About Me

Hello, I'm KnightMiner748, or just KnightMiner. I play Minecraft, make a few resource packs, edit the Minecraft Wiki, report bugs, the usual.

Resource Packs

I've made quite a few resource Packs, and two I found good enough to release.

This is my first resource pack, it is a Classic Mario Themed pack, with elements from later version, plus some pallet tweaks to make it look slightly better.

This is a work in progress pack, in a simple but colorful art style. It is my first pack with completely original art and theme


While some things can be figured out easily, others are better with a tutorial. Here are some of my favorite tutorials:

How to Make your Own Favorite Songs Pack: A guide to make the music discs your favorite songs.

Vanilla Block Model Creation Tutorial: A guide by insomniac_lemon to use the new 1.8 models.

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