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    posted a message on Make Pigs Great Again!

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    posted a message on Unstable Ground/Caves

    Perhaps large groups of stone that are affected by gravity when one of their bits are destroyed would be scattered throughout in small clumps.

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    posted a message on Update Galactica

    Ugh, this was a long read.

    It's a good idea on paper, but it would end up being extremely intensive on systems, probably a Java exclusive.

    The general concept of other planets is good, but I think there could be a few changes.

    First of all, the rock. I don't think there needs to be 17 million different types. I'd go with a bunch of presets, probably around 50, with different textures, mining speed, etc.

    Secondly, the aliens. Your proposed "system" would be intensive on systems as well. I'd suggest there be no aliens, only signs of them existing at some point through structures and such. This would make it much more possible with modern technology, and also not mess with the theme.

    The planets. Having so many planets, as I said before, would be very intensive on systems. I would instead have space with no gravity or direction, where there are a set number of planets and celestial bodies. They would all be in the Solar System, a reason why there's so few. I would also suggest a "compass", that would point towards the nearest planet, the "point" being the core, a new block, most likely.

    The way of getting there is, a little strange. There's nothing like it in the current game. I would suggest just going high enough would send you to this "space" dimension, where the planets would be strewn through. It would probably send you there at around 260 blocks on the Y axis, so you have to use jump boost to get there.

    Acid in general is just unnecessary, if you have acid, you may as well have molten metals, frozen gases.

    This idea, the way you laid it out, would just be a bad idea.

    Partial Support, the concept is good but it would work better on a lower scale.

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    posted a message on Make Pigs Great Again!

    It's not any of those though?

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    posted a message on Make Pigs Great Again!
    Quote from AMPPL50»

    It would be more fitting if Truffles spawned in the world and pigs were needed in order to harvest them rather than just dropping from pigs, both for realism (The alternative is rather disgusting) and to give them an unique mechanic.

    The only thing even close to that already in the game is chickens laying eggs, drops from killing is a core mechanic.
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    posted a message on Make Pigs Great Again!

    Let's face it: Pigs are terrible.

    They have no special drops, unlike the cow, and the ride feature has been beaten by horses.

    I propose a solution, to make pigs useful:


    Truffles would be a rare drop from pigs, with 2 uses.

    1: Can be brewed into a "Fortune Potion", which would strengthen the Fortune enchantment, with Fortune 3 becoming Fortune 5 temporarily.

    2: Can be traded to villagers for a large sum of emeralds, depending on the rarity.

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    posted a message on ~Shire City Project~ We are recruiting Builders, Mods, Admins, And Developers! |Large City|

    I am interested.

    My Discord:


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    posted a message on Pirates and Treasure

    I like the idea, however it would be nice if you elaborated a bit more on the design (What would the ship look like? What would the pirates look like? What would the treasure chest look like? Why is it worth looking for in the lategame if it's just a few measly diamonds?)

    Also, what is the use for the Hook, I mean, I like collectibles but why should I collect these Hooks?

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    posted a message on Fences, Doors, Stairs, and more

    Um, excuse me? Please use better grammar.

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    posted a message on Hats! (nothing like the Hats mod)

    Now, some of you may find this very similar to a certain post that I made a few weeks back, I consider this one different since it's much less exploitable and is also quite minor.

    Each armour type would have it's own hat that goes in the helmet slot (except Leather and Chainmail, Chainmail would have none and Leather would have 2)

    Leather would have 2, which would both by dyeable:

    Cap, a simple baseball cap. Crafted by putting 1 leather on the right of a normal leather hat (The already existing Leather Cap would be renamed to Leather Hat)

    Top Hat, a stylish gray top hat with a red ribbon around the brim. The ribbon would be the dyeable part, and it would be crafted with the leggings recipe, but with wool at the bottom line and a diamond in the middle, as this is only meant for the richest and most fine folks in all the land.


    Crown, a tall, cartoonish crown with a huge diamond in the center. It would be crafted by surrounding a diamond with gold ingots, minus the top middle.


    Medieval Helmet, a cartoonish "T-shaped" helmet. Crafted by putting an iron ingot on the sides of an Iron Helmet.


    Diamond Crown, the Crown from before but Diamond instead of Gold and a big Emerald in the middle. Crafted by putting a Crown in the middle, with an emerald on top, surrounded by Diamonds.

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    posted a message on a new animal

    Since I have ideas for this, I will elaborate for you.


    Deers would have a 2x2 hitbox.


    Deers would have 20 health (10 hearts)


    Deers would be neutral creatures, which like polar bears, will attack if a nearby baby is.

    The main difference between deers and llamas is that deers will have a melee ram attack, where the deer will charge forward at the speed of a baby zombie, dealing 2.5 hearts of damage and removing aggravation.


    Deer would spawn in the Taiga and Mega Taiga variants, in packs of either 2 (1 adult and 1 baby) or 3 (3 adults).


    Deers would be bred using golden carrots.


    Deers would drop 0-2 leather (like the other "horse-like" creatures in the game) and on rare occasion, about 1 in 100 kills, will drop a "Deer Hat", which would be a deer head which would rest in the helmet slot, which would look alot like Randolph the Blood-Nosed Caribou from Team Fortress 2 ( but blockier, of course.

    The Deer Hat could be "infused" with a helmet in a crafting table, to give it the properties of it (enchantments and armour points).


    During the Christmas event, the nose of the deer will become bright red, as a reference to "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer"

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    posted a message on Enchantments: Water Haste

    Wait, Aqua Affinity increases underwater mining speed?

    I did not know that, apologies.

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    posted a message on Enchantments: Water Haste

    So, recently I've been building with concrete, and obviously, I need gravel for that. However, even my god shovel isn't fast enough for my needs.

    This isn't really a necessary addition, it would just be more convenient, something recent updates have been doing well (shulker boxes and elytra).

    My suggestion is a 3-level "water haste" enchantment, named Glide.

    It would be able to be equipped on shovels and pickaxes, since you're not really going to use an axe underwater.

    I don't know the specifics on how fast digging would be with Glide I and II, but Glide III would have the same digging speed as out of water.

    The enchantment would be obtained from Fishermen villagers or fishing, Glide III being around 20 or so emeralds (since it's only meant for 2 tools).

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    posted a message on Ocean Mob: Sea Cucumber
    Quote from fishg»

    This is a great example of an original yet game-fitting mob. The idea of a "sea cucumber" would be laughable in any other game, but with Minecraft's silly atmosphere I can see it working quite well. Clay farming is a great way to make the mob useful- clay is hard to find, and rarely used when building now. I wouldn't have it drop primarine pearls or fish though- leave that to guardians and fishing.

    I wouldn't be against adding seaweed to the OP, just make sure to connect it with the cucumber or else it may get marked as wishlist.


    I wasn't suggesting seaweed to be added, I was just saying that many, many people have suggested it and if it were to be added it would be a great drop for it.
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