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    Quote from Archioudos»

    I'm not sure it's me that's not seeing the difference, or if there's suppose to be a difference here but.

    This is with the clear glass resource pack
    this is the clear glass resource pack

    and this is with the connected clear glass.

    this is the connected clear glass resource pack

    Am I missing a point of having connected and clear glass or is there a definitive difference between them?

    You need optifine for the connected to work.
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    posted a message on Nautilus and shulker helmets

    The shulker helmet sounds good but the nautilus helmet sounds too OP.

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    posted a message on Potion of havoc, Ghost and Phasic arrows

    I like the ideas for new arrows.

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    posted a message on Small Suggestions
    Quote from Shroom_Kid»

    Having a dog stand on top of a jukebox will cause the song to be played, but using dog sounds.

    That would be a rly funny aesthetic addition. Support.
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    posted a message on Combat Empire - server coming soon (forums and discord server OPEN NOW!)

    I'm starting a server called Combat Empire. The first gamemode on it will be a custom minigame called empires.

    Join the forums: https://unknownkoi145.wixsite.com/combat-empire

    Join the discord server: https://discord.gg/vtTk8vF

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    posted a message on Seed/Maps For My Server!

    If you want I can build you one.

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    posted a message on A new ranged defensive mob for Villagers: the Guard

    I like the idea of a villager type that can deal with zombie invasions while the iron golem is making its way. Support

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    posted a message on Extremely varied height on land, floating structures, sea level close to bedrock - how can I give this a name?

    Look at the screenshots; the land goes up to the height limit, ravines and dungeons exposed, mineshafts sticking out of the land and floating fossils.



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    posted a message on Discontinued versions of Minecraft Bedrock

    The Pi edition is also a discontinued bedrock version. It released as 0.1.0 (equivalent to PE 0.6.0) and only got 1 update, 0.1.1, which is a bug fix update, before being discontinued.

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    posted a message on Water combat improvement - combat ships
    Quote from C1ff»

    I feel like I'd rather be able to build ships out of blocks, although we don't really have entities like this in Minecraft.

    Depending on the size of these things, I might be willing to support, but those crafting recipes are pretty cheap. Maybe there should be a drydock (multi-)block that you can use to craft ships with?

    If we add a drydock or ships at all, there needs to be enough customization available to warrant an entire new crafting system. Some ideas that come to mind are:

    - Sails that can have Banner patterns on them.

    - Multiple types of weapons. (Rams, Dispenser Cannons, possibly TNT Cannons?)

    - Different numbers of oars or other forms of propulsion (Firework-based engines?)

    - Some amount of mob or item storage for long trips over the ocean. (This would be useful for when you want to transport Villagers and such.)

    And just to make the weapons more useful in non-multiplayer situations, zombie or skeleton pirates might be nice...

    I think the ideal size of one of these ships is 2x3 blocks at the smallest, and 3x5 at the largest.

    I didn't think of that when I made the suggestion. Good idea.
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    posted a message on Water combat improvement - combat ships

    I made a Google doc of things I would've liked to have seen in 1.14, and this is something that would fit into the update aquatic as it is water based.

    These items will massively improve combat on water? Combat ships! Each has a crafting recipe, speed and durability.

    There are three different speed levels for combat ships: slow, which is 0.75 times that of the existing boats, medium, which is the speed of the existing boats, and fast, which is 1.5 times that of the existing boats.

    For durability, this is how much damage the ship can take before sinking to the floor of the body of water its in and disappearing. The ships take as much damage from being hit as players do when hit without armour. The damage taken by the ship from a hit depends on the item it was hit with and the amount of power in the hit.

    To put ammo in a ship that has a dispenser to fire projectiles from, crouch and right-click on the dispenser to open the dispenser interface. To put a sail on a ship, crouch and right-click anywhere else on the ship with a banner in your hand. That banner will be the ship’s sail.

    Types of combat ship

    War galley

    • Crafted from: 1 dispenser, 2 wood planks, 2 wood shovels
    • Speed: slow
    • Durability: 75
    • Can use fire charges as ammo: no


    • Crafted from: 1 dispenser, 2 wood planks, 4 wood shovels
    • Speed: medium
    • Durability: 100
    • Can use fire charges as ammo: no


    • Crafted from: 1 dispenser, 2 wood planks, 6 wood shovels
    • Speed: fast
    • Durability: 150
    • Can use fire charges as ammo: no


    • Crafted from: 1 trireme, 1 magma cream
    • Speed: fast
    • Durability: 200
    • Can use fire charges as ammo: yes

    Fire galley

    • Crafted from: 1 flint and steel, 2 wood planks, 2 wood shovels
    • Speed: slow
    • Durability: 125

    To activate a ship’s weapon, look down at it and right-click.

    Leave your opinions and ideas for improvements down below, I would love to see what you ppl think about this.

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    posted a message on Is minecraft still on 1.12?

    Yes mc is still on 1.12, but not for much longer. 1.12 has 2 bug fix updates so far.

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    posted a message on Seed your name!

