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    posted a message on Make Pigs Great Again!

    Let's face it: Pigs are terrible.

    They have no special drops, unlike the cow, and the ride feature has been beaten by horses.

    I propose a solution, to make pigs useful:


    Truffles would be a rare drop from pigs, with 2 uses.

    1: Can be brewed into a "Fortune Potion", which would strengthen the Fortune enchantment, with Fortune 3 becoming Fortune 5 temporarily.

    2: Can be traded to villagers for a large sum of emeralds, depending on the rarity.

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    posted a message on Hats! (nothing like the Hats mod)

    Now, some of you may find this very similar to a certain post that I made a few weeks back, I consider this one different since it's much less exploitable and is also quite minor.

    Each armour type would have it's own hat that goes in the helmet slot (except Leather and Chainmail, Chainmail would have none and Leather would have 2)

    Leather would have 2, which would both by dyeable:

    Cap, a simple baseball cap. Crafted by putting 1 leather on the right of a normal leather hat (The already existing Leather Cap would be renamed to Leather Hat)

    Top Hat, a stylish gray top hat with a red ribbon around the brim. The ribbon would be the dyeable part, and it would be crafted with the leggings recipe, but with wool at the bottom line and a diamond in the middle, as this is only meant for the richest and most fine folks in all the land.


    Crown, a tall, cartoonish crown with a huge diamond in the center. It would be crafted by surrounding a diamond with gold ingots, minus the top middle.


    Medieval Helmet, a cartoonish "T-shaped" helmet. Crafted by putting an iron ingot on the sides of an Iron Helmet.


    Diamond Crown, the Crown from before but Diamond instead of Gold and a big Emerald in the middle. Crafted by putting a Crown in the middle, with an emerald on top, surrounded by Diamonds.

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    posted a message on New Armour: My Ideas

    A few months ago, I had the idea of there being different armour types with the same durability as others, to encourage customizability since Leather is so weak.

    I will edit this post with new ideas when I have them.

    They will sometimes have complimentary weapons.

    Chorus Armour:

    Same durability as Diamond, crafted by surrounding Diamond armour with Chorus Fruit.

    Would have a deep, royal purple shade, with 2 end stone horns poking upwards from the sides.

    Royal Armour:

    Same durability as Diamond, crafted by surrounding Diamond armour with Gold Nuggets.

    The helmet would be a crown, with a big emerald at the front, and assorted jewels studded around it. The chestplate would be a fluffy red robe with white on the edges. The Leggings would be a simple gray, and the Boots would be a darker gray.

    Team Helmet:

    Infinite durability, uncraftable.

    The helmet would be a leather helmet with a triangular flag poking out of the top. The flag could by dyed, being used for team-based competitive minigames.

    Caveman Armour:

    Same durability as Iron, crafted by surrounding an Iron helmet with bone meal, and the rest with leather.

    The helmet would be a broken skull, belonging to a cow or bull. The rest would be a fur cloth wrapped around the player's body.

    There would be 2 complimentary weapons, the first being a giant bone, possibly from the animal that makes up the fossils found in Deserts and Swamps, crafted by surrounding a Diamond sword with bone meal. The Second would be a big cartoonish top-heavy wooden club, crafted by surrounding an iron sword with sticks.

    Prismarine Armour:

    Same durability as Diamond, crafted by surrounding Diamond armour with prismarine shards.

    The helmet would have a dark prismarine shade, but with the helmet texture (minus the shine), with Elder Guardian horns poking out of it. The chestplate would have a prismarine texture with Elder Guardian horns poking out of the shoulders. The rest would just have a prismarine texture.

    Roman Armour:

    Same durability as Iron, crafted by surrounding Iron armour with iron nuggets.

    The helmet would have a horizontal gold stripe above the eyes and a big, cartoonish dye-able plume coming out of the top. The rest would basically be a slightly darker iron with bits of chainmail throughout.

    Please leave your own in the replies!

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    posted a message on Ocean Mob: Sea Cucumber

    In real life, the sea cucumber is a small, leathery underwater creature resembling a cucumber that grazes the ground, eating sand and digesting anything organic.

    I think this would be both really funny and useful to be in Minecraft. Here's the specifics of this idea:

    Sea cucumbers would spawn on any sand block with water above it in Ocean biomes and Deep Ocean biomes.

    While on top of sand, it would slowly create clay balls (replicating the sandy mush that sea cucumbers excrete), about 1 per real-life minute. This would make clay a farmable item.

    The sea cucumber would have 2 hearts (4 HP) and would drop 1-2 leather upon death.

    When caught with a fishing rod, it will put a "Sea Cucumber" item into your inventory, which can be placed into water again, making it easily portable.

    So, any thoughts/ideas?

    Edit: I forgot to mention:

    It would move at the speed of a Zombie Pigman after it's aggravation had ran out.

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    posted a message on Item Creator

    Yes, but people have to download that resource pack for it to make sense.

    Also, there's only so many blocks in the game.

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    posted a message on Item Creator

    Recent updates haven't been helping people create new things with Minecraft, but are making new things for survival instead, which defeats the purpose of Minecraft, creating.

    So, a while ago (really several years ago, but I've only started expanding on the idea recently) I thought of the idea of block, painting, and weapon creators built into the game.

    It could be creative only, craftable, or whatever.

    Basically there would be different tools for creating each.


    When you use the tool, it would bring you into a "dimension" with a template block, it could be any block with 6 different textures.

    Your hotbar would fill with a variety of image-editing tools.

    When finished, it would be stored in the world folder and your .minecraft folder with whatever name you want.

    The block would appear in a new Creative tab named "Custom".

    The block id would be yourusername/acustomfolder:name

    Painting creator and weapon creator:

    I've bundled these two together because they are similar.

    When you use the tool, it will bring you into an image-editing gui.

    With the painting one, you can select the size of your painting.

    With the weapon one, you can set the durability, damage, digging speed if it worked with tools, and range. There would be a cap for these to prevent admins from going around insta-killing people with a "super-mega-awesome sword". You could also set specific commands to be applied when holding, being hit by, hitting with, etc.

    It would be saved the same way as the blocks and would also appear in the Custom folder.

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