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    In game name: Kodauer
    Age: 18
    Timezone: EST
    Do you have teamspeak?: [This will not effect your chance, it just is a better experience if you do!] nope
    Describe your experience with Minecraft servers: I know too much about MP MC. Currently manager of the minecraft.nl server
    Have you ever been banned? No
    Would you be interested in participating in building with others to create massive cities or towns?: Of course. Here's a picture of something I built the other day (survival): http://imgur.com/mBujZh5
    Why are you interested in joining this server?: To play with my friend, martinblsl
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    We're a gaming community that has been running several different gameservers since 2008, with our origins in customized Multi Theft Auto and Garry's Mod gamemodes. Our Minecraft server has been around since the early SMP versions back in 2010. Recently, we've upgraded our humble Minecraft server into a Network with several gamemodes, including vanilla-style Faction Wars, custom kit PvP practice duels, and creative plots. We also run a whitelisted survival server for oldies in our community.

    Tired of servers with over-powered 'donor ranks' or 'pay-to-win' aspects? All our gameservers are funded privately; you won't find them here. We do not believe in the term "pay-to-win."


    Our Minecraft servers are hosted on a dedicated box, based out of the Netherlands. It sports 16 GB of internal memory, a server-grade intel processor (E3), and a linux OS for maximum performance.

    - Faction Wars: Raid, fight, conquer! Create a 'Faction' with your friends and survive against other players! PvP is enabled, so be wary. Use our livemap to find people to raid/kill: http://server.minecraft.nl:8123/

    - PvP Duels: Create your own custom kits, and duel other players! You can also join the free-for-all arena and fight to the death. Enchants/potions are reflected with the limits on the factions server. Every Saturday at 8:00 PM Dutch time, there's a PvP contest!

    - Creative: Claim your plot, and let your imagination explode! You'll have access to worldedit to help you with your creations. If your building skills are superb, you'll be awarded with extra building privledges and an in-game title.

    Admin Policy

    Administrators exist purely to moderate players and ban rule-breakers. Usage of their moderating powers to alter gameplay is strictly forbidden.


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    Quote from SmokeyBot999

    Make A Smp like the mindcrack server I wouldn't mind being whitelisted
    Ign: Smokeybot999
    Message me the ip :) .

    I'd rather not install any mods that require modification of the MC client itself. It's going to be running on a bungee network so we'll need to keep it running spigot.

    Feel free to apply for the server, but the server's mainly for oldies of our community.
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    First off, not sure this is the right forum. The servers section seems to be be about advertising servers, which I'm not interested in doing.

    Anyways, our gaming community is launching a whitelisted survival-type server soon. Plain vanilla can get boring quickly, so I'm looking for ideas to keep the server entertaining. PvP will NOT be enabled, so factions/hardcore survival is out of the question.

    What are some ideas I could implement to make the server exciting? We have a developer, so feel free to mention anything not currently around. Something I'd like to shape an potential modifications around would be a server image where players build in communities, making grand cities and settlements. We're expecting about 20-30 people to participate in the server overall.

    Some ideas I had:

    Mcmmo - Seems a bit flashy, but the RPG feel seems cool.

    Towny - The server's to be whitelisted for a few, select, gaming community members. Not sure how towny will work out with a few players.

    Economy - Seems pretty standard across all servers. We have a player-shop plugin sitting around we could use, but not sure how it would fare with a few players.

    Thanks for any help :)

    - Kodauer
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    Quote from Intreppid

    We currently only provide dedicated servers out of LA, but we will have additional options New York and Amsterdam in the future.

    How soon is "soon?" Also, would the shared machine plans be available in New-York (ie. 4 GB/ 6 GB plans)? Can't really invest into a dedicated machine right now.

    My server has about 50% US and 50% European players, so a New-York location is optimal to decrease ping for both sets of players. This is probably the only thing preventing me from signing up for your services.
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    posted a message on Intreppid | #1 DDoS Protected Premium Dedicated Servers | Hypixel, Shotbow, Spigot, Minecade, Athene, & Extra-Life! Up to 60% OF

    I'm wondering if you're running any promo codes for 25-35% off monthly bills for life? I saw you ran something similar earlier.

    I'm looking to switch hosts, since our current one has many latency-related connection issues. Perhaps if I sent you a private message, we could work something out? I'm quite capable of running things myself, and I won't need to use your customer service system (save billing related issues) for help with my server. Think of it as an "unmanaged" price.

