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    posted a message on 1.7 Pre-Release: "The Update That Changed the World"
    Quote from TXF

    First off, I love seeing people complain about oceans being harder to find. Honestly, I hate coming across an ocean. Half the worlds I generate spawn me on an island. Even when It doesn't I hate exploring to find a village or something, coming across the ocean and having to turn around and go in a different direction. I'm glad oceans are harder to find(even though it still likes to spawn me on islands.)
    Second, this is a good update from 1.6.4. New biomes, flowers, wood, saplings, fishing changes, new way to handle texture packs. It's nice and all..BUT...there's still things I wish they'd do.
    I honestly wish they'd stop constantly adding new features, and go back to old features that need updating. Minecarts need more use. Redstone could really use an update(Dyable redstone, so you can put different colors next to each other and overlapping without effecting other colors? More redstone activated blocks?). Upgradable things like furnaces, and chests, for faster cooking, and better storage. New tools that are better than diamond, to give miners something to shoot for after diamond. New kinds of Bows/arrows. Even villages could really use some fixing so they don't spawn as screwed up as they usually do. Also, we REALLY need some kind of backpack item to expand our inventory, especially seeing how they insist on adding tons of new items and blocks constantly.
    Even core stuff still needs to be worked on/fixed. Like the Mod API, and overall framerate. They add more and more stuff, which causes more and more lag. And the Mod API would probably go a lot faster if more people were helping with it rather than working on every other minor item and block they try to add.
    I mean, I appreciate that Mojang are still putting out frequent updates, but I just wish they'd focus on more important/useful things, rather than 'pretty flowers' and biomes that aren't even that big of a change. Stuff already exists that could use working on, instead of adding more stuff that feels half-finished.

    I totally agree! While I think that fishing really needed this overhaul, and I am glad about having spruce forests and flower power, I humbly request that some more revamping be done on some of the firmly established content. That could be the next update.
    What is really needed now, in my opinion, is some way to save the ever-dwindling populations of villagers in Minecraft! Zombies are so horrible now that they're completely wiping them out in all my worlds. Its pitiful, lol.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 13w43a is...Wait, What?
    Quote from 987Theawesome

    Roofed wood = Roofed forest. (Looks like spruce)

    Does that mean there's going to be a forest that's very dark, full of mobs, and scary? :)
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