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Hello reader! Don't expect to find much here in the bio.

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End date: April 12, 2016

End date: June 1, 2016

I used to be known as Jtabush (Changed my name since this is my name just about everywhere else, generally if you spot a Kirbyintron it'll be me, or an impostor)

I use a Mac, so please cater your tech-related suggestions towards that fact. Also, don't hate on me because of it.

I used to use a Mac, but I just built my own PC, so the previous statement is now invalid. Still, since I have a fairly large amount of knowledge on Macs over the past few years, if you're a Mac user I might be able to help you out (don't count on it).

What my old Kirby avatar is thinking according to Ampulugator:

Quote from Ampulugator»
This one's mind is empty. The only thing fueling its body is its pure evil intentions, bringing chaos and destruction wherever it goes, leaving nothing but a trail of death and ashes. If not stopped, it will ascend beyond its own conciousness, becoming a cosmic horror strong enough to even rival the old gods. If that is going to happen, it will mean not only the end of this timeline, but the destruction of all existance, including its own. It has already begun to grow, consuming anything which goes into its path.

I frequent General Off Topic and General Gaming, but you can also find me in the other Off Topic sections.

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