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    Hello friends!

    My name is KiwiCrusher and I am the owner of the VexiCraft SMP. This is a server based on the popular HermitCraft SMP! I am looking to add some content creators to the server in order to foster a close community and have a lot of fun and shenanigans members can see when they are busy in the real world.

    Telling you a little more about the server, the server will be run on Fabric 1.18.1 with ApexHosting. The server will be a traditional Vanilla server with several data packs a la Hermitcraft. We will use discord as the primary means of conversation, although proximity chat will be used while inside Minecraft. The goal of this server is for everyone to find a community they can rely on and have fun with after a rough day of school, work, etc. That being said, there are several rules put in place to ensure continued peace and trust between members of the server. You know the deal, no stealing, no griefing, etc.

    The server will be launching on January 28th in the afternoon; the server is based in the United States. Spots are limited and we are looking specifically for content creators to join the server.

    If you are interested, please head over to the discord to fill out an application!

    Discord: https://discord.gg/fk2eh2qatr

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    Welcome to the Nemesis SMP!

    The Nemesis SMP Is a Minecraft server based on the popular hermit craft! We are currently on our third season and we are looking to expand our ranks given that school is starting soon!

    A little bit about the server: we are looking to add only about 5 to 10 new players on the server. We emphasize a very strong community aspect where everyone knows who they are playing with. We have weekly “Senate“ meetings where we discuss events and other server-related news along with doing a hermit challenges-esque challenge. The server is run on 1.17, but we do have the 1.18 world generation pack installed. We also use proximity chat, which definitely encourages the community aspect.

    Other notable additions include a monthly and reset, two shells per shulker kill, and dragon drops elytra.

    Again, as stated earlier we are looking to expand our ranks as school is starting and are accepting 5-10 new, active players!

    If this interests you, please join the discord and fill out the application, link below.

    We do require that you be aged 15+, but if you demonstrate maturity, that can be waived! Look forward to seeing you online!

    Discord Link: https://discord.gg/dRQrajYjVA

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