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    Quote from Mrbrutal»

    Hello, it's me.
    If my memory serves me right @lehjr you were the one that was pushing the open source the most and said you would do a lot of the work. And now all I read is more compaining. If you have a problem with the license, shoot me and spitfire a mail, and we'll sort it out, but considering it's basically the same as Railcraft I don't see what such a fuss is about.

    And if the Patreon is bothering you, I will give you the whole months revenue I get from TC for you to either:
    1. Not say(or write) another thing in this(or any thread) about Traincraft ever!
    2. You rewrite Traincraft for any version of Minecraft higher than 1.6.4 which can be put up for everyone to use. (Following the license of course). Because it is clear you're only interested in how much money I am "rolling" in.

    But to everyone else, and especially @AlexIIL, if you have any issue with the license and or have questions regarding rewrite, or you've done something already, shoot us an email ->


    and we'll sort it out.

    We want to see this mod continue, and we're not bad guys here. So let's find a solution where everyone is happy.


    ive come out of the woodwork once again,

    to requote you in retrospect its not "we're" not the bad guys but just you mrbrutal,this isnt a personal attack or anything but the true owner of traincraft is spitfire4466 not you,youre just someone that he picked up almost 3 years ago but now youre just taking donations through patreon without keeping your promises to the small fine community of traincraft/trains and zeppelins. you should be ashamed of yourself for capitalizing your profits on spitfire4466 work.

    dont you ever tell me that you contributed too,because in my eyes you havent been keeping up with your half past 6 promises on that blog which you made,ill give you credit for the blog and site alright but the mod by itself and its code only belongs to spitfire4466.

    if youre going to open the project source code,do it properly with no catch 22s,as in no raking in patreon profits on other peoples hardwork be it someone trying to port it over to 1.7.10/1.8.8 or even 1.9

    otherwise you better close up shop for that kind of bad business practice which ive been occasionally checking up all this while. ever since you came aboard and booted me off bitbucket,i was already wary of whats to come. so drop that unreasonable licensing youre trying to tack on or do what you have originally been tasked to do which is to keep the mod up to date!
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    Im not here to flaunt and or anything but, i was here at the beginning when spitfire started this mod,quite a number of updates or features were simple feedbacks on my end, with that said i think this mod was cannibalized by mrbrutal as previously i had access to the github or was it bitbucket sourcecode from spitfire but somehow when mrbrutal came in i lost access to it,as i wasnt a programmer myself it may or may not have been useful to me for having access,but seeing that mrbrutal was receiving donations from patreon and other donation methods without putting up a proper revision of code or updates,updates from 1.47~1.6+ do not count as spitfire returned for a while and did some coding work.

    most of you have been taken for a ride paying him donations just for a beautiful website he now hosts it on but with a lack of mod support and empty promises. note to you mrbrutal,dont promise people you are working on it and give up halfway while receiving donations,if you cant deliver please drop all work and the website. mind you this is not a hate speech its just what ive been observing over the years since the mod inception in 2013.hoping since you took over the mod so good things will come out of it instead i see lack of updates and empty promises when even a semi similar mod called railcraft sees a reasonable amount of updates,and even at one point worked in tandem with this mod.

    dont use the coding as a hobby or its not a job or among those lines therefore you dont have to put out as much updates and such as an excuse only to take donations for free.

    make it open source or i will simply ask spitfire for the old source code and try my hand on it instead.3 years is plenty of time to make meaningful updates.

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    Quote from 31trainman

    Heres a rough model I made of a German Ice train car.
    //variables init:
    public ModelRenderer bottom;
    public ModelRenderer Side_box;
    public ModelRenderer Side_box0;
    public ModelRenderer top;
    public ModelRenderer top_box;
    public ModelRenderer top_box0;
    public ModelRenderer window_box;
    public ModelRenderer window_box0;
    bottom = new ModelRenderer(0, 0);
    bottom.addBox(0F, 0F, 0F, 40, 2, 16);
    Side_box = new ModelRenderer(0, 0);
    Side_box.addBox(0F, 6F, 12F, 40, 6, 2);
    Side_box.rotateAngleX = 5.8643062867009474F;
    Side_box.rotateAngleY = 0.017453292519943295F;
    Side_box0 = new ModelRenderer(0, 0);
    Side_box0.addBox(0F, 0F, 0F, 40, 6, 2);
    Side_box0.rotateAngleX = 0.4188790204786391F;
    top = new ModelRenderer(0, 0);
    top.addBox(0F, 0F, 0F, 40, 2, 17);
    top.setPosition(0F, 23F, 0F);
    top_box = new ModelRenderer(0, 0);
    top_box.addBox(0F, -11F, -22F, 40, 2, 6);
    top_box.rotateAngleX = 4.223696789826278F;
    top_box0 = new ModelRenderer(0, 0);
    top_box0.addBox(0F, 14F, 20F, 40, 6, 2);
    top_box0.rotateAngleX = 0.24434609527920614F;
    window_box = new ModelRenderer(0, 0);
    window_box.addBox(0F, 5F, 0F, 40, 15, 2);
    window_box.setPosition(0F, 0F, 16F);
    window_box0 = new ModelRenderer(0, 0);
    window_box0.addBox(0F, 5F, -2F, 40, 15, 2);
    Id add a pic if I could figure out how. Anyone can edit my model to improve it.

