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    posted a message on combat in 1.9 good or bad?

    I should at least be able to swing a WOODEN sword that fast!

    Why? Something to do with its weight.

    It doesn't completely disable your right click option. You can still place blocks with anything in your offhand.

    Right click can't have two functions at once. If you have a shield in one hand and blocks in the other, right either places blocks or uses the shield. The point being: one of them doesn't work while the other one does. Thus the shield is annoying to use.

    That's a lot of work, thus making it HARDER to combat!

    Translation: it raises the skill ceiling.

    You could still do it while they're running if you have fast reflexes.

    Skill ceiling.

    What I said has nothing to do with weak players beating strong ones. Quite the opposite. The strong player can beat the weak one much better.

    As in the skilled player can beat the unskilled player. Isn't that what we want? Yes

    The axe's ability to be stopped less by armor is important toward making it usable in player combat because otherwise its slow swing time would lend to you being unable to kill a player while they stand there eating food and laughing at you.

    And yet it still does a lot of damage, so you could get in about 7 damage without even waiting for the cooldown to fill up.

    Without the new system including toughness as well as larger attacks penetrating armor, a perfect 18 damage axe crit would deal only 3.6 damage to a player in full diamond armor without protection.

    Everything I have said was said because of experience.

    And yet our experience suggests to the contrary.

    What is your point? The facts are that in pre-1.9 PvP, a player in Diamond armor is very well defended yet can still be killed if they are being constantly attacked. In post 1.9 PvP, the same is true.

    Nope. They could be killed in less hits because of the extra damage added to the items.

    In less hits with more time between hits = same amount of time. Actually probably slightly more time, but that's probably a good thing. PvP used to be a little fast. Imo higher pace is better but the axe power was increased to combat the cooldown.

    My whole purpose for talking about this bit is to get you to stop acting like the change affected how well players can kill each other, because it hasn't changed.

    Yes it has.

    You say it yet evidence suggests to the contrary. Spamming attacks in someone's face might not break through their armor, but using some tactics will do it even if they have diamond armor and a shield, and you have wooden or stone tools.

    That is a pathetic effort to balance things considering that it was fine before 1.9.

    You say it but you aren't backing it up with evidence. We've told you what was wrong with combat before 1.9. Let's summarize what's been said: It was more spammy and less tactical. You seem to agree but feel that the old way was better. We argue that the old way was less skill-oriented meaning that it was the player with the best gear who generally won the fight. You seem to agree that a skill-oriented system is better, but you disagree that the new system is more skill-oriented. It has more things to consider, giving it a higher skill ceiling.

    Quote from Ptolemy2002»

    Because wooden swords are very light.

    When placing a block with a shield, the block doesn't get placed unless you have a block highlighted. If you do have a block highlighted, then the shield function is disabled and the block is placed. If you don't, the block is disabled and the shield is used. That is a perfect example of the right-click having 2 uses at once.

    . If the skill ceiling is too high, there will be specific people who skill and nobody would have any chance of beating them because it would require way too much skill Everyone can kill anyone. The worst PvPer in the world can kill the best PvPer in the world, no matter how small the chances of that happening are.

    . See above.

    ? Not exactly. If the skilled player can beat the unskilled player too easily, the unskilled player won't get a chance to become skilled because he'll be too busy dying. On the other hand, if the unskilled player can beat the skilled player, the skilled player might quit playing. The key is balance, and I think the old system did a better job of doing that. Everyone gets good eventually with enough practice. It can sometimes take only one kill of a pro by someone who can't PvP to give their road to becoming a pro a huge boost. A pro would never quit the game just bc of one low chance loss to a noob.

    . Which means that the player with the OP weapon is not guaranteed to win, although he has an advantage. Gaming is supposed to be about skill, which both 1.8 and 1.9 take very different skillsets to be good at.

    . But they aren't constantly being attacked. The regen time gives them time to regen. If their hunger is too low, they won't regenerate.

    . My evidence has already been stated. Now I am trying to keep my evidence valid and use it against other evidence. In case you forgot what my evidence was:

    1. the spoiler in this post describing how disabling using commands is very hard
    2. this post explaining how easy it is to make the change
    3. this post which highlights the fact that 1.9 made it messier and that most minecraft developers don't like it
    4. this post highlighting why the second system was better
    5. You didn't see anyone complaining to change it when the old system was still current, so that showed that it was accepted more overall. And even though more people seem to like this system better, they were probably fine with the old one.

    . Because it was simpler.

    . The better skilled person still usually wins.

    . Which also makes it MUCH HARDER! Harder = better

    . Thus being a little too OP for the unskilled player. Again, anyone can become a pro with enough practice.

