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    posted a message on Windows 10 & 8 Minecraft unable to do LAN

    On the Windows 8 machine, nothing is being used.

    On the Windows 10 machine, Kaspersky is being used, it has been for quite a while and up until yesterday this issue never happened.

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    posted a message on Windows 10 & 8 Minecraft unable to do LAN

    Hello, for some reason, starting yesterday, me and my brother have been unable to do LAN in minecraft. This is both in 1.8 and 1.7.10, I run Windows 10 64-bit, he runs Windows 8 64-bit. What happens is, once the host opens the world to LAN, the other player can not see it, however we can still see each other just fine in the networks tab. Direct connect does not work either unless online (Authentication servers down). Does anyone have a solution to this issue? We really want to continue our LAN survival world. Thanks in advance.

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    posted a message on looking for quest maps like Aramis and Flatham

    Hello, if anyone knows of any big open-world quest maps like Aramis or Flatham, can you please let me know? I would re-play those two but I have no idea how to use the mods for them considering how old the version they use is.

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    posted a message on The Herobrine Mod OFFICIAL 3.6
    nevermind, darn totem picture did not load last time I checked. great mod so far
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    posted a message on The Herobrine Mod OFFICIAL 3.6
    hello, how do you summon herobrine once you get the totem? my brothers are having trouble with this,
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    posted a message on Savage Prison [1.7.2] [24/7][Dungeons, Quests and more][Lag-Free][Dedicated Staff][Realistic Prison Server][Accepting Prison Tra
    yes to both questions
    great server from the looks of things.
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    posted a message on Indiegala DiRT
    Hello everyone, just wanted to share the news about the latest Indiegala Bundle. It has 8 great games, they are:
    for $1 or more:
    The 39 Steps
    Star Wolves 3

    BTA (at the moment $4.50):
    Alien Spidy
    Dollar Dash
    Colin Mcrae DiRT 2
    Bang Bang Racing
    Hard Reset: Extended Edition
    I personally find Lucius, DiRT 2 and Hard Reset to be really good, never tried the others. What do you think? the bundle can be found at www.indiegala.com for those interested.
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    posted a message on looking for an RP server
    @vikaya thanks for the link, gonna take a look and see about getting whitelisted
    @2049717 do not worry, I won't come on, bit of advice though, just because you change your post does not mean that someone that has subscribed to the thread has their e-mail edited (in other words, I have the address). but please, when the server comes out, let me know

    if anyone has any more ideas, please post them here.
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    posted a message on looking for an RP server
    Hello, I am looking for an anime Roleplay server, I have tried chakracraft and it is ok, but I am looking for an actual RP, not RPG server. I have seen a lot out there but they are all shut down by the time I found them, such as the one piece server, bleach server, rosario + vampire server, there was a SAO/fairy tail server but that has changed drastically and no longer has most of the elements it once did etc. Therefore I decided to ask if anyone on here knows of a decent anime RP server, I am also looking for futuristic/sci-fi RP servers, school-style RP servers or RP servers with kingdoms, races, factions etc like LOTC (any of these requirements will do). Thanks for any help
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    posted a message on ~ | THE LORD OF THE CRAFT | ~ - ENTER ATHERA - ~ Officially the #1 Minecraft Roleplay Server

    OOC information

    What’s your Minecraft Account Name?: - kira1002

    How old are you?: - 20

    What time-zone do you live in?: - AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time)

    Have you ever roleplayed before - if you have, how?: - yes, played on several naruto RP servers, a prison RP server and a soul eater RP server

    Have you been on any other roleplaying servers?: - yes

    Have you applied to this server before?(Please link past applications): - I have never applied before now

    How did you hear about us?: - I found out via a youtube channel when searching for a new vegas mod
    What do you think the server will be like? - a fun RP server that has a lot of interesting things to do
    Have you read and agreed to the rules?: - yes
    What’s your favourite rule / the rule you agree with the most?: - I agree most with rule that designates that you must be IC at all times.

