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I make maps. Sometimes I create my own tools for map making if I can't find what I need: like MCEdit filters, Python scripts to generate loot tables or textures ect. I think being a good map maker requires a whole spectrum of different skills, like level design, story writing, difficulty balancing and lots of others. For example programming knowledge and a deep understanding of game mechanics doesn't hurt either. Not to talk about ex mastering of the plugin/external editors like Worldedit, MCEdit, WorldPainter, WorldMachine, model editors and so on. The rabbit hole seems to just never end. The other day I had an idea to change some biome colors but not the others, and let me tell you it wasn't a walk in the park. First I had to figure out how the game gets the color from the grass.png (barycentric coordinates, omg what?) then I wrote an implementation to generate images based on the biomes humidity and temperature (those determine the position on the image). Of course it didn't work. So I dug up the sourcecode of minecraft to investigate what's what. Partial success, I was getting some of the biomes right, some were completely off. Then I realized I was using a wrong data set for the temperatures and humidity for the biomes, so another hours of code digging later I finally had a working script to generate an image with the spots that the game uses for each biome. Another thing is this was the first time I programmed anything image related so I had to learn that too. All this only to be able to change some grass' color in the game. WTF, right?

Yeah these are my days when I work on my map. No wonder I haven't released any map in years. Obviously my method of production is highly time consuming while progress is minimal, one could say it's inefficient. But I can't stop being a perfectionist. It's not a good thing on the long run, as I get really nothing done to show off. Bummer.

I started to work on a new conlang for the lore. Luckily even I realized how ridiculous that idea is and dropped it.

If you're a mapmaker and looking for someone to collaborate I gladly offer my talents.



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