    well updating of the mod is still in progress + i intend to keep spitfire4466 current request of no more rolling stock models will be accepted until further notice.

    though thank you for small contribution,however it will be shelved for the moment since con currently the restructuring of the code was just completed.
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    Quote from BF109pilot

    Now I'm not sure about you, but for a locomotive that freaking amazing I'd be willing to deal with turns like that (though I think wide turns would be a great implementation in the near future)

    actually if you are worried about aesthetics,there is a way to reduce or rather eliminate the problem.

    「build corners at a 45゜ angle instead of perfect 90゜turns」

    EDIT : spitfire4466

    Forge developer edition is out,you might want to take a look it it,its not on the default forge port so here is the other link ※http://jenkins.minecraftforge.net:7070/job/forge/

    versions above 175 are recommended
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    posted a message on Single Player Commands [V4.9] - Official Download [SPC] [+NoClip]
    try 「Special Player Commands」 you will not have to think much,if you want to suggest.
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    Quote from Hunter_Soda

    will u be updating for 1.3.1?

    this depends if there is an API to be worked on,because the Forge has not released an updated version yet.
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    Quote from Azradun

    Thanks :)

    Edit: Please add "Recommended" and "Test" version tags for releases on wiki download section. It is impossible to tell them apart otherwise. "Cherepanov isn't spawning: That IS normal, it's not finished yet" - I thought that was about the loco model that is not finished, not the version (which is fine by me, I am planning to use only steam locos for myself).

    wiki updated to be slightly more informative.
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    spitfire4466 MC version 1.3 has been released,i believe when you have updated the trains and zeppelins 2.09e/i to cover version 1.3 i will update the wiki as accordingly. do continue to take your time as needed.

    thank you for your hardwork.
    Quote from PikachuKai999780

    I am running MC 1.2.5 with the following mods: TMI, RailCraft, IC2, BuildCraft, Lifts, and CCTV. I can't make a crowbar! And the trains almost never attach!

    please list the version of trains and zeppelins you are using as there are 2 separate versions which are 2.09e and 2.09i the latter being a testbuild for testers or anyone not minding some bugs.
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    Quote from Spitfire4466

    I have tried to use less block ids but I don't really understand how to do it, I should ask someone who did it but I don't have time now
    the speed is probably a bug from 2.01

    Try this:
    textures from ChandlerBingUA are fixed
    also there are items now
    fixed the coupling distance and uncoupling for no reasons
    but all previous coupled trains will have to be re-done sorry
    The builder can lay down overhead lines, but can't lay down IC2 cables (it's broken for now)

    I be happy to know the broken recipes

    That is okay,if you are unsure how to combine block IDs for now leave the current configuration as is.I dont want to pressure you to prioritize fixing the mod over the course of your exam which i believe you mention starting soon?

    Quote from Spitfire4466

    Good idea, but it's not really important to have different colors for tenders I think
    - tender for the regular steam
    - tender for the USFL98

    It's not supposed to...

    No I don't ovverride recipes, but add some. Have you tried the same recipe without my mod?

    No Zeppelin is bugged, people have been complaining about that
    Version 2.01 was a test version for ChandlerBingUA. 2.0 is the good one to download
    There is no change log because I have changed so many things that I can't remember^^

    Probably when you have more time you should re write/re arrange the first post and probably redirect some traffic to the wiki instead.though i wont edit the wiki with major information/snapshots until a certified version is released as i dont want to document certain things in the mod which has some uncertainty.

    EDIT : there is a slight bug or i should say linking issues with the HS locomotive and passenger cart,the first cart will always phase through the locomotive itself and not keep a minimum link distance behind the actual model. somehow the HS locomotive seems to be more work than other locomotives.
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    Quote from Spitfire4466

    I need to wait for IC2 to update because it's API needs ModLoader right now

    I have created a new system for speedhandling: now each locomotive has it's own maximum speed. So if you want specific speed limits do tell me.
    There is an issue with the carts: I can't make them go faster than 80mph or they derail on turns. Quite boring for the highspeed trains...

