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    posted a message on [1.12.1] [1.12] -- Dungeon Tactics

    Would it be possible to have config options added for magic powder costs for each spell? As well as stuff like 'chance for spell to fail/scroll to break on failure'?

    We're using this mod in Rebirth of the Night, and a LOT of the pack has been HEAVILY tweaked and modified, including the rate at which monsters drop powder. It would be fantastic if we had more config control over spell costs so we can balance magic powder around many other aspects of the modpack.

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    posted a message on [1.12.1] [1.12] -- Dungeon Tactics

    Is it possible to add more loot bags beyond what's included by default? Like, can I just create additional JSON files with loot tables, with unique names? Or am I limited to what's proovided?

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    posted a message on Request - make Quark backpack a Bauble

    Currently, the Quark backpack only resides in a player's inventory, or can be equipped on the player chest armor slot. (which means players can't equip a chest armor when wearing the backpack)

    It would be neat if it could go in the 'chest' Bauble slot, and still function as it does (expands player inventory)

    As I understand it, both Quark and Baubles have the APIs to make this possible, so the mod shouldn't be difficult.

    Yes, we have asked both devs about this, and neither will add this feature because 1) Baubles doesn't add compat for mods since it has an API that modders should be using instead to make things into Baubles, and 2) Quark doesn't make things into Baubles because it doesn't fit the theme of the Quark mod.

    This will be used for Rebirth of the Night modpack, but I'm sure other pack devs would appreciate a mod that does this.

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    posted a message on Chest Refill Mod

    For 1.12

    Purpose of the mod is to add a chest that can be configured to have its contents regenerated/respawn/refill after being looted.

    This mod will be used on a server-based modpack, but will still be useful for map makers.

    I had a 1.7.10 version of the mod (mod dev wont update hence the request), and it worked like this:

    I placed down a chest specific to the mod called "Loot Chest", but can be named just Chest a la vanilla

    I used a creative only item to shift-right click the chest. This opened a GUI for configuring the chest.

    I could set refill parameters such as:

    How many times the chest can refill its loot *total* (once the total was reached, no more loot would refill the chest)

    How many times the chest can refill its loot *for a player* (once a player looted the chest X times, the chest no longer refilled its loot for that player, but would refill its loot for other players if that total was not reached yet)

    How often the chest refilled its loot *total* (a time in seconds in which the chest will refill its loot - a global time applied to all players)

    How often the chest refilled its loot *for a player* (whenever a player loots the chest, a timer is applied to that player specifically, and the chest will not refill its contents for that specific player until that time has expired. Time is recorded per player, rather than globally)

    Then, I just place the desired contents into the chest, and the chest will refill those contents based on the configured parameters.

    It is VITAL that a mod such as Recurrent Complex can generate these chests in the world as part of world generation, and the parameters and contents are retained.

    In other words, with Recurrent Complex, I can create a structure such as a dirt house, place the Loot Chest inside it, place contents into the chest, configure the chest, then export the structure via Recurrent Complex. Then, upon initial world generation, RC generates that structure into the world at random (like dungeons and villages), and if a player finds this dirt house in the world and loots the chest, it'll have the contents and refill them based on the previously configured parameters.

    Bonus points: I can configure the Loot Chest to have different block models based on models currently present in the modpack.

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    posted a message on MineFantasy2 - Alpha

    Hello Sirse!

    I noticed there was a recent update to this mod, and I'm curious how things are on the side of Minetweaker support.

    I know this is something you've been adding, and I think I may have asked before, but, how extensive it MT support?

    Is it completed for the most part, or is there still a lot not done yet?

    And NEI integration? How's that now?

    Also, is there a changelog somewhere I can look at? Thanks

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    posted a message on Potion Core - Lots of New Potion Effects and Attributes!

    How stable is Potion Core for 1.7.10?

    I'm currently developing a modpack for 1.7.10, and it's in the final stages prior to release. One of the issues holding me back is one of the mods - Brewcraft - has a server-specific bug (my pack relies on a server-hosted map that I'm hosting) that causes severe crashes.

    The original dev isn't even maintaining Brewcraft anymore, so attempts to ask for a fix have been useless.

    That said, I just noticed your Potion Core mod has a 1.7.10 version, but is beta.

    It could possibly work for what I need, but I figured I'd ask about its stability before using it/adding it to my pack.


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    posted a message on Need an abandoned mod fixed (Brewcraft)

    No takers? =(

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    posted a message on Need an abandoned mod fixed (Brewcraft)
    Quote from arisalanna»

    IKR I wanna use this mod too. I am an amateur sry I can't fix this :( What I do though is weapons. Custom knockback, range, and possibly cooldowns thanks to electroblob_. You might want to consider having electroblob's wizardry in your modpack.

    I have Minefantasy2 in the pack, which does add a few new combat mechanics, but nothing too overhaul-y.