    I went back to 1.8 to make a new resources world for survival on Minecraft Central and while looking at this thread, I have decided to have a look at what some of the seeds posted in this thread during the beta days of Minecraft look like in 1.8. These seeds will probably be the same in all 1.7.x (except ocean monuments, red sandstone, coarse dirt, granite ,diorite and andesite), 1.9.x (with igloos), 1.10.x (with fossils and better villages), 1.11.x (with woodland mansions) and 1.12.x. All screenshots are in the link at the end of the post as there are defo more than 5 of them. All spawns marked out with beacons. Idk if any of those I looked at seeds of their names still play.

    Quote from NoteBlock»
    For NoteBlock, I got a big lake behind me and to right, desert to left, and forest infront.

    A survival island seed with a frozen continent and an ocean monument not far away.

    Quote from Swafa»
    Do Swafa, Its pretty epic with awesome natural mountains

    Another survival island seed with an ocean monument, but this time no frozen continent, the ocean monument can be seen from spawn and there are a lot more islands.

    Quote from Sir_Veillance»
    Sir_Veillance was actually quite boring. Just a bunch of normal stuff, deserts, water, flat grass, if you look around a bit there are some pretty big mountains.

    Edit : I do however like that screenshot Molecyle, is the whole world like that?

    Two interesting things only: a flower forest and a beta-style hill.

    Quote from warlordluke»
    warlordluke produces a huge desert on one side and a river on the other...still exploring the desert.

    And this is what I found on the other side of the desert

    Outside the desert part 1 by Luke Parker Photography, on Flickr


    Outside the desert part 2 by Luke Parker Photography, on Flickr

    Start of a trend where the biomes found are nothing rare and quite uninteresting for a seed. This one has literally nothing but a lava lake next to spawn which is almost not visible from the surface. At least it means there's some coal ore on the surface of a forest that's not a cave, which is rare.

    Quote from Taiine»
    My name (Taiine) as a seed provided a boring landscape at first. But soon found a open lava lake by the river and just south were large hills with over hangs and one of the LARGEST tundera biomes I had ever seen. along it is a small valley in the middle of some tall mountains that is of a forest biome. So it's sort of an oasis with in the frozen lands.

    The oasis.

    No rare biomes but it has a hole in the ground in a taiga biome that leads to a complex cave system which leads to diamonds with zero digging required. There's also two ravines in the swamp.

    The seed HijanaPantherpaw contains lots and lots of forests with a few good landforms.

    This was my spawn. On a desert biome with a forest behind.

    Surface iron right next to me. Giggity :ironore:

    There are some pumpkins to the right of the spawn next to 2 waterfalls.

    A cross in mid air.

    To the right of the spawn we have a mountain. Not the biggest I've seen, but pretty good.

    Two "Great Oaks" and a field of flowers and long grass

    The forest stretches farther, and below is a cave filled with coal (no Screenshot)

    This is a natural secret entrance to a cave that has coal & iron :coalore: :ironore:

    Another biome with uninteresting biome generation, the only thing interesting in this seed is an ocean monument.

    Quote from UnforgivenJ»
    I put in UnforgivenJ (obviously) and this is what I got

    The last three have had no rare biomes, but this one spawned in one. A huge jungle, with a jungle temple 20 blocks away from spawn. Not only that, but go exploring and you'll find the rarest biome in the game bordering the jungle, a mushroom island. A nice insane seed after three seeds with nothing but caves and an ocean monument to check out.

    Quote from BlockMan4444»
    Put in BlockMan4444.

    Its awesome. It spawns you near two lava pools and by some wicked looking mountains!

    Spawning in a plains next to an ice plains, this seed has an insane set of ravines linked into eachother somewhere in the ice plains. There's also a ravine near spawn. I was looking for spawn when I stumbled upon the golden area of the seed; a ravine, sunflower plains and ice spikes literally next to eachother.

    Quote from Zenity»
    My name produced a seemingly ordinary world, until I discovered a cave system, the vertical shaft at 122 -192 leads into a cave system that goes down to about Z 12, there is also a sunken dungeon close by, ( hint: look for the beach....), not gonna spoil the unusual nature of the vertical shaft, it has a feature that amazed me the first time I saw it....

    Seed: Zenity

    The best seed of them all. For this one, great wasn't good enough. Spawn is rather uninteresting but explore abit through the desert and you'll find a desert temple and a village. This seed also contains another village, two more desert temples and two savanna plateau M biomes. So decent number of generated structures, check. Rare biomes, check.

    Screenshots (22 in total): <iframe src="https://www.facebook.com/plugins/post.php?href=https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=555309611477011&id=100009939311493&width=500" width="500" height="626" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true"></iframe>

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    posted a message on Add Nuclear Mechanics!
    Quote from 1337Congress»

    Nuclear power can be Minecraft as well if it gets added.

    Neh, its unMinecraft and won't fit into the vanilla game.
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    posted a message on Add Nuclear Mechanics!
    Quote from 1337Congress»

    Nuclear Power isn't the same as redstone.

    Ofc redstone is less powerful, but its Minecraft, unlike nuclear power.
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