, staring at the skies and thinking to yourself. You look down to the street below, and you see a woman being mugged at knifepoint in the middle of the street! What do you do?:
    Not being a complete fool, Alex sits under the tree, as it is night, and he would probably be afraid of falling asleep at this point, and falling out of the tree in the process. He is however, tucked away nicely, to where no one would be able to see him, and/or steal from him. Suddenly though, he hears a small scream from the other side of the tree.
    The blonde haired man peeks out, just a little bit, wondering what might be going on, and his eyes widen as he sees a mugging occurring. He knows he should help. But at the current angle, if he were to race at the mugger from behind this tree, they'd surely notice him before he could even try anything. Then, for a split moment, Alex thinks he sees the woman look at something. Was it him? Did she see him? She had to have been, because, in the now struggle between the woman and her mugger, who's tugging on her belongings to try and snatch them up, the woman trie's to circle about to where the mugger's back is facing Alex. He gives a small thumbs up to her, regardless if she can see him still or not, and stands up. He grabs a scythe he had lying next to him, races towards the mugger, swipes down with the blade as the mugger turns around, and...
    Alex's clothes were stained with blood. He asked the woman if she was ok a little bit ago, but she simply looked at him with horror, screaming once more as she ran off, leaving a somewhat confused man in the street next to a now unmoving criminal. The man simply sighs, picking up the body, off to bury it, somewhere.

    Character biography:
    Paranormal Hunter, day 176
    The last time I wrote in here, I mentioned i'd be going into the woods to find a "source of strange golden light", as I had heard from a few others. I didn't find anything of much, actually. Perhaps they just saw the sunlight through the leaves on a crisp summer afternoon? I don't know. But whatever they saw, I didn't. It's a shame, really. But at the very least, I didn't get jumped and mugged or anything, so that's always a plus. Oh well. Time to move on some other things, as always.

    Paranormal Hunter, day 182
    Today I went to an abandoned house. Locals said it was haunted. But I found f*ck all. I did, find, a pecuiliar book though. Can you guess what it was? That's right! It was my journal. My really old one, from long ago. It spoke of my time as a child, in that small village. It told of me growing up into the man I was and am. It said of me preparing and heading out on my journey, to see what strange and new things this world has to offer. I don't know why it was there. I don't know. Maybe someone lives there. Maybe someone else left it there. Maybe I myself left it there and I just don't ever remember being here. But i'm officially still creeped out, no matter what way it happened.

    Paranormal Hunter, day 200
    My name is Alex. This is my last entry, as this is the last page available in this book before I move onto the next. I grew up, in a small village near the coast. The breeze there was always nice. It was quiet. And calming. But it was too calm for my tastes. So I vowed to move on. As I grew older, I decided what I wanted to do with my life. Eventually, I decided that I should travel the world, and look for oddities. And while it was definitely the right choice for me, as i've had quite a lot of fun in my travels, and made lots of friends, I still haven't really, seen anything. I've heard plenty of rumors. But none of them seem to be true. But I will still chase them regardless. For that's what I do. I hunt. That's all i'm good for at this point. My name is Alex, and. My name is Alex, and. My name is Alex, and...
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    Quote from Flex654»


    1) Enjin sites don't cost a dime, if that means anything. I mean they *can*, if you want more options for it. But it's free to start one and maintain it and such. If you're planning on starting up an actual site from scratch though, I wish you the best of luck, as it'll be slightly time consuming, and will probably cost a pretty penny.
    2) Here's the link to Brewery on the Bukkit site.

    Thanks for the solid answers on the other two questions.
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    Just a few quick questions;
    1) Any plans for an actual site? Like maybe an Enjin one or something? I'm sure it'd be easier to organize lore and handle applications and such.

    2) Is Brewery a plugin used on this server? Or are drinks and such merely pretend, with no actual in-game item?

    3) Does a person *have* to use /me during combat and other stuff? Or can one simply describe their action through normal chat?

    4) Is is possible to have more than one character? If so, i'm assuming we still have to submit at least the in-character bit for them? Or nah? (I've played on servers before where you didn't have to submit a new app for other characters of yours if you didn't want to, so sorry if this question seems a bit off.)
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    IGN: Zekermei

    Preferred Class: Monk
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