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    Well I suppose I should re-introduce myself if I'm coming back... again...

    Hey everyone, I'm Kiryienka ('ki-ree-yen-ka', or just Kiry if you like), formerly known on these forums as Scatmaster111. I used to mostly do RP's and writing, but eventually time (or my lack thereof) forced me to drop some things, Minecraft and most things related being one of them. I really did love being a part of this community, and so while working out some of my IRL issues, I decided I wanted to come back, almost definitely not as frequently as before, but just to pop in every now and then.

    And yeah, I think I've posted on this Topic maybe 2 or 3 times already. My life doesn't really like letting me do things steadily, so I much too often find myself taking long breaks on things.

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    Rayenne slipped on a pair of shoes and stormed out. He needed some fresh air to clear his head. As he walked out on the lamp-laden pavement, he pondered to himself what could possibly be the cause of his most recent failure. I just don't get it. That was by far the longest period of sustained stability, and all the readings pointed in the right direction at first. What went wrong, what changed during the test? For what was not the first time he considered the possibility that what he set out to do is impossible as he continued to wander aimlessly down the street.

    "You know what, maybe I should start travelling again," he said to himself. A few years ago, Rayenne went on a few trips to nearby planets for scientific research, as well as a getaway from the monotony of his makeshift lab. He believed now that maybe just such a trip would help to clear his mind, or come up with a breakthrough discovery. "Just how do I get back around to that now..."

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    [So Rayenne doesn't have much to do right now, I'll try and give him some more personal development soon, but I might wait for Pat and Fellatia to get to New Vini and maybe interact with them somehow.]

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    The presence of 'Rock & Roll', 'Blues' and 'Rockability' in the same list is a little weird looking at the electronic grouping, yes. I'll vote Electronic, but as that is too broad to me, specifically I prefer Bounce, Electro and Drum & Bass.

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    Hello everyone, I'm Kiryienka, formerly known on the forums as Scatmaster111. A few years ago I would frequent the RPing and Fan Art sections of these forums, participating and moderating a few RPs and writing a story called 'The Minecraft Theory', which reached 13 'chapters' before its unfortunate discontinuation.

    I put chapters in quotes because they were barely that. I undertook the task of writing that story when I was 12, which, when I looked back at it last year, was apparent in the rush and simplicity of the story. So I decided, "Hey, I was a top student in English in high school, and I'm now a university student. Surely I'm capable of writing a better story now." So in November last year I started writing Silent Raven, a story which, at least according to plan, will have no ties to any other previously existing works. I have been writing during downtime between my classes in a notebook. I started back on the forums recently, and I feel this is something that will help me keep motivated to not disappear again anytime soon, so here is the first chapter, enjoy. Leave any criticisms below, good or bad.

    Chapter Progress

    Chapter 1 - Completed

    Chapter 2 - In Progress

    Chapter 3 - Not Started

    Chapter 4 - Not Started

    More to be added as the story progresses.

    Chapter I: The Zaro Festival

    As I sat at my table sipping my half-decent tea, it was difficult to reflect on the events over the past year or so. Our region of Arohai was always at odds with Zaranum, in their militaristic campaign to take land and expand their borders. Many protested in thought or in speech, but when all-out war commenced, many of us were reluctant to join the fight.

    The war started 8 months ago. Zaranum had us outclassed both in numbers and training, and Arohai was eventually forced to surrender. Now in a few days, there would be what had been called the Zaro Festival. It had been promoted to be a celebration of Aran and Zaran unification, but in reality it was likely just an attempt to placate the opressed Arana still living here.

    My name is Korin, or just Ko. I was one of the fighters in the war, but I was relieved of duty early after I was left with partial paralysis in my left arm after an accident. I recovered somewhat, but my fine motor skills never returned. Now I lived alone in a small house outside of Cathera, Arohai’s former capital. This was where the festival would take place.

    I pulled on my robe, shouldered my sheathed sword and headed out to Cathera. I always refused to live within the city after the war, but my job forced me there. I was a hired mercinary, and some would say a pretty good one. I preferred captures but if the pay was good enough a kill was never off the table. The police would even contract me every so often, in return for my ‘non-arrest’. I’m still convinced that they wouldn’t have followed through on their threats, but it was better to let them think they were in control.

    As I rounded the corner into the alley which served as my ‘office’, I was greeted by a happy voice. “Korin, my friend! I was beginning to doubt you’d show up at all!”

