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Mainly programming internet and intranet websites with PHP (HTML, CSS, SQL). In my opinion jQuery is the best JavaScript library available. I know a lot of languages but never did anything useful with JAVA.

I'm a senior programmer in my company. Programming computers since 1976.

My first "good" program was an assembler game "panzer" on an Apple ][e.

In my free time I'm mining. A youngster in my company showed me how to install Java and Eclipse.

I think Forge is a fantastic project. The guys from Forge really know what they do. I messed around with MCP and Eclipse until I found that Forge already installs everything to my hearts content - I only have to use it! No problem to have multiple Forge versions for different Minecraft versions. I think I will update my mods always asap.

But - I'm just starting to mod now...

There's still a lot to be learned.

If nothing crucial changes in the main code and a fitting Forge version is out there is no problem to release recompiled versions of my mods.

Ok. Last sentence was in MC 1.5.2. I stopped modding when 1.7 came out: Didn't want again to learn everything from scratch.
Maybe I'll do a restart with modding when MC developing has made a cooldown.


Minecraft modding, Minecraft, Master of Orion II.
Am too old and too slow for fast 3D games.

Location Germany

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