    What is Roleplaying?: - Roleplaying is when a group of people create a character and play along in a story according to said character's traits, personality, abilities and other events going on in the RP world.
    What Is Metagaming?: - Metagaming is utilizing strategies, actions or methods that go beyond the defined ruleset of the game being played.
    What is Powergaming?: - powergaming is playing a game or game-like system with the intention to aim solely at one particular goal, such as creating a character that is very hard to kill in order to enjoy the game at the cost of other people.

    IC information
    What is your character's name?: - kirmar
    What race are they?: - orc uruk
    What sex are they?: - male
    How old are they?: - 100
    Brief description?: - born in krugmar, kirmar lived a troubled childhood, he barely succeeded in his initiation, fighting off 5 scorpions, barely surviving. his father was a member of the war uzg and therefore wanted him to follow in his footseps and therefore pushed his son to his physical and mental limits. His father died in battle against a regiment of Elven warriors. His family are members of the Gorkil clan. After reaching adulthood, Kirmar decided to become a courier to see more of the world and get a good idea of where everything is in case the Orcs ever go to war.
    What are they like?: - Kirmar is a tough, fearless warrior willing to do whatever it takes to succeed in his assigned task. Due to his father's excessive training, he is extremely intelligent and therefore able to communicate with humans on an almost equal level.
    What are their ambitions?: - Kirmar desires to fulfill his father's wish and join the War Uzg.
    Do they have any special skills?: - Kirmar can speak with humans on an equal level without any grammar errors, when dealing with Elves he uses the standard mannerisms.
    What are their weaknesses?: - he has a weakness to poison due to extreme exposure to it as a child during his initiation.
    Describe the character?: - Kirmar is a Orc with two tusks, red eyes, grey skin and very little hair.
    any more information?: - no further information
    Character skin?: - http://imgur.com/fhnfp4c
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    posted a message on Soul Eater RP Server
    hello, is there some kind of skin requirement? I logged in, walked around trying to find where to go since I spawned in water and got killed.
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    posted a message on [1.6.4] BSODs and LAN issues
    Hello, I am trying to link my brother's computer to mine to do a LAN, I am the host and am suffering from several issues, these are:
    1. random BSODs while playing (ONLY when doing a LAN, fine any other time), so far the only error code I have noticed is C4 which means driver error but, as I said, it only happens when doing LAN in MC. I can provide the minidumps of the 3 BSODs if needed
    2. other person randomly turns invisible-sometimes, when I teleport my brother to me so we can continue the map (playing the dropper in this case), he goes completely invisible, his ping is 0 or so (full signal strength when tab is pressed), he can hurt me but I can not hurt/see him and I am the host since I have better specs
    3. random white outlines around certain items, mainly skins and minecarts
    I am running Windows 7 64-bit, 8GB DDR3 RAM, intel 3.2GHZ quad core processor and Nvidia GT545 3GB VRAM
    I am not sure what my brother's specs are although he can run minecraft SP with no lag, he is running windows vista.
    we have tried several maps, 1 we made ourselves-BSOD, the dropper-BSOD and multiplex 2-BSOD
    if I may say so, it seems like number 2 (and possibly 3) only happen when my brother teleports-other times he is fine
    any help is appreciated.

    EDIT: uploaded the minidumps to ge.tt under http://ge.tt/4gBSkbs
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    Quote from Jigarbov

    With the one with the bedrock statue, the hopper needs to be filled to a certain level at which point the bedrock statue will despawn itself and vanish. It can be cheated by just putting books of enchanting in it, if you can try to see if that works let me know.

    As for the other one, I don't know which other hopper you're talking about and the rotten flesh sorry.

    thanks, just realized I had put in the wrong amount, when I come to the "please deposit your offering of 10 rotten flesh" encounter I will try and find the maker's name and let you know.
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    I have found a few issues involving the hoppers (not sure if they are fixed or not). In the
    house with a hole that has a bedrock statue and neverending mob spawns
    the hopper does nothing when I put the items in it, and in another encounter that has a hopper and you need a certain amount of rotten flesh, it does nothing.
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    posted a message on help looking for a server
    Hello, I am looking for a server I used to play on before I accidentally deleted my minecraft folder, it had the following areas: towny, hunger games, parkour, survival and a few others, it had a central hub that is made of lots of pathways and nether portals that lead to the other worlds, the server command to change worlds is /word.
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