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    I love your mod, more importantly, I love you. Anyway I thought of finding some dinosaur's and listing them. (I know you can do it on your own i just want to feel like I'm important and i contributed so humor me.)

    Ankylosaurus- An awesome dinosaur with bony armor plating and a huge clubbed tail. These guys fight by turning tail and swinging their club back and forth. A tyrannosaurus would not have fun fighting these guys as they could break leg bones. Build like a Sherman tank.

    Camarasuarus- Most common sauropod in the late Jurassic era. Not very big, only 20 tons and was believed to be the primary source of food for large carnivores of the period.

    Edmontosuarus- Lived during the same time as the tyrannosaurus. Is a duck-billed Dino and may have been the favored prey of the T.Rex.

    Gallimimus- Means Chicken Mimic, but looks more like a reptilian, 20 foot long ostrich. Could run 30 mph and was Omnivorous. Ran around in herds.

    Giant Insects/Bugs- These would be cool! New diet for some dinosuars and they truly bring out the age of the dinos! Examples are 2 foot long dragonfly's and 6 foot long herbivorous millipedes. Forget about modern oxygen levels, thats awesome!

    Iguanodon- Lived during the late cretaceous period. Herbivorous and had a spike on its thumb. Could stand and run on hind legs, but could move on four just as easily.

    Pachycephalosaurus- Herbivorous, means thick headed lizard, and for good reason. They had hard, reinforced skills that they used to break predators(They are like modern day big horned sheep). Males would spar for female attention and breeding rights.

    Anyway, good luck on the mod, I can't wait for an update! :biggrin.gif:
    Anyway please, take your time.
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