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If you want to contact me just e-mail me
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Due to this site going read only, I'm updating contact info and such so that if need be people can still find a way to contact me. Email as before is still available, however you can also attempt to contact me through Discord :
User : KnightDemon#1670
Server :

I've taken on a few mods this last year, most notably are LittleBreadLoaf's Bleach mod, and VG's Jojo's Bizarre Adventure mod.
Other mods I have done myself are Medabots, Jak and Daxter, and Legacy of Kain. Names are "Medacraft", "Precursor Blockacy", and "Blockacy of Kain". I've got a few other small mods released and have plans that I'd like to eventually do for some other mods. I do it for fun so a lot of the time I dont update for a while due to not enjoying it AND/OR real life just gets me down. But I won't ever 100% abandon mods, at least not until Minecraft shuts down at least.

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