    well here is a mod list i have concurrently in my build of 1.2.5
    mod_CodeChickenCore 0.5.3
    SPC for Player API patch 6.0 for SPC 3.2.2
    mod_ReiMinimap v3.1 [1.2.5]
    Mine & Blade: Battlegear - Mine & Blade: Battlegear - [1.2.5]
    mod_UpdateManager by Vazkii. Version 1.2
    mod_IC2 v1.95
    mod_IC2AdvancedMachines v4.0
    mod_AUniversalElectricity 0.1.6
    mod_BuildCraftCore 2.2.14
    mod_BuildCraftEnergy 2.2.14
    mod_BuildCraftFactory 2.2.14
    mod_BuildCraftTransport 2.2.14
    mod_BCIC2Crossover 1.28 for MC 1.2.5, BC 2.2.14, IC2 1.95b
    mod_BuildCraftBuilders 2.2.14
    mod_CraftGuide 1.4.3 for Minecraft 1.2.3
    mod_FN5728Guns 1.2.5-1
    mod_IC2NuclearControl v1.1.8
    mod_InvTweaks 1.41b (1.2.4)
    mod_littleMaidMob SMP_0.5.3
    mod_MineThrower 1.2.3
    mod_CompactSolars 2.2
    mod_IronChest 3.3
    mod_Thx Minecraft THX Helicopter Mod - mod_thx-mc125_v018
    mod_NihongoInput NihongoMOD v1.0 alpha
    mod_PE14Gun [1.2.4]v0.6
    mod_PlayerFormLittleMaid 1-2-4~5-10e
    mod_QuickGuide 1.2.3
    mod_Railcraft 5.3.2
    mod_RedPowerControl 2.0pr5b2
    mod_RedPowerCore 2.0pr5b2
    mod_RedPowerLighting 2.0pr5b2
    mod_RedPowerLogic 2.0pr5b2
    mod_RedPowerMachine 2.0pr5b2
    mod_RedPowerWiring 2.0pr5b2
    mod_RedPowerWorld 2.0pr5b2
    mod_Train 2.00
    mod_WirelessRedstoneCore 1.2.1
    mod_WirelessRedstoneAddons 1.2.1
    mod_ICBM 0.3.1


    ,generally speaking/informing IC2 is able to run on forge 3.2.5 precisely 3.2.5 build 120 is it more of internal hooks and modloader or otherwise?

    EDIT : about speed limits,since it is difficult to maintain proportionate readings to ingame real movement speed we can try a relative method.

    as previously posted i noted 「as my memory serves me」17ms does not outrun the chunkloader so what you can try first and especially the highspeed locomotive is 17ms being the highspeed locomotive max speed and highest of all the trains but with some adjustments,if railcraft is detected and HS locomotive is used with HS rails 17ms is acheivable,without railcraft the maximum speed of the HS locomotive is 15ms, a change of 2ms in reality will not see real effect but in minecraft it is noticeable,hence the designation.

    for meter adjustments you can proportionate real ratios to virtual ratios,here as an example on maximum speed the HS locomotive is moving at 17ms but the meter will read it as 244.8kmh relative to it and ratio wise it is actually 68ms however it is displayed on the meter being 4 times faster but in reality it is really 17ms,because 17ms in minecraft is considerably and noticeably fast it compensates for not being the real speed.

    hence we will run by the virtual:real ratio of 1:4.

    ※unfortunately the imperial measuring system is not used here so i am only able to provide metric measurements

    from this brief explanation you can adjust the speed and meter display as according or as subject to your changes.

    HS locomotive「railcraft present」⇒meter reading : 244.8kmh/68ms,actual reading/speed : 17ms
    HS locomotive「railcraft absent」⇒meter reading : 216kmh/60ms,actual reading/speed : 15ms
    Diesel Locomotives⇒meter reading : 187.2kmh/52ms,actual reading/speed : 13ms
    Coal Locomotives⇒meter reading : 158.4kmh/44ms,actual reading/speed : 11ms
    Trams⇒meter reading : 129.6kmh/36ms,actual reading/speed : 9ms

    You can set a range for each individual locomotives variants excluding coloured variants based on the chart above as i did not set a range because i had to deal with chunkloading speed limits and better than minecart speed limits,therefore you can decide the range for each with reference from above per type of locomotive e.g HS,diesel,coal and trams.

    however the overall range which i highly suggest to keep is 9ms~17ms one fore being slightly faster than the minecart and one which does not outrun the chunkloader.

    ※trams in general do not have speeds higher than 60kmh but as knowing the minecraft minecart moves at 8ms having a slower tracked vehicle than the minecart seems unfeasible,the only advantages that i know out weighs the minecart itself is that trams can be self powered and is pilotable compared to the minecart,that being the case trams do not consume alot of power for its speed and convenience over other locomotives and the minecart itself.

    ※suggestions are not final but subjected to your preference and further testing upon implementation

    lastly does the issue affect only HS passenger carts or most carts aside from locomotives?if it is the first then you can implement when HS passenger cart is linked speed limit is reduced to 130kmh as of now to compensate for the bug for now.

    as i have not experimented the current 80mph=?ms i will assume based on the ratio formula i have suggested above,meaning as previously stated

    80mph⇒meter reading : 130kmh/36ms,actual reading/speed : 9ms

    while it may be reduced to tram speeds when connected with a HS passenger cart it woulc be a temporary solution since it is the certified version 2.00 build but a test build.

    if it is not as above then temporarily subject all locomotives to speed limits of 130kmh when none locomotives/carts are attached.

    at this point of time i may want to try the speed adjustment first over fixing locomotive + cart speeds reduced bug.

    i do hope some suggestions above if not all will be implemented in the next test build of version 2.00
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