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    Quote from Flameofice

    No, that's a Creeper. Not Creppers. I've encountered many Creepers, but not a single Crepper. What are those?

    Creppers are these purple flying mobs. They have one eye, one horn and they tend to eat people.
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    The closest one can get to downvoting is not voting at all. Downvoting would lead to spite-negs and revenge-negs.
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    Quote from DontStealMyBacon

    A while back notch said that water bodies would not all be located at y=65. And they arent. They are somewhere between 64 and 66. When I heard this I thought it would be some 30 block difference between water bodies, but nope. Sometimes we get a glitched pattern when the water level does down by one but thats it.

    We need waterfalls that look something like this

    Picture from inHaze's custom world

    With how the world chunk generation goes, these waterfalls may generate entire landscapes into ruin and flooding areas that the water never intended to be, also collapsing sand banks and what not. They look nice, but water blocks are unpredictable and can create tons of loading problems with how many steaming blocks are generated.
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    I noticed a strange problem, where Saplings when reaching the "spawn_tree" mode, if the spawn template they choose doesn't fit the terrain it is grown in, it will not spawn until the dirt or blocks in it's template are moved. Sometimes when you move these blocks, the tree will spawn instantly.

    Generally all trees have a variation of templates they can choose from. My suggestion would be that, when Bonemeal or the "spawn_tree" moment is hit, that if the template it chooses conflicts with the surrounding world, it will chose another or cycle through them until a suitable one is found and then grow into that.

    This would make Dirtwall Tree farms more suitable since the Dirt Walls will enforce the trees to grow branches higher than the dirt walls and be larger when Bonemeal is applied to them. When you go on Sapling planting routines, one rogue dirt block on the hillside will not hinder it's growth and force micromanagement of the soil upon you.
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    I disagree.
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    Underwater lighting and underwater hostiles are essential for this.

    Since wandering around with almost no light, and nothing to fight, would be more of a hindrance than something nice.

    Flooded caves are a nice idea but they need to be more than just caves filled with water.
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    Why Your RPG Ideas Will Not Work For Minecraft
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    One of the most popular gamestyles as of yet are RPGs, which are filled with many innovative gameplay mechanics that allow for different avenues of play to be implemented into a game. The problem with it, is that RPGs are a completely different game style than a building Sandbox. Since there is no linear storyline to follow, and no primary goals to follow, you can't implement an entirely new gaming style into minecraft without running into problems or inheriting the glaring flaws of the RPG genre itself. Not only that, there are hundreds of different RPGs and all of them have glaring flaws, and there is no core system to build off of that could particularly suit Minecraft and not run without conflicts. Not only that, many people are vehemently against RPG-like themes being implemented into Minecraft at all due to it's restrictive nature. For now I shall evaluate the reasonings behind why certain elements of an RPG could not work correctly in Minecraft:

    :SSSS: Classes

    Other than herding players into niche roles that only benefit from doing certain things, or only being good at certain things, adding classes to the game restricts the players to having to make choices on whether or not to be a builder, a fighter, a farmer, a miner, or other minecraft related "chores". In Minecraft, you should be able to do anything you want, in the best way, regardless of something you choose to benefit this. The only reason classes are added to RPGs is to create a sense of difference between characters and to fit the "role" part of roleplaying (similar to healers, attackers, defenders, leaders etc.). It also balances out the group so everyone isn't a godly arcane swordweilding assassin with perfect defense and the ability to revive everyone with one word. Since Minecraft is primarily a single player game with one player, you would be playing a role in a group that doesn't exist or matters. This would only make sense on Multiplayer, but make you rely on others for help when you should have the ability to do everything yourself, without the need of others.

    TL;DR: Why would you choose to only be good at a few things, when you should be good at everything?

