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    posted a message on MoreCraft: The Vanilla-Enhancing Expansion Mod! (v4.0a2)

    Formerly BetterCraft.
    The semi-total conversion that is designed to enhance Minecraft in many aspects!

    The mod is now available for Minecraft 1.14.4! FINALLY!
    What makes this mod different from others? This mod is meant to expand Minecraft significantly, while at the same time, tweaks Minecraft without destroying the vanilla feeling.

    NOTE: If your Forge server is crashing with the mod installed and you're using Minecraft 1.9.4 or 1.10.2, please download the fixed version (2.9.3 and 3.0.3 for corresponding versions).

    The important data is in Guide. Please read it for installation instructions.

    Some of the screenshots are outdated but relevant.
    The New Contents (New pictures!)
    New compact storage blocks! (Slime block is no longer in current version of the mod.)

    Netherwood trees in the Nether!

    Imagine what you can build with Netherwood! Netherwood doors and chests!

    Are these... ruby ores? Yes, RUBIES! (Meant to be less rare than diamonds, but still rare.)

    And what's this? Stone stairs? Hurray!

    Comfortable spider silk clothes! Expensive though. Offers moderate protection but is very durable.

    A true warrior might get their hands on the Wither set! Legendary, of course!

    The New Tweaks
    Enderman drops carried blocks on death!

    This mod can be played on SMP and LAN, as long as the host/server has the mod installed and all clients have the mod installed.

    And that's just the tip of the iceberg! There are many blocks, items and recipes to discover!

    ~~ VIDEOS ~~
    A review for the more recent versions of MoreCraft. Those are in French and Spanish.

    1st video review by 'cinnamon croc'!
    2nd video review by 'ollie badrick'!
    3rd video review by 'CoupleCrafting'!

    This video, by xbony2, will help you to get to know about this mod. Relevant as of version 2.6.1 of BetterCraft.

    Many of the informations have been moved to the Guide.

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    posted a message on [1.7.10] nohero's mods: More Health Enchanted: Beta for Health Loss Issue 1/2/2016
    I'm having some problems.

    When I die and respawn, my hearts went back to 10 and levelling up didn't give me the hearts back. The hardcore setting is set to false and when I press H to bring up stats, it shows hearts from heart container being -3 and hearts from RPG being 3. My hearts went back to 10. I did turn off heart containers and have RPG set to true.

    I did have /gamerule keepInventory set to true.

    Config file

    # Configuration file

    general {
    # Adjust the Armor Enchants ID in case of a conflict with other custom enchantments
    I:"Armor Enchantments ID"=120

    # Set false to remove the heart enchantment for armors

    # Set to true to enable hardcore mode. After death, you restart back at your starting hearts value.
    B:"Hardcore Mode"=false

    # in the field below, type true to enable heart items and type false to disable them. Default on.
    B:"Heart Container and Pieces"=false

    # This is the multiplier for chest heart item loot. Really useful to change on large servers. IF POSSIBLE, CHANGE BEFORE GENERATING WORLD. Multiplier changes only affects newly generated areas.
    D:"Heart Item Multiplier"=1.0

    # The levels where you can the heart. Fully customizable in the fields below.
    S:"Level Ramp"=1,3,6,10,15,21,28,36,45,55

    # The cap amount of hearts. Default (-1 or 0) means no cap.
    I:"Max Hearts"=20

    # Set the key you want to use to open up the gui with More Health stats. Supports alphanumeric. WARNING! Will unbind if key was used before!
    S:"More Health Stats Key"=H

    # in the field below, type true to enable rpg mode and type false to disable them. Default on.
    B:"RPG Mode"=true

    # The hearts you start with in all your worlds. Default 10.
    I:"Starting Hearts"=10

    "gui options" {
    # Set to true to enable minimal gui. Displays heart information in one row. A number should appear next to your hearts telling you what row you are on. Row 1= Hearts 1-10. Row 2=Hearts 11-20. Turn this on if there is a conflict with other HUD/GUI mods that DO NOT have their own heart HUD
    B:"Minimal HUD"=false

    # By default, more health will customize the HUD so that heart rows are possible. Set this to false AND set minimal HUD to false if it is conflicting with one of your HUD/GUI mods that have their own heart HUD.
    B:"More Health HUD"=false

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    posted a message on Adjustable death penalty
    Some players find the loss of all items and enchantment orbs too harsh on death yet if you /gamerule keepInventory true, it eliminates all the penalty completely.