    “Always good to see you, Jesper, and you needn’t worry; I haven’t missed a day yet.” Jesper was a close friend of mine, as well as an informant, occasionaly collecting jobs for me. “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

    “I’ve got work for you, and it’s a high-profile case. Straight from the former Aran king.”

    I was taken aback by this. Why would he of all people want a mercinary? “I presume this is a kill mission?” I inquired, the only possibility entering my mind being a coup.

    Jesper read my thoughts well and quickly cut my suspicions short. “I know what you’re thinking and no, this is not a hit, nor does it directly connect to the Zaran royal family.” Good, any conflict I can avoid with them I will. “This is a bit different from most tasks you’ve completed so far.”

    Normally I wouldn’t take a job from someone of such high standing, but in this case my interest was piqued and I allowed Jesper to continue. “The former king, Sir Rohan, witnessed his daughter being kidnapped last night. The job is a rescue operation.” He handed me a set of papers. “Here is an illustration of the victim, as well as appearance descriptions, though not very detailed, of the assailants, of which three were seen.”

    “I’ll do it,” I responded, “however, make sure that Sir Rohan knows how much this is worth.”

    “Don’t worry about it. He’s already assuring that whatever your highest pay has been, he’ll double it.” Jesper let out a bit of a chuckle, but he quickly became serious. “Korin, make sure you be careful. Whoever did this is either confident or crazy, and it’ll be hard to deal with either.”

    “I will get by, don’t worry. I’ll see you again soon, friend.” I decided I wouldn’t take any more jobs for a while, as this one was likely to take most of my focus. With the documents safely tucked into my coat I made my way straight home. Besides wanting to study the information further, and formulate a course of action, I also skipped breakfast and was famished. Some toasted bread would be sufficient as I read and re-read the papers.

    The descriptions of the kidnappers were not terribly helpful - all three of them wore white, faceless masks and black hoods to keep their identities well hidden - so the only thing I could really use was the information on the victim, Lyra. Red hair and grey eyes was a striking combination, one I hoped would be memorabe enough for someone to recognize.

    The general lack of information became more troublesome as I realised there was only one lead, that the three escaped in a black carriage through the Southeast Passage. There were only a very few settlements near the gate, but the assailants already had a headstart of a day, which greatly widened their range of potential locations. I already lived outside the East Passage, so once I confirmed my route south, I prepared my provisions and saddled up my horse.

    “Ero, Arana, ero,” I quoted softly to the horse named Arania. Her previous owner was Zaran, and she was trained using the traditional Zaran language. I never learned to speak it fluently, but I managed to pick up the phrases I would need, and words such as ‘ero’, meaning steady. Aside from providing faster transportation, Arania also hadn’t had a training run in a few days so it was good for her to stretch her legs.

    The first settlement I visited, and the closest to the Southeast Passage, brought no luck. Nobody had seen anyone in the past few days matching the descriptions of the masked men or of Lyra. This continued for the next two settlements, by which time it approached nightfall. I retired Arania to the stables and rented myself a cheap overnight stay at the local inn. The Zaro Festival was due to begin the day after next, so I had determined to return to Cathera for it, in the hopes that the masked men, or associates of, would show up once more.

    In the morning, as I looked out my room’s window I was met with the sight of several guards patroling, seemingly looking or waiting for something. I got cleaned up, took up my sword and went outside. It was not long before a guard approached me. “Well, if it isn’t the Silent Raven,” the guard half-mocked. Over time I built somewhat of a reputation, and this was one of the aliases I was dubbed. The guard continued, “What business do you have here, Korin?”

    “What do you mean? Is a man no longer able to travel where he pleases?” I retorted. Most guards and police would quit at this point but not this one.

    “A man may travel for leisure or bread. This place is no getaway, so I presume the latter is the case. What’s your job, Raven?” I was forced to make a lie on the spot, but thanks to the presence of Arania, I was quickly able to create an alibi.

    “I am here on business, but not work. I am looking for a groomer for my horse. I would look in Cathera, but with the festivities in preparation I’d have a hard time getting around.”

    The guard finally conceded. “Very well, but watch where you tread. You are lucky that you are not at the top of my priorities today.” He seemed irritated inside but his exterior held its poker-face as he walked back to his section. To prevent any further conflicts, I retrieved Arania and headed back towards Cathera. As this was one of the further settlements, it was late enough when I reached the town to think about rest for the night. After a deep sleep I woke up to see a paper on the table in the room.

    I searched my things quickly before reading the paper. Somebody had to have broken in, as none of the doors or windows were opened before. None of my personal possessions were stolen, however the case documents were gone. I grabbed the paper and read the large print:

    Stop searching. You will find us very soon with patience.

