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    posted a message on [Puz/Park] [1.5] YouOnlyGetOneTry v0.7.1 ~Test your skills~

    By KooalaBear123

    YOGOT Trailer

    YOGOT v0.5

    This map is a puzzle map in Minecraft that is filled with difficult puzzles that you have to beat and get emeralds. This map is different than other puzzle maps because, like the title says, you only get one try at each level. If you die, you lose for that level. Your amount of emeralds determine your score at the end. Post your scores on this forum (a screenshot would be nice) and get your name on the high scoreboard. As the map creator, mine is up there (And should be the highest) but we'll see if anyone can beat me. To get on the Hardcore scoreboard, you will need a screenshot.

    v0.7.1 is out. Bug fixes, many redstone fixes with new 1.5 updates.

    • No mods/hacking
    • No cheating by breaking blocks
    • Play on Peaceful
    • Use default texture pack


    Past Downloads:

    1. Download YOGOT
    2. Extract the map using WinRAR/Windows Extractor
    3. Go to your .minecraft folder
    • Run
    • Type in %appdata%
    • Open .minecraft
    4. Open your saves folder
    5. Paste in YOGOT

    Change Log:

    v0.7 is out. Command block bug fixes, and some challenges fixed. I also noticed that in hardcore, mobs spawn, so diamond sword given to the player in HC mode.

    v0.5 is out. I added the Hardcore mode for YOGOT. Note for all: It is incredibly hard, so unless you are an experienced player, I recommend you don't try it, for it may ruin your views on this map. HC and regular are both the same, but in HC, YouReallyOnlyGetOneTry....


    Beta Testers:



    Remember, this is the exchanged score, not the # of emeralds.

    1. KooalaBear123 - 75.4
    2. dualaxis74 - 75.3
    2. Shemtar - 50.5
    3. MCShady7s - 34.8
    4. SonicBoom123 - 27.7


    (I couldn't even beat Hardcore mode)

    Let's Plays!

    Spoiler alert!


    Check out KooalaBear123's other maps:
    The Snow Challenge

    [ :Diamond: ] 50 Sweet!
    [ :Diamond: ] 100 Thanks!
    [ :Diamond: ] 150 Woot!
    [ :Diamond: ] 200 Awesome!
    [ :Diamond: ] 300 Fantastic!
    [ ] 500
    [ ] 750*
    *My Goal for this map!

    If you would like to support me and this map, copy and paste this in your signature!

    *KooalaBear123 is not responsible for any damage done to your physical, emotional, or mental health due to this map. Please take regards to this map before you play it as it may drive you insane. Smashing your computer or laptop against a wall will not help. Player digression is advised.
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    posted a message on Updated Snapshot: 13w09b Available For Testing
    Can't wait for 1.5 ^_^
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    posted a message on How do the new maps work?
    Since they updated it, maps are now more precise and accurate, as 1 pixel represents 1 block. If you want to see a wider range of area, combine the map with 8 paper to expand the view. A map has 5 different view points, explained by this excerpt from the wiki:


    Hope this helped ^_^
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    posted a message on [Surv][1.4.+] The Snow Challenge v1.4 ~NEW UPDATE~ (Multiplayer Compatible) 500+ Downloads!

    By: KooalaBear123

    The Snow Challenge Trailer ~~(New)~~

    The Snow Challenge v1.3

    Update: This map has been updated to 1.4.+.
    Changes to chest items to fit 1.4.+ needs.
    Added 10 more challenges in "Up for a Challenge?"
    Thanks for playing! ^_^

    • No mods/hacking (Except for SPC/TMI for snow if it stops) (See downloads for SPC)
    • No Jumping off to reheal or fill hunger
    • Play on at least easy or higher
    • Comment and post on the forums
    • Have Fun! ^_^

    1. Don't lose Mr. Shovel
    2. Build a bridge to 1 mini island
    3. Build bridges to 2 mini islands
    4. Build bridges to 3 mini islands
    5. Build bridges to 4 mini islands
    6. Build a cobblestone generator
    7. Build a tree farm
    8. Build a melon farm
    9. Build a pumpkin farm
    10. Create a snow farm
    11. Build a Nether portal
    12. Build bridges to 5 mini islands
    13. Build bridges to 6 mini islands
    14. Build bridges to 7 mini islands
    15. Build bridges to 8 mini islands
    16. Make an infinite water source
    17. Build a mushroom farm
    18. Build a sugar cane farm
    19. Enchant 10 items past level 10
    20. Get to The End
    21. Build bridges to 9 mini islands
    22. Build bridges to 10 mini islands
    23. Build bridges to 11 mini islands
    24. Build bridges to 12 mini islands
    25. Brew 10 helpful potions potions
    26. Brew 10 unhelpful potions
    27. Get back to the Overworld
    28. Put my banner in your signature! ^_^
    Up For A Challenge?