    That's why the death penalty should be tailored to your gameplay experiences and preferences.

    I like playing on Easy mode yet if you die, the loss of all items and levels are too harsh on Easy.

    Possible proposal is settings. There are five levels of penalty.

    Level 0: Keep all items and experience on death. Basically the same as /gamerule keepInventory. Good for the players who stays on peaceful. If you use /gamerule keepInventory true, the setting is locked to this level.
    Level 1: Items on hotbar are kept on death, but some of the random items in inventory will be dropped. 30% of experience is lost. (Peaceful or Easy)
    Level 2: Only the items on hotbar are kept on death. You lose 60% of experience on death. (Easy or Medium)
    Level 3: Only the item you currently hold is kept. All others are dropped. You lose 90% of experience on death. (Medium or Hard)
    Level 4: All items and experience are lost on death. For the hard mode players.
    And there is another issue. If you respawn, you respawn with FULL hunger bar. It shouldn't be like that. That's why it's dynamic, according to the level. It can be separate settings.

    Level 0: Respawn with 100% hunger, 10 saturation points, and FULL health even if max health is above 10 hearts.
    Level 1: Respawn with 90% hunger and 10 hearts.
    Level 2: Respawn with 75% hunger and 7.5 hearts.
    Level 3: Respawn with 50% hunger and 5 hearts.
    Level 4: Respawn with 25% hunger and 2 hearts.

    Servers can also set up with death-level variables that goes from 0 to 4. Another property called respawn-level dictates what hunger and health you will have on respawn. Once again it goes from 0 to 4.

    Once again, these are separate settings so you can have level 3 death penalty but level 0 respawn penalty, for example.
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    posted a message on Special Equipments
    There is something that's bothering me. Minecraft periodically get new blocks, new food, new commands. There are even 2 new wood types in 1.7. So are 3 upcoming stone types in 1.8. Yet we still haven't got new tools and armor SINCE Indev. The only update that significantly changes the equipment is enchanting but that's it. It's not fun at all when there are only a few tiers of tools and armor. And none of them have special properties apart from leather being dyeable but that's it.

    Why don't we have special tools and armour with effects that enchanting won't get you?

    To strike the right balance, it won't be stronger than diamonds, of course! It has exclusive properties that is not found by enchanting. The armor is enchantable as usual but no matter how stacked, it's never overpowered. To balance it out, it's difficult to get while still renewable. Then there are the swords with exclusive properties.

    I've been writing for hours, trying to carefully select the power and ensure that it's balanced well.

    It fits very well within Minecraft theme.

    Here we go!
    Slime Armour
    Protection: 10 ( x5)
    Base Durability: 10
    Enchantability: 15
    Crafting Material: Slimeball. Repaired with Slimeballs.
    Special Effect: Whenever you wear it, you will regenerate health very slowly. It speeds up with more pieces worn. It starts at 30 seconds per 1 point of health. At 2, it's 25 seconds. Wear 3 and you regenerate 1 point every 20 seconds. And finally, when you wear a full set, you regenerate 1 health point every 15 seconds. The durability slowly regenerates over time, at 1 durability point every 15 seconds. The regenerated health does not deplete hunger. Will not regenerate back if broken.

    Why is it hard to get? Slimes are rare. They only spawn in certain chunks near the bottom and they also spawn in Swampland, depending on moon phases.

    Description: A green, slimy-looking armor. It's also partially transparent.

    Reason why it should be added? Slimeball currently has only few uses and that's for sticky pistons and leashes. In 1.8, however, slimeballs can be made into blocks. Adding slime armor will give slimeball another purpose. The health regeneration is balanced and not overpowered, considering the fact that a full set would take 15 seconds to regenerate health by one point.

