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    How do you create your own flan's content pack for 1.7.10? I don't plan on adding guns but I do plan on adding cars, bikes, and planes.

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    I am currently in the works of a few DC comic-based roleplays in 1.7.10 using the Legends mod for my youtube channel. I am currently looking for people who are experienced in building and skin making. I will be looking for body actors/voice actors later down the line. If you are interested please add me on Discord and send me some examples of stuff you have done in the past.

    Discord: Kirai_#0240

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    This mod would be based on the amazing TV show Bakugan Battle Brawlers, it will be compatible for both single-player and multiplayer, but will work better for multiplayer. To start the mod would have some of the creatures from the first season for the six attributes, excluding any of the talking Bakugan. Over time the more Bakugan will be added. The talking Bakugan will be added but will only be available through admin privileges or in creative.

    When you originally spawn into the world or server, the player will get an item called an attribute card. When right-clicked on, the attribute card will randomly give the player three Bakugan of an attribute, three gate cards and three ability cards, and a field card.

    The field card will send the player to another dimension where they can battle. While in this dimension you can right-click on a gate card and it will be placed upside down and enlarged. You can then throw a Bakugan onto the gate card where it will release the monster inside. The battling with monsters will work similarly to pixelmon.

    Besides the three random Bakugan and cards, you obtain from the attribute card, you can get more from a Bakugan Shop (spawned structure like pokemart in Pixelmon). In the shop, Bakugan you can use battle points that you obtain from battling other players.

    Your Bakugan can also level up by beating other players. However, only partner Bakugan can evolve.

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