About Me I am a libertarian aligned gamer whom emphasizes more on empathy, reason, and comedy than anything else. I am a hardcore gamer with somewhere along the lines of 3000 hours in Team Fortress 2 and 500 hours in Terraria, along with at least 1000 hours in Minecraft (modded singleplayer) and Descent 3 and 600+ hours in Garry's mod. I am also the creator of my own concept called Geimnion that I was hoping would amount to something other than a private imaginary universe. Someday I aspire to be a youtuber, but since I don't have a good enough computer to showcase games I'll have to sit on that dream. In the mean time I'll involve myself in the wonderful mods brought to Minecraft. Interests I dabble in modding and basic graphics, I've made emblems and decent Minecraft skins, but have yet to know how to shade. I also tend to be deeply engrossed with internet culture, it is a truly a fascinating concept. I am also very much into philosophy. I also have a good sized passion for music; I am a trance-head, 8-bit music lover, and go into other areas of music I find hard to explain. Location Jacksonville, Florida

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