    Spider Silk Armour
    Protection: 11 ( x5.5)
    Base Durability: 25 (Between iron and diamond)
    Enchantability: 22
    Crafting Material: Cobweb. Repaired with Cobwebs.
    Special Effect: Reduces the slowdown from cobwebs by 10% for each piece worn. There is 10% bonus reduction for full set worn, reducing the slowdown by 50%. Due to the armour being lightweight, hunger depletion rate from sprinting is reduced by 15%. Keep the armor away from fire and lava as it takes extra durability damage from fire and it increases the length of fire duration by 5%.

    Why is it hard to get? It takes a LOT of strings. Five strings for a cobweb and then you need to craft 24 cobwebs to make one set of spider silk armor. So you would have to kill an average of 120 spiders. If you find Abandoned Mineshaft, you're in luck. If you happen to have shears with Silk Touch, bingo!

    Description: It's white, almost white as the snow. It would protect you very well while it's lightweight.

    Reasons why it should be added? Cobwebs have currently only one use, to be used as traps. In real life, spider silk is five times stronger than steel. It's also worth saving up strings.

    Wither Sword
    Damage: 6
    Durability: 1526
    Enchantability: Can only be enchanted with Enchanted Books.
    Crafting Material: 1 stick, 1 bone and 1 nether star. To repair, you use bones but costs several levels.
    Special Effect: Has 40% chance to inflict Wither effect for 10 seconds. Consumes 1 durability if Wither effect is inflicted.

    Why is it hard to get? You have to kill the Wither boss and it requires three Wither Skeleton Skulls to spawn one.

    Description: A legendary sword. It's black in appearance with Nether Star on the hilt. There's a normal handle made from stick. It has orange name when moused over, indicating that it's Legendary.

    Reasons why it should be added? Gives player an incentive to fight the Wither again and gives Nether Star an use other than beacon.

    Ender Sword
    Damage: 6
    Durability: 192
    Enchantability: 12
    Crafting Material: 1 stick, 2 ender pearls. (Or 1 ender eye and 1 ender pearl) Repaired with Ender Pearl.
    Special Effect: Has 15% chance to teleport mob, including players, on hit. Max teleport distance is 16 metres. Doesn't work on bosses. The teleported mobs never teleport behind you so no worries about backfiring. Teleported mobs won't teleport through solid walls. You also can teleport to another location by right-clicking and blocking with sword. If you do it for 3 seconds, you will teleport, on one condition. It uses up 25 durability and there's a cooldown of 30 seconds. The max distance is 32 blocks. You can't teleport through walls though. If you do get hit, it has chance to interrupt the casting process.

    Why is it hard to get? It's not very hard but Enderman is kind of rare.

    Description: A sword of Ender origin. It has the same colour as Ender Pearl. It has somewhat difference appearance.

    Reasons why it should be added? Gives Ender Pearls a new use. The sword can be useful if you're surrounded by mobs and you need to teleport some mobs away.
    Forget the "No more tiers"! There is not enough diversity of equipment. Blocks are added, foods are added, commands are added but yet we still have the same amount of tools and armor ever since Indev. We don't have to add tools. The only "special" tier is Gold which is good for enchanting. We're on 1.7.4 already.

    Reasons why I suggested? I'm tired of the basic diversity of equipment. Take PvP for example. All you see are players in either iron or diamond armor, wielding mainly iron or diamond swords. Come on, where's the diversity? Enchantments look the same by appearance, it has that pink aura. Some players do carry axes and bows in PvP. Imagine player carrying Wither Sword. While effective as Iron sword, it can inflict the player with Wither.

    Minecraft isn't fun if there is a lack of equipment diversity.
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    posted a message on More Skin Customization (Wings, Horns, Ears, Tails)
    Hey, why don't we simply customize our skins even further?

    I mean, why not let us have horns, ears, wings and tails?

    No, wings will not grant you the ability to fly, it's for aesthetics only but if you're flying in creative mode or have the Fly ability enabled, your wings will flap!

    There are several different of each type.

    • Demon
    • Dragon
    • Goat
    • Antlers
    • Cat
    • Dog
    • Horse
    • Deer
    • Dragon
    • Mouse
    • Demon
    • Dragon
    • Harpy/Bird
    • Skeletal
    • Cat
    • Dog/Wolf
    • Dragon/Reptilian
    • Demon

    If you're feeling like customizing, there is new area in skin.png. Skin file is expanded from 64x32 to 64x64, the new room is for wings, tails, horns, and ears. They can be enabled or disabled individually.