    Anyways, a few more questions -

    1. Do you run your multicraft servers off VPS networks?
    2. How fast is your network? Our current host says they have a 10 GBPS network, but we seem to experience tons of connection latency. They also claim that's the industry standard, but I've seen hosts offering a 200 GBPS+ network.
    3. Do you offer a location that's prime (lag-wise) for both European and US players? (preferably New-York, or something close)

    Thanks in advance for any answers. Hopefully you offer the same quality as your parent company, Stanimus.
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    posted a message on ❤ MINECRAFTSERVER.NET ❤ Latest Version 25% OFF 4 LIFE "LIFE25" ❤ The Original Minecraft Host ❤ DDOS PROTECTION ❤ 8 LOCATIONS
    Excellent host. Highly recommend.

    Their pricing is more than fair for the lighting fast responses with their ticket system and their server performance. I formerly managed a Minecraft server for the Mr. Green community - we had about 30-50 players on average - and never experienced any host-related latency or issues.

    This company is a true jewel among many other questionable hosting firms.

    Thanks for being awesome!
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    posted a message on [PARK/PUZZLE] A Light in the Dark [60.000+ DL] [100% Original Concept]
    Yet another creative production from an awesome map-maker. Nice job Mirg! :)
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    posted a message on [Full 1.7.2] - MR. GREEN * MINECRAFT.NL * SERVER - FACTION WARS!

    * ABOUT *

    We are a gaming community that has been running a host of gameservers for years, with our origins in the Multi Theft Auto and Garry's Mod community. Our Minecraft server has been around since the first SMP versions back in 2010. We have a unique combination of Bukkit plugins that makes PvP on Minecraft enjoyable and challenging. A live map of the server is also provided.

    You can find our community here: www.mrgreengaming.com.

    Voor onze Nederlandse spelers: minecraft.nl.

    Our server is hosted in the fastest and most secure data center in the Netherlands, ensuring that game-play is optimized. We don't run a whitelist, but we do have a considerably-sized admin team to moderate players. Admins exist purely to moderate, NOT to alter game-play.

    * EVENTS *

    We host a variety of PvP based events to enhance our PvP theme on our server.

    Weekly PvP Tournaments are hosted Saturdays at 8:00 pm (20:00) Netherlands time, 2:00 pm U.S East Coast Time. We usually max out our server slots during these times, so come on early to ensure your spot! We average about 50 players per tournament.

    Other events include generic minecraft games, such as spleef or parkour. Holidays are usually accompanied by special server events.

    * SERVER IP *



    Our server is purely hard-core survival factions - We try to keep it as vanilla as possible. If you're looking for unbalanced mcmmo combat, donator ranks, or spammy auction plugins, this is not the server for you. We are not funded by player donations, and therefore have no need for any type of 'pay-to-win' system. We primarily run the factions mod, but do host a variety of plugins to improve player experience. Some of our major plugins include:

    • Factions // Allows players to create their own factions.
    • Dynmap // Plugin that provides the Dynmap
    • Greencoins // Our in-house developed plugin for the Green-Coins system and shop
    • Worldedit // Allows creation of large structures, easily and efficiently.
    • CombatTag // Prevents players from logging out during PvP
    • PermissionsEX // Handles player permissions.
    • NoCheat // Prevents players from hacking and spamming
    We have a no tolerance policy for hackers. Any rule breakers are swiftly dealt with and banned

    * ADMINS *
    • Kodauer
    • Clavus
    • Vegeta7141
    • Mathijs1996
    • Ywa
    • Sacrevy
    • Jadja
    * LIVE MAP *

    http://play.minecraft.nl:8123/or http://www.minecraft.nl/map/
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    IGN: Kodauer
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    posted a message on New Chronicle Faction Wars // MinecraftFactions.us
    We have a player base of 10-15 players pretty much 24/7 now... it's alot of fun! If you want to check out the server, but not sure if you want to stay, I'll be happy to recruit you :)
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    posted a message on New Chronicle Faction Wars // MinecraftFactions.us
    Server has a lot of players! It's really fun! Economy has balanced out with lots of cool items to save up for. Some EPIC bases have been built along with some raiding.

    The more the merrier! Join now :) Minecraftfactions.us
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    posted a message on New Chronicle Faction Wars // MinecraftFactions.us
    Just upgraded to even more RAM! Server is completely lag free making PVP awesome. Only thing server needs is more players so come on in :)
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    posted a message on New Chronicle Faction Wars // MinecraftFactions.us
    We have a steady player base of about 20.... It's getting really fun! :)
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