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'sup kids. I'm Knox, I'm in charge.

That's the drill, if you don't like, while I think you will, then let me know, I'll show you how I roll, but if you want to cross me you're gonna have to pay the toll.

Seriously, I'm ridiculous. I can hold my breath for twenty minutes straight. Everybody's callin' me up, tryin' to make a date so I can rock their world, and roll their style, 'cause all of them know I'm an American Idol.

Now, none of that was as smooth, as I tend to be, and neither is this, I'm just freestyling in freestylin' style, pullin' a fast one over your mind, in my mind, in your mind, now you don't believe it, but you should, and that was it. Confused? Good. The bottom line is:

I am Knox. Jack Knox.

I'm in charge.
Interests My. Little. Pony.

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