    Want to have ears and tails but no wings? It's all up to you! There are tick boxes for each one!

    It will allow anyone to be the perfect furry/anthro!

    A good example! An example of red skeletal wings and a furry tail.

    Would you like the idea?
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    posted a message on [1.6+] KittehCraft Resource Pack - Heavily Modified Default (16x)
    KittehCraft Resource Pack

    This 16x16 resource pack is an edit of the default textures. It replaces the default menu textures with better-looking menus. It changes few blocks. I try to make sure it doesn't destroy the default feel.

    It also features old cobblestone and mossy cobblestone, old gravel, old dispenser texture! That's not all! There are some few tweaks, especially the sun, moon and armor.

    Current Resource Pack version: 4.4
    Designed for Minecraft version: 1.6 and up.

    Updated video!


    Shiny buttons!

    Inventory GUI (Skin and mods not included)

    Crafting Table GUI

    Furnace GUI

    Chest GUI

    Dispenser GUI (Forgot to put this one, sorry.)

    Enchanting GUI

    Brewing GUI

    Repair GUIItem bar, Health, Hunger, Armor and Experience bar (Slightly outdated. Item bar has numbers now.)

    (Green is health, gray is armor bar, orange is hunger bar)

    New mooshroom eyes style!

    Original block textures! (Dropper texture compared to Dispenser)

    Iron armour with armguard!

    Gold armour fit for a king!

    Revealing diamond armour!

    Detailed, yet square, sun!

    Moon Phases

    Full Moon

    New Moon

    There are more when you download the resource pack!

    Click here to download! (Version 4.4)(No adfly guaranteed!)(FIXED)

    Try the Customizer! (OLD, for 1.4.7, discontinued.) http://minecraftcust...6660 Modern GUI


    4.4 (November 25, 2013)
    •New gold armour texture!

    4.3 (October 25, 2013)
    •Added some details to clouds.
    •Adjusted the moon to be closer to default, still realistic.
    •Some fixes with Creative tabs so it no longer looks ugly.

    4.2 (October 25, 2013)
    •Added realistic, square moon.
    •Added revealing diamond armor texture!
    •If you use MCPatcher, iron and diamond sword will change appearance when it gets damaged so it looks broken.

    3.0 (May 19, 2013)
    •Several adjustment to GUI!
    •Adjusted leather armour texture to be closer to default, without the buttons.

    2.9 (May 02, 2013)
    •Less intrusive GUIs!
    •Improvement to health, hunger and armor bar, lines easier to see!
    •Fixed broken lava animation.

    2.82 (April 12, 2013)
    •New detailed sun, still square.
    •Animated diamond armour!
    •HD font! (256x256)
    •Coloured signal bar!

    2.8 (April 12, 2013)
    •Redesigned iron and gold armour to suit my tastes!
    •GUIs changed, now transparent with no background streaks.
    •Colourful experience bars!
    •Improved the lines in health, hunger bar.

    2.7 (January 27, 2013)
    •Texture pack format converted to be ready for 1.5.
    •Still supported for 1.4.7.
    •Improved the health, food, armor and experience bar. It now looks better than before!
    •Removed the streaks from GUIs because people don't like it. The old streaks are still available in customizer.

    2.5 (January 12, 2013)
    •Added in lines for health bar. Will fix the half-icon.
    •Removed iron and gold armor from texture pack due to glitchy texture.
    •Final version of the current texture pack format.

    2.4 (December 23, 2012)
    •Added TMI texture. It has square sun and moon.
    •Added in 1.4.6 items texture so it's ready.

    2.3 (December 02, 2012)
    •Added in lines for hunger bar so you can distinguish.
    •Slightly increased the contrast for hunger bar.•Fixed the missing Wither painting that was responsible for purple tiles in painting.

    2.2 (November 10, 2012)
    •Fixed health bar wither color.
    •Leather armor colors fixed.

    2.1 (November 02, 2012)
    •Brewing progress bar texture fixed.
    •Minor fix to furnace GUI.•Some minor fixes.