    :SSSS: Civilization
    The main problem with cities, merchant areas and towns is the fact that nobody will ever agree on the system that should be chosen, and the flaws that come with them. How big are they? What are they made from? Who inhabits it? What are the laws? What is the currency? What are the rules? Why is it important? There are so many variables that needed to be thought of before even considering cities being able to spawn in Minecraft. Why survive when you could just go into this city, with plenty of vendors and prebuilt buildings to hide in when the mobs come? Build a bed there and then you will be set forever (although you don't have to do this, you could just blow up the city). This would cause a lot of things to be enforced when implemented due to the difficulty of managing a city that isn't just filled with pigs and cows. Having a giant city or fort filled with humans that don't do anything when you kill them, or form tribal moblike societies tends to be inhuman and a bit derpy when not worked out well. If it is too simple, there isn't much to enjoy. If it is too advanced, it takes up way more of the game than it needs to, if it isn't the main point of a "survival" game to begin with. You should be the one to make cities, not have them ready to enter as soon as you start up.

    TL;DR: Civilization is MORE than just cities, shops and people.

    :SSSS: NPCs and Humans
    Players will always demand for them to be more realistic than the mobs we have now, which means they will have to walk around, talk and do menial tasks. This also tends to lead to portions of the game being dedicated to a group of villagers doing things that have no importance of the game and are there just for flavor. Why add such a complicated NPC with advanced behaviors and humanism if all it is there for is to be killed or to make a town area more realistic? Humans are extremely diverse beings that are hard to simulate in a video game for cutting edge realism. It isn't weird to see a sheep wander aimlessly, bleat and ignore you. To have a human walk around aimlessly, make noise and ignore you is naturally strange to you. What if you want to talk to them? Does this mean speech and communication will have to be added into the game? When you are not in a game with a story, what could they possibly tell you that would be of any marginal importance? Certain NPCs also should not be the only avenue to be able to make essential actions in the game either, you should be able to do things by yourself efficiently without requiring having to run over to the NPC everyday to make an action and then leave again. Add some kind of communication option to the NPCs and you will end up encountering Cleverbot variants, or just a bunch of humans constantly saying Hi to you or repeating a phrase you've heard a million other times. The only way this could work is by adding as few NPCs to the game as possible, but we know how lonely and boring that ends up to be.

    TL;DR: Adding Human-like Humans to the Game would take too much effort, and no matter how hard you try, they would either have to be inhuman mutes or drones for labor and activities, and it still wouldn't be human enough.

    :SSSS: Experience Points
    Since the implementation of an EXP system would be useless without some benefits and restrictions, the only way to make this beneficial at all is if you do tedious amounts of work in order to increase your EXP to continue your progress towards your next goal. What is your goal in Minecraft? Nothing, you can do whatever you wish. There is no linear story or goal to go after. You don't HAVE to mine obsidian, you dont HAVE to find diamond, you don't HAVE to explore, you dont HAVE to craft special items, you don't even HAVE to fight mobs. You can do whatever you wish, at any given time, when you want to. Don't want to mine anymore? Make a farm. Don't want to farm? fish. Don't want to fish? Fight mobs. You shouldn't have to do tedious amounts of pointless labor to unlock a certain portion of the game. The only limitation should be the ones that are in the game right now, finding the things you are looking for and collecting them. Regardless of the theming, you should be able to do everything in the best way regardless if you spent time mining for hours or farming wheat, and not have to put up with ******** to get to what you want.

    TL;DR: Don't force people to do things that wastes their time when they could be using that time to getting things done already.

    :SSSS: Leveling
    Aside from the fact that Minecraft already has a strategy/balance formula put into it that can be worked on a player to player basis, levelling would serve absolutely no purpose in Minecraft unless you were forced to start off weak and unable to do certain actions as soon as you start. The obvious glare with this, is that it will force you to do have to collect EXP to level up and "earn" the ability to do certain actions that you should already know how to do and have the ability to do. It would be an unneeded system that will prove to either restrict gameplay by herding the player into the EXP rush to get enough levels to survive mob attacks or build special items, or it would be an annoyance rather than a grace. It woul also introduce the most hated of practices, Grinding. Now that there are levels to be gained, looks like you will have to spend time levelling up and wasting time.

