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    Quote from Rorax

    Really cool idea. But isn't it kinda insulting to call the picture "Tekkit" :P

    Totally is. In fact, my main motivation here is to insult the widest amount of people possible while supporting a bunch of internet scoundrel trolls! :D

    AHEH. What I meant to say is, its part of a series of thoughts on a Tekkit-minded texture pack I never ended up doing. Thats how I met Redpower, and turns out, its the only mod in the package I really use. Well, that and Industrialcraft.

    On the glyphs themselves, part of the plan was to label glyphs everything thats affected by color, including IC's paint rollers and painted cables.

    I'm sure I'd think of something eventually.
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    I just wanted to leave this here, where Elo can see. I hope this thing allows me to post links. http://kobayen.deviantart.com/art/TEKKIT-Color-Glyphs-296684068
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