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    posted a message on Check this girl out :)
    too bad it's no longer "minecraft" with all those mods bogging it down.
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    posted a message on Multiple Versions Ownership bonus?
    Just a tiny suggestion and all but, could possibly something be added to tie them all together and show our support for the game?

    I've owned the PC version for a long time, then the DLC Xbox360 version and I even own the new Disc Xbox360 version, as well as the mobile version.

    Would be nice if fans like myself got a little something to show how much we support the game today. I even got the foam sword and pickaxe for fun's sake.

    Would be pretty sweet to give some sorta little bonus, maybe a theme on xbox 360 or a cape or something to the account to show players who support Minecraft by purchasing all the versions even though they might only play on 1 or another.

    Shouldn't be too hard to link Xbox and PC names together (via Email?) to have accounts share the bonus. Might be more difficult for other versions.. but even something for owning Pc, XB360DLC, XB360 would be nice.
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    posted a message on Project Aztec
    I'd love to give it another try when whoever's in it is done trying!
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    posted a message on Login Failed, for 2 days?
    Kinda just... stumped on this.

    I was on Windows 8 and finally had enough of it and formatted to head on back to Win7 (win 8 is ...shiny and all, but has a lot of issues with basic functions, and I don't mean drivers and stuff)

    So I get Win7 booted, grab my GPU drivers, get flash and java up to date and head on over to good ol' to make my 1 second download.

    Well.. that's where it stopped. Every single time I try to log in - it says "Login Failed" after about 30 seconds. Tried to force update, tried admin mode, tried freeing up the bandwidth (literally no other machine on this morning, watching my resources I could see I was the only one online at all - tried to log in - and same problem).

    Odd thing is.. no one else seems to have this problem?

    Can't be that is down- cuz I am in ventrilo with friends and they are playing as I type. So they logged in just fine.
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    posted a message on Ugh can anyone help me with a "bug?"
    check mods/plugins.

    Make a new-new world and delete that one completely.

    I have had 0 issues with 1.2.4
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    posted a message on Thinking about buying Minecraft, what rating would you give it, why, and is it worth it?
    Depends on YOU really.
    I work in real life - selling games to people.

    So let me ask you these things:
    Do you like being creative?
    Do you like to explore and find new/unique things?
    Do you accept that it isn't "high graphics"?

    Do you like to Kill people a lot?
    Do you like First Person Shooter Games?
    Do you like to have everything planned for you?

    If you answered "Yes" to the first 3 and "not all the time/no" to the last 3 - then Minecraft would be good for you.

    If you like shooters more, where your story is laid out before you to follow - where you have no real options of how things look or act or build anything - then this game is NOT for you, to be completely honest.

    A lot of kids come in to the store and say "minecraft sucks" and I check their purchases - it's all First Person shooter games where Imagination is not a key element or even in existence at all. You NEED an imagination for minecraft - and a bit more intelligence then the average FPS gamer.
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    posted a message on Something odd in todays update list...?
    Love it. Just like real cats. Another reason I'd never have them IN my house.
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    posted a message on Got a few systems, trying to figure out if they can run it.
    Really? Over 4 hours with over 20 hits and no replies? Strange.

    -Le Bump-

    Rather urgent as one system is an Auction.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.2.4 New Blocks
    @ D_Cooper I am hoping the properties change will carry over into items later as well - just a future plan they haven't worked out the bugs yet on or something.

    Be pretty amazing to have a nice selection of coloured doors for fun reasons. "don't go in the light door... it's deadly in there" "the dark door has cake"
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    posted a message on Updated to 1.2.4, now my server lags really bad.
    I would do a test.

    Downgrade back to 1.2.3. See if the lag is 'fixed'

    If not - its possible something in your server changed. Someone build a Dupe machine? Mob Spawner on full? Too many Entities? These will cause lag if there are too many no matter what.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.2.4 New Blocks
    Now, if only the properties/color of the woods would keep when you made things like:
    Half Slab
    Pressure Plate (wooden)

    And Tools. (no durability change, just be nice to have a dark/light/whatever handle to your whatever tools for personalization)
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    posted a message on Is this a glitch?
    Sure beats 2 ladders for 7 sticks eh? oh wait, what about 1 ladder for 7 sticks? Wanna go to that?

    "Glitch" is not the right word.
    If you were concerned about the formula/recipe - it would be a "possible bug" not a "glitch"
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    posted a message on I miss the old Minecraft. :(
    Dunno bout you but I like the changes.

    I don't have to do anything I wouldn't do. The things I do like/want are things I wished I could do in the Pre-days of MC.
    Like... it would be awesome to see some of the mod "Technic" stuff added - not all the crazy modern stuff, but like Masher tools to break blocks - like sandstone back into sand, or Copper Wiring that could be placed on walls/celings and not just redstone dust on the ground (that easily gets washed over with a cave-in/flood and destroys the circuit) I don't care for the multi-tiny-blocks or anything, but little improvements.

    What about a bookshelf that looks Identicle to the ones we have - but 1 book is a button to activate secret doors? Classic. Or a Torch that has lighting just like a torch - but when right clicked works like a Lever? Super classic secret doors, I smell ya!

    Don't like the End myself. Don't like the dragon. Don't like strongholds - I avoid them all. Don't care much for the Ravine on top of a Ravine on top a Abn. Mineshaft inside another Abn. Mineshaft - but I am sure this ugly bug will be fixed sometime - and hopefully Abn. Mineshaft made more Rare.
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    posted a message on April Fools!!!
    Keep dreaming.

    I highly doubt it will be anything "beneficial" or "highly dangerous" such as a chest full of diamonds or an enderdragon in the over world. (for one, it would DESTROY SMP servers)

    Prolly another silly new chunk generated thing - like a smiley face outta sponges that you cannot break or something. Possibly another lit chest o' doom.

    Maybe... nothing at all. Best prank ever.
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    posted a message on How rare is silk touch?
    Well I got to level 50, got my diamond pick axe, and then went to my enchanting area with max books and picked a level 50 enchantment and got...

    Silk Touch 1.

    That's it.

    The honest answer though is it depends on the item in question. Some materials enchant easier for lower levels, some take higher levels. Gold can get the 'best enchantments" at much lower level costs - however the trade off is that gold breaks a lot faster then diamond.
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