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    Quote from SillyMan0108»

    Maybe change the wool to the old colors of wool? :) :Turquoise:

    I'm fairly sure that wool has a single texture, which is altered by the code. It's illegal to redistribute modified source code. So that idea, unfortunately, would be illegal to implement. :(

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    Hey everyone. You may remember the old version of this involving crafting chains from iron. Since some people wanted chainmail to be a trophy, I got an idea from crazeenuthead: silverfish scales. Silverfish, were this to be implemented, would drop 3-5 silverfish scales, which could be crafted into chainmail armor.

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    Under maintenence
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    Just use a bookshelf. When right-clicked with an enchanted item, it would take a book out of the bookshelf, de-enchant your item, and give you the corresponding enchanted book. When the bookshelf was empty, you would be unable to transfer any more enchantments. To refill the bookshelf, simply right-click it with a regular book. The bookshelf would technically have an inventory, so Lockette-tye plugins could do the job. It would cost as much XP to do this as it would to combine an unenchanted version of your tool/weapon/armor with the enchanted book you're trying to get.
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    Quote from StubbyEE

    Wow, that block looks amazing. I do not support the idea of using an ink sac for crafting, because coal seems a bit more nether-like. After all, it is nether quartz.


    (Also, what did you do to that village?)

    True. Also, I don't want to givec people ANOTHER reason to kill squids!
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    I'm just "out of the water"... Not anymore!
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