    I was concerned for the rest of the day. Somebody involved in this knew that I was investigating the case. I tried to figure out how I was detected for some time as I walked the crowded streets aimlessly, until I was interrupted by screams and commotion from the market. I ran straight there to find a dangerous scene. At the top of the town hall, a woman with red hair and grey eyes, with tears on her face and a knife to her throat.

    Chapter II: Faceless Death

    Coming soon...

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    "Come on, you cheap piece of junk!" Rayenne exclaimed as he banged the soldering iron against the table. The funds from his little at-home business had been running low as of late, and he was eventually reduced to old, sometimes faulty tools. After a few more welds and bangs, he closed the lid on his battery. He rolled his chair across the room to a camera in the corner and hit record.

    "This is Rayenne Brodka, testing the Hydrogen Lifetime Fuel Cell, prototype 17." This has been going too long, please just work, he thought to himself. He turned on the breaker to which the battery was connected and quickly wheeled over behind a blast shield in the adjacent corner to the camera. In this particular test, the energy from the battery was being used to power a small atomic defuser separating sodium chloride in a glass container. The device uses an absurd amount of energy, enough to drain a normal cybernetic battery in less than a minute. Rayenne's hydrogen battery, however was holding strong for the moment.

    "Energy Restoration fully functional, operation at 92% optimization. It looks like it's... wait..." He browsed the data carefully and witnessed evidence of a generator meltdown in progress. "Reactor stability is dropping... prototype 17: failure. Meltdown imminent." After about 20 more seconds, 50 total, the soft hum of the battery harshly ceased. Rayenne turned off the breaker and the camera. Another failed experiment.

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    Quote from stashalee»

    ((You are to determine which planet you're going to start from, which apparently New Vini is pretty popular at the moment, Accepted, You can write your character onto a page on the wiki if you wish.))

    [Thank you. I suppose I'll start in New Vini, though I won't start just yet, quite busy today.]
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    Quote from Meritania»

    Telasero continued his question while flicking some unconscious nobs, "...so that man lying unconscious on the concrete, not a former master then?"

    (PS. KiryienkaThere is a post on the wiki which has transcribed the entire IC actions of this thread: http://horizon-ascending.wikia.com/wiki/Transcript_of_all_Posts .It's probably easier than reading the entire thread.))

    [Thanks for that, but I wish I saw it before I finished reading. Whoops...]
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    What the heck, let's just go for it. Ill also have to read all of these posts...

    Name: Rayenne Brodka

    Gender: Male

    Age: 26

    Race: Human

    Appearance: Rayenne is 5"8 and of average build. He has naturally black hair but with a small amount of grey and white, despite his young age. He typically wears long-sleeved black or dark-coloured shirts so as to avoid grease and burn marks, as well as regular jeans. Often he can be seen with gloves on his hands and goggles on top of his head, indicating that he was previously working on one of his projects.

    Cybernetics: Replacement limbs (left leg)

    Disability: None

    Job (If any): Engineer

    Group (If any): None

    Bio: Rayenne grew up as an orphan, not knowing anything about his family. In his younger years, he was a great student, near the top of his class in most engineering and cybernetics courses. After graduating, however, he still found it difficult to find work. He jumped about between jobs for a while, being flexible to it as he lived alone, but eventually he settled upon freelancing. He currently repairs and upgrades old cybernetics and also produces lower-cost prosthetics.

    During his later school years, Rayenne was diagnosed with cancer in his leg. With it not reacting readily to the treatment, he eventually decided amputation was the best option. He never really felt comfortable with his new left leg, and would often forget to recharge it. To try and counter this, he has been trying to design a special hydrogen battery to increase charge life to a projected 10 years. Unfortunately, he's not quite hit the mark yet, and most of his prototypes end up in small explosions.

    Weapons: Rayenne carries a simple non-lethal plasma blaster, with additional non-lethal timed charges of his design. As you can probably tell, hes not one for violence, but keeps these things to defend himself just in case.

    Other: pew-pew. Also, am I to determine what planet I'm on?
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    I keep finding myself back on these forums after unplanned absences, but in the times I've left and come back I'm not sure I've ever made a post here. If I have, sorry to anyone re-reading this. So, here we go.

    I am a first-year Stats major and probably the only Jamaican out of everyone I've ever met online. I am a last-year junior competitive cyclist, about to compete at the World University Championships in March, and looking to possibly turn pro in the next two years. I enjoy long walks on the beach, reading and- whoops, don't know how my eHarmony profile got in here. Anyway, I guess last but not least, like most on this forum, I play Minecraft, though much more occasionally than I used to.