    Responses in bold. Just let the argument die, state your opinion on which you prefer and move on. I have tried many times to do that but the argument keeps going pointlessly and I've been responding to ppl's arguments hoping they'll just shut up. As I've stated many times before I prefer 1.8 bc of the higher pace but 1.9 is good.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.12 :Is Mojang just gonna Hide Behind The New Updates And Features
    Quote from AutomatorMC»

    It's not that Mojang actually likes slow and boring combat. It's a necessary downgrade to balance with other platforms.

    Then why is it exclusive to an edition that won't get crossplay?
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    posted a message on New Enchantment (Rapid Aspect)

    An enchant to reduce cooldown times on melee weapons sounds cool (coming from someone whose PvP skill is mainly based around pace) but not one that makes drawing back a bow quicker, it just allows bowspam noobs to bowspam with more power. Back to the melee weapons, I think 5 levels, each one making cooldown 20% quicker is abit too OP. It would be better just to have 3 levels, each one making cooldown 5-10% quicker. That way at max level, the cooldown would only be 15-30% quicker which would give players who like higher pace (like me) a better chance when using axes, while not giving players who like the slower pace too much of a disadvantage should they come across someone with a sword with this enchant on max level. Partial support.

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    posted a message on disaster mode

    why are you so negative? you seem to hate literally EVERY suggestion.

    Not every suggestion. Its just he/she rarely sees a suggestion he/she considers to be good.
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    posted a message on Small Suggestions
    Quote from AndreDaGamer»

    Extra food

    Wayyy too vague. Explain more plz.
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    posted a message on If a 6 year old Minecraft fanboy was US president

    DISCLAIMER: this post is a joke, plz don't take it srsly or get offended by it

    The law would be changed where it would be illegal to not like Minecraft, with 3 levels of punishment:

    • "I just don't like Minecraft, either bc the community is so bad or its not my type of game" - that could get you arrested.
    • "I hate Minecraft, those kids turned it into the scum of gaming" - that could get you deported
    • "Gamers don't play Minecraft" - that could be death penalty

    If you didn't like something that was added in a Minecraft update, you'd probably get fined.

    All citizens would be forced to worship the game's devs as gods.

    Stampy would be the country's mascot, despite being British, like I am.

    So yeah, America under the power of a Minecraft fanboy would be pretty bad.

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    posted a message on Is it possible to mine ore if lava is directly underneath it?

    Just crouch when breaking the block then sneak to retrieve the drop before is falls in.

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    posted a message on Removal of Q

    Worst suggestion I've ever seen. No support.

    Just go into options > controls then change the drop hotkey.

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    posted a message on combat in 1.9 good or bad?
    Quote from TheQuartzMiner»

    all you have to do is swing your sword once and everything is dead compared to spam clicking and killing every individual mob.

    The sweep attack doesn't work like that. It still would take a diamond sword with strength 2 and killaura (maybe sharpness enchant aswell) to do that. But don't do that bc killaura is a hack.
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    posted a message on 1.12 news and updates (source: Twitter @jeb_)

    Here's a list of links to tweets Jeb has posted about changes in 1.12.

    February 2017

    Palette test:

    How new palette affects banners:

    How palette affects wool and a new block:

    Confirmation that second block in third screenshot is not hardened clay and is a new block:

    Looks like the new block is some sort of stained sand that changes to stained clay on contact w/ water:

    The first snapshot is out NOW:

    New blocks are terracotta, concrete and concrete powder:

    March 2017

    Finally almost A MONTH of waiting, we have more news. Maybe the next snapshot will be released this week.

    A feature which has been wanted for AGES now is confirmed as coming - dyeable beds:

    New mob: parrots (tweet which Jeb retweeted):

    Jeb confirms this week's snapshot doesn't include dyable beds:

    Dinnerbone announces the release of a new snapshot (retweeted by Jeb):

    April 2017

    New snapshot w/ dyable beds (retweeted by Jeb):

    May 2017

    Map changes reverted:

    New snapshot released, plus getting very close to prerelease (retweeted by Jeb):

    Cookies will no longer be able to be fed to parrots in the next prerelease:

    Prerelease 3 is out (retweeted by Jeb):

    Omg how many more prereleases will it be until the full release? I swear if they bring out one more 1.12 will have as many as 1.9, 1.10 and 1.11 combined (retweeted by Jeb):

    ANOTHER ONE! (retweeted by Jeb):

    1.12 will release THIS FRIDAY:

    June 2017

    As 1.12 is now out, I might update this thread when bug fix updates come out, I might not. I haven't decided yet.

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