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    Gt: KoolKen211

    Mic: Yes (Prefered)

    Discord: Yes (Koolken #3541)

    Survival and creative

    Come join my world and help me build and such

    18+ prefered, but all are welcomed

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    posted a message on Looking For Some chill friends 18+ with mics

    GT- Koolken211

    Working on a Highway system in Survival right now feel free to add and join me at any time. PS, no Xbox live gold right now, but will be getting some soon

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    Hello, Koolken here. I'm new to the forums but not new to Minecraft. Been Playing on Xbox One for about a year and a half. My main goal, besides the normal goal of Minecraft which is defeating the Enderdragon, is to complete a Road System based on the U.S Interstate Highway System. This includes constructing 8 main Highways across a single (Later Multiple) Landmass which is divided into States. Here is some information on what I have done so far:

    -Currently, 4 Interstates are complete (I-15, I-10, I-9, I-6) across 8 partly mapped out States.

    -2 U.S Highways completed (U.S 13 and U.S 35)

    -2 State Highways are complete (Silver Crow State Route 4 and Bleach State Route 21)

    -Odds go North/South, Evens East/West

    -Interstate 15 is the longest (about 7500 blocks)

    -Villages are considered cities.

    -States are divided into Counties.

    -At least one Exit per county

    -Other Roads exist (State Highways, U.S Routes, named Roads)

    -Distance is 20 blocks=1 Mile (Superficial)

    -Road Surface for Freeway Standard (Any Road that is a controlled Access Highway) is Made of Stone.

    All other roads can be made of any Rock material (Cobblestone, etc)

    Now for what needs to be done:

    - 4 More Interstates need to be Completed (I-7 which is currently under construction, I-18, I-3, I-215 beltway After I-15 realignment)

    - Other Roads and Freeways Spanning Several States connection Cites (Villages) and Other Highways and Interstates that don't intersect.)

    -Currently planned 2 other U.S Routes (U.S 23, U.S 19, U.S 8)

    -One State Route planned to complete (Bleach State Route 79)


    -Monster Hunting (For harder Game mode is set to Easy or Harder)

    -Building up non- Village Towns and Cities

    It's all a very time-consuming process and I been doing it all myself for a year and a half save one or two times a friend has come by to give me a hand. I'm not the best at building but I think my work so far speaks for itself. Don't have any Snapshots of my world at the moment. Here is some information for if you Want to join me in my building:

    - I'll Supply Saddles (First come first serve since there are limited to how many I have), Iron Tools and Armor, Food, Torches, and Wood for building to you when you first come to my world.

    -You may Keep any and all Diamonds you find, but consider placing one in community chest(s), as well as other building martial

    -You have to contribute to the Building of The System while you're on. But you don't need to do it the whole time. Feel free to explore my world, I haven't even done it all myself!

    -Keep Houses small and Connect them via Roads and Exits to the Nearest Interstate if you can. (Thought build as big as you want underground)

    -No PKing or Griefing, or stealing from anyone.

    -Mic for chatting and communication are needed, please have one

    -Be ready to face down mobs and the EnderDragon when the time comes.

    Game mode currently is on Peaceful but will be switching to Normal once Interstate 7 is complete. Be sure to regularly sleep when night comes, as well as be ready to fight when mobs Spawn.

    This world isn't a Realm so please contact/ Friend me over Xbox. Gamer Tag is KoolKen211.

    Thank you and I hope to see you all soon!

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