    My unfortunate username (which I still wonder if it can be changed) was actually my very first username online, before there was any recognition of a particular four letter word. Ah well, I've learned to just roll with it.

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    GUIDE 1

    [ *Pokemon start battle music* "A wild girl appears!" ]

    Men, about one in a million chance this is how your love-life plays out. The members of the opposite sex are complicated, intricate beings with minds and hearts difficult for us to understand. The road to love is a long one with 16-zillion steps (plus or minus a couple thousand), so I can't cover them all, but we'll talk on starting to get close.

    Believe it or not, the best set of person to be with is a friend (or soon-to-be former friend) you've had for a reasonable amount of time (about a year or at least half, otherwise attack falls sharply). And don't worry about waiting for the perfect one, because there's no such thing. You'll find something to hate about everybody. With this now in mind, I reveal to you general starting strategies for 3 sets of girls (alter as needed, there's friggin nearly 4 billion females in the world, there's bound to be differences).

    SET 1: Girly Girl (Feminus Femalis)

    This set is generally found in small friend groups (3-4, sometimes 5) of all girls, so it may seem difficult for a guy to permeate this barrier. The solution: don't hide your feminine side. Not to say go full-blown "Barbie? Friggin SWEET." Rather, just embrace your natural femininity. It exists in us all. The Feminus Femalis is generally more accepting to a male who can put up with nail polishing and/or hair doing (it's only temporary). After integration, keep hold your femininity but activate your trap card by beginning to slowly assert yourself as the sensitive/wise member of the group, one who the others will likely come to for advice. Be prepared to share some of your own experiences if necessary, as most of what they come to you for will be boy-related.

    SET 2: Typical / "I-wear-T-shirts" Girl (Feminus Regularis)

    This set is often found in medium-sized groups (around 5-10) where the majority is male, but there is at least one other female. Generally they like to talk to everyone in the group, at pretty much any time. After integration, it is assumed you have attained some form of contact for every party in the group (phone number, Snapchat or at least Skype will be effective). Initiate one-on-one conversation with the Feminus Regularis fairly often, but try to avoid more than one session on the same day. You don't have to talk about anything important, random stuff will do to start and work EXTREMELY slowly towards more personal matters. One of the most effective opening plays is the Never-Have-I-Ever card, which can be reused a good amount of times before discarding.

    SET 3: Boyish Girl / Tomboy (Feminus Indecicivus)

    This set is identified most commonly by being the only girl in a group of guys (of any size). You are bound to find something she likes that you like, be it skateboarding, video games, dubstep, or whatever else you hipsters do nowadays. Don't ask questions of interests prematurely. Follow a similar strategy as for set 2, but only work your way to interests, arrange activities based on those interests (for the whole group or a portion of, not the two of you alone) and leave the personal matters for there.

    So that was it. As a DISCLAIMER:

    None of the information in this document has been tested in the real world by the writer(s) or willing test subjects, and it is mostly intended to be entertaining and/or thought-provoking. If one uses any of the information in this document in one's own life and experiences negative repercussions, we are not liable for any loss or damages which may have been caused. If one use any of the information in this document in one's own life to successful effect, please note that they are mad lucky, and it is not recommended for them to relay this information to friends/relatives.

    I plan on doing more of these in the future if you guys like them.

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    Psh, swimming cycling and triathlon? Surely I can hold my breath, right?

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Fuuuuuu...

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    Actually had nothing there. Is that even possible?

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    Stonebank - The Pressure

    I don't normally like Hard Dance but this song just blows my mind. It's not as kicky or sharp as you'd expect of HD and the harmony in the second half is masterfully done.

    Also been listening to Aero Chord - Saiko alot, for comepletely different reasons.

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    'Sup you guys. So some of you may know me from on the forums back in the day (I was most active in Forum Games), but I don't know how much of my generation survives today. So an introduction:

    Hey, I'm Kiryienka. Used to go by Scatmaster111 but (for clear reason) went for a name change a few months ago (just need a change on the forum and I'm set). I started trying to make videos on YouTube years ago, but it never really worked out with me being busy all the time and not using my own computer. Due to recent developments I've decided now may be a good time to start back again.

    So here's my first video. I'll mostly be uploading on a film-then-post basis until I get the new computer so until then uploads won't be too frequent. But I hope you enjoy, and leave a comment suggesting what I can do to make the experience better for you.

    Link to Channel

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