    2.0_1 (October 19, 2012)
    •Fixed repair GUI
    •Deleted unnecessary images to reduce file size.
    Minecraft will use default mob appearance.

    2.0 (October 13, 2012)
    •Glass Beacon, Enchanting, Alchemy, Anvil GUI!
    •Background added because white streak clashed with transparent.•Updated to be 1.4-ready!

    1.4 (October 09, 2012)
    •Initial Release
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    posted a message on Fix the redstone block + piston bug
    I'm sure some of you may have seen this.

    It can get annoying. Especially when I want to make a compact vertical signal and the piston behaves like that.

    It was marked "Works as Intended" in Mojira, which I really dislike. Proof can be found here.

    Should it be changed?
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    posted a message on MoreCraft: The Vanilla-Enhancing Expansion Mod! (v4.0a2)
    Hello, fellow fans and users.

    I just want to let you know that ModLoader has not been updated for 1.6.4 and unfortunately it is unlikely to be updated for 1.7.2.

    I've tried my best to hold off on Forge requirement. Unfortunately, I don't think I can hold it off much longer.

    The next version of BetterCraft will, unfortunately, use Forge. Sorry. :(
    I understand how fans of ModLoader feel.

    Don't worry, if ModLoader ever gets updated, I will update the ModLoader version of the mod!

    The ModLoader version (BetterCraft v2.5) is still archived if you want to use it.

    I've always loved to play BetterCraft along with some ModLoader mods.

    Starting in 1.7.2, BetterCraft will use Forge, that is, if I can get it to work. I've never coded in Forge before so it will be great opportunity for me to learn. There will be a lot of changes and if I can figure out how to override base classes without editing, it would go well.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Resolution update to 32x32
    If you want 32x32 textures that still have the default look and feel, I'd suggest getting Faithful. It's the closest to default.
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    posted a message on /setblocks command
    Okay, so we have /setblock but what about /setblocks to set more than 1 blocks ?

    The arguments are as following...

    /setblocks <x1> <y1> <z1> <x2> <y2> <z2> <id>

    If you want to give a random chance and more than 2 different blocks.

    /setblocks <x1> <y1> <z1> <x2> <y2> <z2> {<id> <chance>, <id> <chance>, <id> <chance>}{noOverrideId, noOverrideId}

    Chance goes from 0 to 100, it's in percentage. You can put decimal place like 2.45.
    If the chance is not specified, it defaults at 100.
    The argument 'noOverrideId' ensures that it doesn't replace a block.

    You can put many different blocks.

    Here's an example for dungeon-looking wall with cobblestone and mossy cobblestone blocks.
    /setblocks 30 30 -40 30 40 40 {cobblestone 70, mossycobblestone 30}

    Why would this be useful? You can build a mine quarry that automatically resets every 20 minutes by hooking command blocks to daylight sensor.

    Here's an example, great for vanilla prison servers.

    The commands are executed in the following order.
    /setblocks -16 2 -16 16 64 16 {air 100}
    /setblocks -16 2 -16 16 64 16 {stone 92, coalore 5, ironore 3}
    /setblocks -16 2 -16 16 32 16 {goldore 5, lapisore 4.5, emeraldore 0.5}{coalore, ironore}
    /setblocks -16 2 -16 16 16 16 {redstoneore 3, diamondore 0.1}{coalore, ironore, goldore, lapisore, emeraldore}

    The first command completely clears the quarry. The subsequent commands generate the stone and ores.
    As you can see, the block names in the second brackets means the generated ores won't be overwritten.

    Due to the potential lag it can create, it can only overwrite up to 65,536 blocks at a time and there's a delay before the command can be used so griefers can't create rapid pulser.

    The above commands would work because it overwrites slightly less than 65,536 blocks at a time.

    Along with the command, there's also /pos1 and /pos2. It doesn't work for command blocks and it's intended for mapmakers. If you break and right-click on block with Wooden Axe (or preferred, sticks) in Creative Mode, you can quickly set the position, just like WorldEdit.

    You can use this command to clear selected area to air.
    /setblocks pos1 pos2 air

    What do you think?
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