    Anywho, thanks for the interest. This mod is still open to be fixed for anyone out there willing. Unfortunately I can't even release my modpack until this is fixed, due to how severe/disruptive the issue is, so *any* help is appreciated!
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    posted a message on Need an abandoned mod fixed (Brewcraft)

    Still looking for help with this!

    For those curious about permission, I found this comment by the dev from 2 years ago. Seems like they're ok with people fixing its bugs, since the dev retired from modding.


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    posted a message on Need an abandoned mod fixed (Brewcraft)

    Bump - still looking for someone to peer over this.

    I did find some additional info that might help. Here's a client log that shows some errors regarding packets and handshake.


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    posted a message on ClothingCraft - Customizable, Dynamic, Realistic, Clothing! No More Silly Dyed Leather Armor!
    Quote from Spazzrocket»

    The download links aren't working for me? Any reason why?

    Quote from teagan75»

    Same for me which is a shame. This mod was great!

    Quote from Solarkoid»

    Someone help ;-; I need this mod but cant download....

    Dropbox link isnt working

    Fortunately I have the latest version. Dropbox link here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6mgimafdu5kn0o4/[1.7.10] ClothingCraft 1.2.1.jar?dl=0

    Also, does anyone know how to get these recipes to show up in NEI? I mean, I know it's something the dev has to make work, and I thought about using Minetweaker to remove and readd the recipes so they show up in NEI, but that probably won't work considering how many combinations there are and how the crafting of items in this mods works.

    I suppose I could add 'fake' clothing items and give them an NEI recipe. Hmm...
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    posted a message on AdvancedHUD Continuation [0.1.8] [LESS bugs]
    Quote from csb987»

    I made you a 1.8.9 version - I posted it to your thread in the requests section weeks ago :)

    That's out of date now though, as I've continued to work on this mod since then. My current version, picking up where maxpowa left off, is v0.1.13.

    v0.1.14 (in progress)

    • Added solid bar rendering style for Air, Armor, Food and Health items


    • Added ability to enable/disable HUD items
    • Fixed Mount Health not being rotatable


    • Fixed CTD when rendering subtitles (1.9.4+ only, introduced in v0.1.11)


    • Fixed pumpkin overlay & portal effect not rendering
    • Fixed XP level number being misplaced when rotated
    • Added attack cooldown indicators (1.9+)
    • Made HUD items conform to standard display logic
    • Implemented use of Forge RenderGameOverlay event
    • Improved compatibility with other mods (e.g. Better HUD)


    • Fixed item tooltips not fading out


    • Fixed texture UV bug on selected hotbar slot
    • Resourcified strings

    There are builds for 1.7.10, 1.8, 1.8.9, 1.9.4, 1.10.2, 1.11.x and 1.12.x available on my GitHub.

    First of all, THANK YOU for updating this mod. I've been looking for something that let me do what this mod does, and I was pleased to see that someone had updated it to fix a lot of compatibility issues (the original mod broke a LOT of HUD items from other mods)

    However, I did encounter another bug/issue. I'm using Spice of Life in my modpack. One of its features is that it adds a saturation overlay to the hunger bar. See this link for an example. https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/the-spice-of-life

    Note, the overlay is actually provided via AppleCore, so download that if you want to test it.

    With Advanced HUD installed, it seems to cause the saturation overlay to reposition itself away from the hunger bar. See the below image... the overlay has somehow been pushed down (and is covered by the xp bar)

    If you could include this fix in a future update, that would be fantastic!

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    posted a message on Need an abandoned mod fixed (Brewcraft)

    I need to know which version of Red Gear Core you're using

    Looks like I'm using RedGearCore 2.2.2

    I won't be able to update the mod beyond 1.7.10

    Of course! I highly doubt my modpack will ever get updated past 1.7.10, since I'm using quite a few mods that have also been abandoned in this version. Again, all that I needed was a fix to prevent a crash.

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    posted a message on Need an abandoned mod fixed (Brewcraft)
    Quote from KnightDemon»

    I'm willing to give this a try, have you attempted contact with the original creator directly? I'm all for keeping mods updated and working but if a developer does have plans to come back and update then I'd rather not intrude. You have mentioned the CC license but reading their terms as well they request being known about any publicly available modpacks. From your post I haven't noticed if the modpack will be used privately or publicly available.

    Just let me know please.

    I've attempted to contact them indeed. I've both reported this issue on their Github and notified them on the MCForum page. From the looks of it, the mod hasn't seen any activity in well over a year, with no indication that there are plans to keep it alive. It's radio silence from the devs, basically.

    At that, I do plan to notify the devs I'm using the mod, and have made fixes to it.
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    posted a message on Need an abandoned mod fixed (Brewcraft)

    Still open for assistance, thanks

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