    TL;DR: A design system made to control gameplay hours and halt immediate progress in the game would only serve to annoy players who DON'T want anything to do with it.

    :SSSS: Tier Limitations
    The problem with almost every RPG is the fact that a lot of items are added, that are only used until something better comes along. You use the beginner item for awhile, then buy the other item that's a few points stronger or has better stats, and you do this a few more times until you reach the highest tier of items you want. The problem is, what the hell do you do with all of the obsolete items? Wooden Pickaxes face this same problem, since their limited ore collection and slow mining speed make them completely inferior to Stone Pickaxes, which will probably be the tier you will remain in for the rest of the game. Most of the time, you only need ONE Wooden Pickaxe to get 18+ Stone Pickaxes, and then the rest of the time you stay with Stone. Think about all of the other useless tiers that will be implemented with this system. The great thing about Minecraft is that every item you have has some marginal use. If it is not an ingredient, it is a catalyst for another block (Dyes, Coal, Buttons), or has a use of it's own (Redstone Dust). Nearly every item has a role, and is not restricted to being constantly outclassed by better items every change that comes along.

    TL;DR: Now that I have the best items, I now notice there is a lot of useless inferior **** in the game that I will never need to use ever again.

    :SSSS: Currency
    The main point of currency is to make a mainstream system that can be used to control the trading of goods and defining value of materials for sale, and to discourage bartering for items of equal value. Adding money to Minecraft would serve to restrict the ability to comfortably obtain items on a regular basis, and make an unneeded barrier and chore to collect enough money to get an item they need to obtain. Then comes the problem of defining how much an item is worth to certain players. Is Obsidian worth more than Diamond? How much would Dirt cost? Saplings? Wood? Sand? Since the uses vary by different items, and not everyone wants items for the same reasons (some people want Lapis Lazuli for dye, rather than Lapis Blocks, and others want Diamond for Armor, rather than Tools). You would either come to a point of the game where you are constantly hoarding items to sell, or struggling to buy the simplest of items and have to find precious minerals for them. This would also begin to discourage mining and building items yourself if you could, you know, just buy them?

    TL;DR: Game is too easy when I'm rich, and too hard when I am poor. Why mine it when I can buy it?

    :SSSS: Pointless Stats
    Stats that are employed into the game for realism and limitations are generally annoying and bad, especially for a game that is not based around realism. Hunger and Health are reasonable for a survival game, but Encumberance, Sanity, Mana, Fun, Bladder, Ergonomics, Demeanor, Karma Dexterity, Charisma and plenty of other stats are utterly pointless in Minecraft, and only serve to employ "infinite stat boosting mode" similar to where you try to improve every stat you have to the maximum for no reason than to have it at max level, even if it doesn't directly benefit your playing style. Adding too much stats to the game that do only a few little things clutter up the stat screen and cause too many counting problems to work with, and tend to fatten the amount of research needed to know how to properly manage your character.

    TL;DR: There are too many stats to manage, and I feel the need to pointlessly max all of them out!

    :SSSS: Repetitive Inventory
    Some people like the idea of adding Halberds, Katanas, Guisarmes, Batteaxes, Swords, Longswords, Shamshirs, Broadaxes, Scythes, Kamas, Franciscas, Maces, Warhammers, Gudendags, Scimitars, Spears, Lances, Javelins, Pikes, Longspears, Hookswords, Knives, Krisses, Chainswords, Morningstars, Tetsubos, Billyclubs, Truncheons, Bayonets, Odachis, Zanpakutos, Zweihanders, ******* Swords, Great Swords, Doublescythes, Rippers, Chainsaw Blades, Chain Axes, Whips, Spiked Chains, Throwing Hammers, Rapiers, Mauls, Greathammers, Augerhammers, War Picks, War Clubs, Rods and all other sorts of weapons to the game, but the problem comes with making them all different. Since they would all work in generally the same way (they are all melee weapons after all) how would you make them different besides pushing them into a gigantic weapon stat directory, and even then, what's the point of it all when the only things that make them different are recipes, damage and attack speed, and small unimportant tweaks? It gets very convulted and eerily similar when all of the different melees are only stat-swapped versions of the sword. It would be like adding a Bucket that only grabs water, a Bucket that only grabs milk, and a bucket that only grabs Lava, or a bucket that can get water or lava, but not milk, and a bucket that can get milk and water, but not lava. In the end, what's the point?

