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    The Kingdom of Helanger

    We are an uprising faction on the low fantasy medieval roleplay server Shadows and Daggers. A mix of medieval English, Norse and Slavic culture, we plan to found a "seafaring" kingdom. For this though, we need people.

    We do not use skype for anything other than big-scale planning, creating roleplay, and discussing our culture, as well as some miscellaneous out-of-character discussion.


    There is no application form for the kingdom. If you want to join, PM me on the forums and we will discuss your character. If I find you alright, I will add you to the skype. Denial does not mean you can not join the server however, apply on the Shadows and Daggers thread.

    We are in need of more labourers, like farmers, fishermen, miners and woodcutters. Hunters and warriors are also welcome, but they are not needed, nor encouraged, and workers can easily be levied. We also need a blacksmith, a baker and a tailor. Eventually an innkeep.

    Your character should look Northern/Eastern European if you want to be a "blooded northeron" or whatever, or you could instead be of another ethnicity, just settling with us. It is important that you discuss your character with me before posting your server application.

    We are in need of women (You can be male in real life) and perhaps a few children. Ranks are made up as we go.
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    I built this thing and it looked especially nice in your pack. Do enjoy.

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    Okay, so I've always been the one for armour that isn't split into helmet, chestplate, leggings and boots, for several reasons. Lately, I've been working on some armour sets that are rather split into helmet, gorget, bodypiece and tassets/boots, aiming to achieve a less blocky, and also more medieval feel. And I want to know what you think!

    Take a look:

    Chain chestplate, iron leggings, iron boots

    Chain helmet, iron chestplate, iron leggings, iron boots

    Iron leggings only

    Chain leggings only

    Chain helmet, chain chestplate,
    chain leggings, iron boots
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    Yeah, the title said "town", that is a bridge. Explain.
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    Quote from gamerlevi

    ummmmm well it seems that the world generation is f***ed up so it looks like a desert villiage on top of a normal village merged 2gether

    No ****, Sherlock.
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    Saw title, expected some generic boring stuff. But this is stunning.
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    Going to be a medieval pack, centered around the colour use and the 5 hue palette. What do peoples think?

    (Credit to SMP for the sign you can barely see!)
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    Brotip: For a more medieval look, make the piers out of wood. Try to not have completely straight streets and build houses on the sides of it, but instead build two rows houses that are not necessarily parallel, and fill out the street later.

    Put in wooden beams in the white areas on the houses. It'll look more medieval. And something many people do wrong is to have very few beams. No. You want many of them to acquire the look you want.

    Try stone first floors. It gives contrast to the white of the upper wall and brown of the rest of the building. Also experiment a bit with roofs sticking out of the roofs. Small roofs with windows on. Remember that the second floor should have more windows than the first floor.
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    They are hired by the government to make us feel better about ourselves.
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    I came to this thread because of the misspelling in title.
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