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    posted a message on Here's a suggestion for Soul Sand
    Now, Soul Sand probably isn't ACTUALLY made out of Souls, but for the sake of this suggestion, lets go with it.

    Alright, so everyone knows how much of a pain Animals can be. They spawn everywhere, run over everything and just generally make annoying sounds EVERYWHERE. EVERYWHERE.
    It's especially a pain if you make a farm, you can't have it exposed because animals will trample the crops.

    Now, my suggestion is to make Soul Sand come with Animal Repellent properties. Assuming it actually is paranormal related, you could just say that the souls trapped in the sand scare the animals away, and keep them away, this way you could KEEP animals away at all times.
    However, to add a counter balance to it, any monster that comes within say, 5 tiles of it, will instantly be attracted to it and will have heightened senses, and can engage the player from a further way away.

    So this would give it the following abilities:
    1) All animals within a 7 block radius will run away from it when it is placed.
    2) Animals cannot walk within 7 blocks of the soul sand, otherwise they will run 10 tiles away
    3) Animals cannot SPAWN within 7 blocks of the Soul Sand.
    4) Monsters that come within 5 tiles swarm at the sand.
    5) Monsters can now engage players they see from a further distance.
    6) Monsters are more likely to spawn within Soul Sand radius.
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    posted a message on Do you have a least favorite Block?
    Over-all, I actually like most of the blocks, and the basic graphics in default Minecraft, however there are 4 that bug me to no end.

    Basic Cobblestone
    Basic Glass

    Gravel is ugly.
    Bricks are among the rarest in the game if you're unlucky, and look awful for being so rare.
    Basic cobblestone is yuck. I cannot stand the look of it.
    And glass is annoyingly ugly with those pixels in the center!

    I actually hate the basic Cobblestone so much, I made my "own" texture pack, which borrows the Stone Bricks from the Painterly Pack (The only part of the Painterly Pack I liked, no offense to the creator) >_>
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    posted a message on They LEARN :O
    Speaking of which, before I actually tried the hole strategy, I tested out the hole theory using a 2x2x3 hole, then filling everything in until it was a 1x1x3 hole, surrounded.

    I don't know why but it caused me to crack up. I laughed even harder when my PC lagged, and I got too close and it exploded.
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    posted a message on They LEARN :O
    It is a royal pain. I went through around 81 arrows, lord knows how much sand, and 5 suits of Iron trying to get this, but in the end I finally got a green one.

    Edit: The funny thing is, before those 4 creepers? The others all went willingly into the hole.
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    posted a message on They LEARN :O
    I was trying to get a Record, so I tried MANY MANY different things in order to get a skeleton to kill a creeper. ALl attempts failed, until I figured I should trap the Creeper in a circle. About, 6 in-game days, and about 16 exploded Creepers later, I finally figure out one way. A trap hole, then drop sand/grravel in the hole until it was above ground and surrounded by fences or something.

    Fast forward 7 creepers, they started to smarten up.

    (Cue innuendos)

    This one, and about 3 others after it, refused to approach me while I was near the hole. Heck they wouldn't explode. I would run right up to them and punch them in the face and they wouldn't do ANYTHING. If I run away from the hole, they would pursue. But they wouldn't walk towards it.
    Eventually I got one in there by using a fishing rod >_>
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    posted a message on Fishing pole =/= Grappling hook?
    It may not be, but it's fun as hell to use against mobs!

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    posted a message on There should be rivers of blood in hell
    Hahahahaha. Think of the children? >_>

    *Turns on Xbox*
    *Fires up Modern Warfare 2*
    *Joins any game type*
    *Is instantly assaulted with 10-12 year olds screaming about rape and killing IRL*
    A little blood is nothing.
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    posted a message on Infinite flame source: Leaves
    It's happened before. But due to the flammability of leaves, it's VERY rare. I've only seen 1 eternal leaf fire ever.
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    posted a message on "The Big Hole" NOTCH PLS READ!
    That's epic.

    I LOL'd hard at 3:14-3:19
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    posted a message on You should click on this right now.
    Read it all. That was awesome.
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    posted a message on Stop dicking us around
    1: Shut up.
    He had difficulty setting up his company all this month, and then he had to deal with those DDOS attacks last week. Have you ever set up a company?
    Have you ever run a massive server/database for stuff like this?

    I highly doubt you've done either thing. You can't just go "Bam! I want a company!" and then POOF! Company is set up, people are hired, you have a building!

    2: Bawwww
    Have you ever heard of an itty bitty little thing called "MAKE REGULAR SAVE BACK UPS"?
    No? Then you don't get to whine when it's your own fault. ESPECIALLY since this is a major update and is bound to have some major glitches.
    Notch is only 1 person. He's not god.

    3: Again, shut up.
    No wait, I have a better idea. **** multiplayer for now.
    A lot of people (Including myself) don't give a **** about MP.
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    posted a message on COME ON Notch, step it up
    Quote from Darkblaster »
    Not trying to be rude, but what is this crap? Not fixing THE number one bug in the game, the damage bug in multiplayer

    That isn't a bug, dumbass. Notch couldn't get it implemented at the time, so he left it out.

    On top of that you won't even replace the torches with lanterns within this update? Is it too much asked to see a damn thing?

    Who says he's NOT introducing Lanterns? He hasn't said this. He just said that he's not putting in torches going out for now.

    Some things are looking great but not listening to your community which made your game big is kind of rude if you ask me.

    Not knowing the real facts and whining about inane things and blasting a guy working hard is kind of rude if you ask me.

    Quote from Darkblaster »
    greatful? I paid for the promise of fully working multiplayer.
    This is planet earth, not heaven. I give something to him, he gives something to me. He promises something to us, he gives something to us.

    He has, for a fact, gave something to you. One of the best games out there. You act as if you gave him money and hasn't given you ANYTHING in return for it.
    SMP was released earlier then it should of because jackasses like you whining about it.
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    posted a message on What would you like to happen when you break a portal?(poll)
    It should be powered by redstone.

    When the switch is off and you dismantle the portal, nothing happens.
    However, if you choose to destroy it when the portal is active, you have 5 seconds to get away. After the 5 seconds is up, BOOM!
    10x10x10 explosion that obliterates anything except Adminium. >_>
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    posted a message on The Hell world Screenshot and Anything Hell Related
    Quote from thedudedylan »
    Quote from Ninja_Jazza »
    Maybe you get to hell by falling into the ?abyss?
    just a thought

    digging down to the bedrock and falling threw the abyss is not exactly fast travel.

    Sure it is! You get a fast way to your spawn!
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    posted a message on You ever get so lost in a cave you have to dig straight up?
    Yep. This happened to me before. I encountered a cave system where I was digging a huge room under the ground. Explored it, it was HUGE. I found a waterfall and went up, but, I was hopelessly lost, and down to my last pick. I decided to tunnel striahg tup. because I figured I was probably close to the surface (It was a BIG waterfall) Around 10 tiles up, I broke surface. And...

    I was 6 tiles to the right of my home >_>
    Literally. 6 tiles.

    Edit: Straight under my house was the waterfall, and the chasm. So if I had dug the basement down just a bit further, I would have broken into the chasm and fell to my death (This was before I figured out it was a bad idea to dig straight down)
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