    1. Don't fall off the edge once
    2. Build a cobblestone generator that allows 4 people to mine at once
    3. Acquire 64 melon blocks and make a melon house
    4. Build a lake and obtain 32 ink sacs from squid
    5. Enchant a pick with efficiency III, unbreaking II, and fortune I (Exactly how it's written)
    6. Craft 8 gold blocks
    7. Get all the items in the end without putting down 1 torch or playing on peaceful
    8. Fill a chest (regular) with CD's for your jukebox
    9. Follow this topic and rep this post ;)
    ~~Added 1.4 Challenges!~~~
    10. Trade with 1 villager over 4 trades
    11. Make 3 emerald blocks
    12. Give a regular zombie a gold sword to hold
    13. Kill 5 bats
    14. Defeat the Wither Boss
    15. Craft 4 golden carrots
    16. Send 5 creepers into the nether
    17. Craft a beacon block
    18. Bake 10 potatoes
    19. Craft a potion of night vision
    20. Obtain 10 slimeballs


    The Snow Challenge v1.4
    *Edited chest items slightly for 1.4.+
    *Added extra challenges for 1.4.+

    The Snow Challenge 2p

    The Snow Challenge 3p

    The Snow Challenge 4p

    Please do not be lame and download multi-player maps and use them in single player for extra shovels. Thanks! ^_^

    Single Player Commands


    Previous Downloads:

    The Snow Challenge (E) v1.3

    The Snow Challenge v1.1
    *No snowballs with SPC bug fixed

    The Snow Challenge v1.0

    - Download The Snow Challenge
    - Extract the map using WinRAR/Windows Extracter/7 Zip
    - Go to your .minecraft folder
    * Go to run
    * Type in %appdata%
    * Click .minecraft
    - Open your saves folder
    - Paste
    - Run Minecraft


    v1.0(SPC) If you don't get snowballs when using the shovel , type /reset and it will be fixed.


    Beta testers:

    My dog


    Let's Plays!

    tannah's Let's Play of The Snow Challenge

    tannah's Let's Play Part 2 of The Snow Challenge


    lorenz1992e1's Let's Play of The Snow Challenge

    lorenz1992e1's Let's Play Part 2 of The Snow Challenge


    AlexKite78's Let's Play of The Snow Challenge

    Check out KooalaBear123's other maps:

    [ :Diamond: ] 10 Sweet!
    [ :Diamond: ] 50 Thanks!
    [ :Diamond: ] 100 WooHoo!
    [ :Diamond: ] 150 O yea!
    [ :Diamond: ] 200 Awesome!
    [ :Diamond: ] 250 Incredible!
    [ :Diamond: ] 300 Fantastic!
    [ :Diamond: ] 350 Amazing!
    [ :Diamond: ] 400 Almost there....
    [ :Diamond: ] 500* Thanks Everyone! ^_^

    * My goal for this map

    If you would like to support me and this map, paste this in your signature:
    (Then delete the "color=#880000" and "/color" after saved)
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    posted a message on 1.4.6 Update is Released!
    Wow...Nice! Anyone else think the Thorns enchantment is a bit useless?
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    posted a message on What is your ALL-TIME favorite MOB?
    My favorite mob would be the giant, mob flipping, damage dealing, heavy duty, easy crafting, flower giving, village protecting; Iron Golem.
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    posted a message on What is a fun thing too do in single player?
    You can always try and create maps. Those always keep me occupied for at least 1-10 weeks! ^_^
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    posted a message on 50 Tips & Tricks of Survival!
    Useless Tip #?: If you are REALLY low on iron & redstone and you are out exploring, a compass will work when arranging it in the crafting bench (As with clocks).
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    posted a message on Diamond Armor - Useless?
    Useless. Personally, I find iron armor almost as much protection as diamond. I know it lasts like 2x longer, but I have at least 30x as much iron as I have diamond so.... Point proven. ^_^
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    posted a message on Wheel of Madness - the turbo XP farm - now with world download
    Looks awesome...How did you come up with this? Nice Job! ^_^
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