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    Thank you for clicking on my thread, I hope you will choose to join our server.

    My name is Kodiak and I run a 24/7 Adults only survival server on the Xbox One. My previous server ran for more than 2 years with many full time players and even more part time players. As a group we chose to start a new server because we wanted the new Biomes. This "New" server has been running for over 4 months now. We have collected all the major necessities and have a good stock pile of all required food, ores, and many materials in our community center which is a central storage space shared by all players.

    We build large structures on our world and have many projects going on at any given time. We are in search of new players to help us continue to build out our server and make it Great! We have an excellent mix of players currently and everyone has become friends. Our server and players are a group of players who simply love to play Minecraft and as a team build an amazing server and community.

    I have a ton more photos but it would only let me upload 5. We are making a youtube video to show off the world so I will post that in my next thread.

    Thanks for looking,


    We are looking for:

      • Adult Players (21+) No Exceptions
      • Survival World - Normal
      • Achievements Still Available
      • Experienced Players
        • Expert Builders - If you choose to build you must be able to build to our level of expectations or we will ask you to remove the building.
        • Miners - We still need a mine boss and dedicated miners. We have a design and layout for our Mine that we need to see realized.
        • Farmers - We need a Lead Farmer who can build and oversee the management of Crops, Trees and Animals for our Farms.
        • Helpers - We have large projects that always need helpers. Currently we are building a Horse Racing track which is 250x250 blocks.
        • Potion Master - We need someone to make potions and keep the stock levels up for community potions.
        • Villager Manager - We need someone to manage the villagers and convert new villagers as needs arise.
        • Red Stone Apprentice - We need someone to get involved with redstone projects and work with our lead Red Stone designer.
        • Landscape Architect - We need someone to bring Trees, bushes, and flowers to our city. This person would also help with lighting of those areas.

      • We have a detailed list of rules for this server
        1. Adults only 21+
        2. Microphone Required - Group Party Chat Required
        3. No Greifing, Trespassing in private residences or Theft Allowed.
        4. No going AFK for periods longer than 15 mins while connected to the server.
        5. No PVP except in approved areas.
        6. If you break something fix it and tell someone.
        7. No pictures or item frames in personal residences.
        8. No more than 12 chests per personal residence.
        9. One Armor stand per person per map, must be approved by MOD or HOST.
        10. All Nether Portals must be approved by MOD or HOST.
        11. All Building plots must be approved by MOD or HOST.
        12. All Building plots must be approved by your direct neighbors.
        13. Fire spreads will remain turned off.
        14. No digging sand, dirt or gravel from main map for bulk supplies.
        15. Spawn Jail door must remained closed at all times.
        16. Guided world tour required.
        17. New players are required to go through a probationary period working on projects with other members prior to being allowed to be independent and start building.
        18. We are looking for players who want to make our server their only and exclusive Minecraft server.

    If you decide this world is right for you please message me with the following:

    • Gamer Tag
    • Nick Name you would like to be called
    • Age
    • Minecraft Experience
    • What job your prefer: Builder, Miner, Farmer, Potion master, Helper, villager manager, red stone apprentice, landscape architect.
    • How much do you play and how frequently do you play?
    • Do you have a working microphone?
    • Time Zone / Area of the World you live in.
    • Would this be the only world you played on?
    • Would you like a Full time or Part time slot?
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