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    OpenGL 2.0 Shaders PE

    Easy iOS Installation | For MCPE 0.11.X | Ported from OpenGL Shaders PE 2.0 by wackyhut


    For better experience.. Use this setting..

    Fancy Graphics: ON Render Distance: Highest Brightness (In-Game): Lowest

    This option is recommended for fast devices only...

    Installation of this shaders requires Jailbreak! It's not possible to install cracked/modified/unsigned .ipa files to a non-jailbroken device!

    You can search at google on how to jailbreak your device! (iOS 8.3-8.4 is now jailbreakable!, Check it out!)

    This shader isn't designed for low-end devices like iPod touch 1-4, iPhone 1,2,3G,3GS,etc

    You need atleast 512 MB of RAM and a descent idevice with a descent GPU and CPU (Apple A4+) to run this modified app, Don't be sad... Im not saying it won't run, It will run, BUT it's very laggy, Some devices can't handle the graphics and may crash the game.. I'm using iPad Mini 1 and its a little bit laggy...


    It is easy to install shaders in Android, all you need to do is to Copy the files from the downloaded shaders and paste it to the Minecraft PE Directory, or maybe there is an .apk file that installs the shaders, but it's for android only!

    iOS is the problem, You need to be jailbroken to modify the gamefiles, but not all iOS versions are jailbreakable like 8.1.3,

    If your jailbroken, you can modify minecraftpe.app directory, it means you need to copy all the files from the downloaded shaders, Not the folders, but all files in the folders, each of the folders... So i decided to make a port of OpenGL Shaders PE for MCPE iOS so you can easily install without any problems!

    If you download the file, you'll notice that its an .ipa file, It is MCPE 0.11.1 with this shaders installed... I think it will reinstall your existing MCPE app, so you need to backup your worlds first, in case of what happens.

    This Shaders will make Minecraft: Pocket Edition more realistic and beautiful, not just "too blocky, even the sun is blocky"

    With this shaders, Everything may change!"

    Installation Guide:


    If you're already jailbroken, and STILL CANT INSTALL this app, I think you dont have AppSync installed...

    AppSync is required to install cracked apps, Install AppSync first, You can get it from Cydia for free!

    Before you start, I recommend you to backup your Worlds, In case of what happens...

    How to install this Modified app?

    1- Download the .ipa file from the download link below.. It is in .rar format, Extract it first...

    2- Connect your iDevice to the computer

    3- Install and open iFunbox (or any app installer, I choose ifunbox because it has a file manager, and its easy..)

    4- After you opened iFunbox Go to "Managing App Data" tab and click "Install App (*.ipa)"

    5- Select or find the downloaded .ipa file (If you can't find it, maybe you forgot to extract it?)

    6- Wait for the installation to complete

    7- After that, restore your backed up worlds (If your worlds didn't dissapear, skip this step)

    8- Open the installed "Minecraft PE" modified app and ENJOY!


    What's New in the new 1.3 update?

    According to wackyhut, it contains...

    • Removed Fog, for Farther Render Distance
    • Faster chunk loading up to 40% (varies on device)
    • Less Lag!
    • Fixed entity


    Latest Version:

    Download the latest version (v 1.3)

    MCPE 0.11.1 with OpenGL Shaders PE 2.0 (v. 1.3)

    >> Download Modified App (v 1.3) <<


    Version 1.25

    Download OpenGL 2.0 (v1.25)

    MCPE 0.11.1 With OpenGL Shaders PE 2.0 (v. 1.25)

    >> Download Modifed App (v 1.25) <<

    Special Thanks!

    I thank wackyhut and his OpenGL PE shaders for allowing me to make an easy installation/port for iOS!

    Feel Free to like his thread, if you're using android, dont forget to go to his thread!

    You'll find more info about this shaders there!

    Click it > wackyhut's OpenGL 2.0 shaders thread <


    7/12/2015 15:45:51> Thread finished! App download released!!!

    7/12/2015 15:59:26> Ported and released for MCPE 0.11.X

    7-16-2015 19:09:11> New 1.3 version released!


    You are free to modify this app, but i won't allow you to repost it somehow..
    You can Share this or review this, BUT Please give a link to this thread, Hosting your own file hosting is NOT Allowed! The only Official Download is ONLY in this thread! This method will protect users from scams (survey sites), Virus and Malwares! If you see someone posting this to other file hosting, Please dont download there!, but report them instead!. Always download here (for android, go to wackyhut's thread of his shaders), Reposting this to other thread or to other webpage without my permision is not allowed!

    - You shall not repost this without my permission !
    - If you want to share it, dont host your own file hosting! Just give a link back here!
    - Posting this on PPD Sites (Survey/Money-making sites is NOT ALLOWED!)
    - On YouTube reviews, ad.fly, and other money-making sites isn't allowed!, URL shorteners With NO ADS should be used or the full link address to this thread!
    - Always ask permissions, Whenever you want to do anything with it (except for downloading)!
    - Don't ask for updates! "I DO NOT OWN" this Shader! (Improvements are Apreciated!!!!)
    Well that's all of them, I hope you understand! Thanks for taking your time!

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