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    Quote from inmc

    Good god... Your field of view is higher than Whitney Houston

    I play with an FOV around 110 at 1920x1200, it reduces eye strain and allows for more within the screen. I resized the window for screenshot purposes, hence the distinct warping. Please stay on topic, however.

    I am working on more mechanism that could apply its uses, but there are many that I have found so far. Does anyone have any definitive input on how this may be a bad addition, why it wouldn't work?
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    Redstone Torch Block:
    • Has sand physics.
    • Runic Stone Brick texture + red hue.
    • Can activate a column of TNT, be a drop mechanism for doors.
    • Breaks on torches.
    • Same light level as glowstone.
    :sand: :sand: :sand:
    :sand: :RedShroom: :sand:
    :sand: :sand: :sand:

    Where: Red Mushroom = Redstone

    How it works:

    You can retweet the initial post to show support, probably.

    Potential Mechanisms

    Allows for easy retrieval of the block.
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    You are new to McF and I want to give you a chance to get better acquainted with the rules:

    These outline the basic rules necessary to function well as a member here. There are also forum-specific rules you should definitely read before posting in each one.

    I am giving you an opportunity to learn these rules, because you are multi-posting in this topic.

    What that means is, you are posting multiple posts in an effort to bump the topic to the top of the /Skins/ Forum to show that you've updated your work. Updating your work is great, but bumping isn't!

    Be sure to include all of your updates to your textures, skins, whathaveyou within one post using the "Edit" button. It's a great feature and it's useful for shops like this. You can even edit the main post with all of your creations and catalog them like that!

    I am not deleting your previous posts because I am not sure whether or not you have backed up those files you uploaded separately from here, and deleting them could lose you your content! So heed these words and read up on the rules to get cracking. :smile.gif:
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    The way I've always thought of it was that you could store one level of EXP in a regular bottle, but the stopper is made from either Diamond or Gold, that way you can store it in chests or on your person, but by releasing the level from the bottle, the stopper erodes in the solution so you are left with a regular bottle once again.
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    Quote from AllMightyCreeper

    Here are the pics.

    //i.imgur.com/y4NgT.png" width="" height="" alt="" />http://" width="" height="" alt="" />

    //i.imgur.com/D6uSF.png" width="" height="" alt="" />" width="" height="" alt="" />

    Strange huh?

    Why wont the image show?

    No idea how you managed to do so, but um... Yeah. Here is the appropriate code for images:




    those are naturally occurring terrain known as Ravines and Swamp.
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    Take the skin of your Minecraft character in Paint.net, Paint, or Photoshop. Use the Magnification Tool to zoom in on the face to a degree and use the Cropping Tool to select only the pixels of the face. Crop to that segment and then magnify the face until the pixels fill a 150x150 space appropriately. This technically isn't Minecraft discussion so I am moving it.
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    There would be Ice, and diamond isn't really found in meteorite. Nice idea for the most part though.
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    Quote from goanimals123

    VF bros unite!

    Spoilers she just Google image searched "emo hairstyle" for those pictures, you can reverse search them on the image for humorous results.

    Looking good, Danielle!
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    "Ladies, please, I'm just one Korea."

    @AX2011, it truly was a great experience that weekend. I'm the man in the げた and suit.
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    Quote from Fifedrum2

    So i was in my math class today, (8th grade) and their were kids who had trouble with decimals! Not just a little trouble, they were so thick, the teacher gave them instructions 3 times and they still had no clue what she was talking about. And when you listen to the kids, it almost sounds like: "Uhhh..... *callofduty* um.... *blackops* waht's 1/4 of 10? errrrr....".

    I highlighted everything that is wrong with your statement. If you are going to judge others, make sure your argument is solid and bulletproof to ensure you aren't judging yourself.

    I agree that overall, there is less of a focus on learning in this day and age with technology being omnipresent, but some people do just learn more slowly than others. Give them a chance to catch up and they may even surpass you.
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    Quote from ImBeast11

    LOL. I hope this guy knows that pictures of him are all over minecraft websites now...

    He literally did comment in this thread.

    And he does indeed know..

    Nice job on the picture.
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    Your opinions seem solid, though Straight Shot probably would end up too broken. To shoot straight with no down fall? It'd go on forever if you shot it straight up, you could shoot it at an angle and never see it again. I feel that aiming takes mastery and that's what separates standard bow use from efficient.
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    The map has been downloaded 200 times!

    It's a hell of a lot more than we expected, and Christmas is nearly upon us.
    We have just released version [1.5] for Minecraft [v.1.0.0]

    Fixed a recurring Note issue and remapped the text. Much more legible.
    Fixed some shading in rooms and made it more dark.
    Reset the clock and it will now remain rainy for quite awhile.
    Made the redstone more efficient.
    Cleaned up the Library Maze.


    We are now preparing the Christmas Update! You can vote on what you want added in addition to what is planned now.

    Thanks for playing!
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    posted a message on There is nothing wrong with "This Generation".
    I see your points, and I recognize them. To be honest, though, your examples were incredible in that they are EXTREME. "Ke$ha" won't be memorialized like The Beatles. You think Kanye West or Jersey Shore will be either?

    Put frankly, just because we shouldn't overly glorify the past, doesn't mean we should hail what is prolific now with our eyes closed and hands open.

    The difference between the 60s and now, is that morals and values have changed. Strictly speaking we HAVE had our morals degrade as time passed. If you could take today's "Pop Culture" and deject it into the past, everyone then would simultaneously accept the then commonplace variety of "rebelling" as tame.

    Rebelling has always existed, that doesn't mean it's a good thing now, or was then. (or for that matter a bad thing. It's natural.)
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    Large Update:

    Okay, here is what is going on. Finals have been happening so we've been busy, but we are also working on updating this to 1.0.0 and making some changes. Fixing notes finally as we've found a format for them that we like, as well as cleaning up the basement. There WILL be a Christmas update coming roughly around the 21st. As it stands, we are looking at a full 1.0.0 Release by Saturday this week. (12/10/2011)

    You CAN play the map on 1.0.0 but it will not be totally ready at that point and some errors may occur.

    Note Fix+
    Holiday Update+
    1.0.0 Changes+
    + Note Fix Hidey's Room.

    See you then!
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