    TL;DR: All the "different" weapons aren't that different, all the new items are weaker,faster, long-reaching, complicated or stronger versions of something that already exists.

    :SSSS: Possible Solutions to Addressing RPG Implementation Problems:
    :GoldBar: No Limitations, Improvements Only - That way that you don't have to have your progress impeded by a couple of levels or stats, and you can do whatever you set out to do without grinding for experience. This would also mean that continuous work could possibly have benefits (ergo example: Mining with Stone Tools makes you mine things faster with said stone tools for awhile, Fishing a lot increases the likeliness of a fish being caught). This would be a nice improvement, without all of the restrictions and encumbrance that the regular system applies to the game.
    :GoldBar: Expansion on Smaller Areas of the Game - Since Minecraft has a lot of different activities to do, expanding on more of the more simpler activities (such as fishing, farming, and ranching) that do not have more dedicated to it and are heavily dwarfed by much larger portions of the game can greatly benefit from the implementation of more rewards or more diversity.
    :GoldBar: Combat Improvement - Most people find more of a thrill from the combat part of the RPG games, since a lot of them dedicate a lot of their gameplay to the combat aspect. Currently Minecraft has 3 main combat styles: Ranged (Dispensers, TNT cannons and Bows), Melee (Swords and Tier-based Tools) and Area Based (Lava, TNT-Mines and Cactus Traps). Adding more world-based diversity amongst the different kinds of combat that can be used will aid others in enjoying the game beyond what can be used now, and allow for more creative defenses and traps to be made and help move most battle styles out of the "Melee Only" categories. Leave Weapon based Paper-Rock-Scissors and Archetype Metabattling to other games. Since Minecraft allows you to create and modify the world around you to suit you, the world should be able to become your weapon as well.
    :GoldBar: Secondary Implementation - Minecraft should not work around the RPG implementation, the RPG implementation should work around Minecraft. Converting, changing or removing parts of the game to suit the engine may cause many problems and radical backlash against the implementation of the RPG system, but if the additions simply act as a layer that is put onto the game that will tweak a few things without radically taking over the game, more people who are normally against RPGs can see that it's not as bad as they hope, and people who don't know what an RPG is can easier understand how the game works without having to constantly remember actions from another game to see if they are doing something correctly.

    Improvements, Comments and Suggestions are Welcome. Hopefully this will help future RPG thread makers learn the annoying flaws of RPGs and make a thread without them, and hopefully this actually gets read because it seems like this place is a lake, and everyone here has the attention span of a goldfish and never seem to read anything but what they say. There are some mods out there that have worked with these flaws in mind and attempted to avert them (Such as Humans+), and hopefully, there will be more mods and additions to the game that employ good RPG themes without carrying over the needless ******** that slows the game down to a halt and implements pointless limitations that nobody likes.

    Also, try to not reply to ONLY the tl;dr versions.
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    Wolves drop bones when you kill them and die a noisey death just like pigs, unlike cows and sheep.
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    I like Popcorn. Hopefully the Silk can be used to make curtains for windows (i'm kind of big on decorating), and perhaps even be used for veils to be placed around certain areas to make certain areas look more royal, like a throne room or harem room (hehe). Perhaps the oil you are suggesting can be used to improve the minecart problems drastically somehow, not sure how to implement it, but there is the Powered Minecart.
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    If you don't like Ygdrasel that much then just add him as a foe.

    ITS ****ING EASY.

    Just click his name, press "add foe", and then press "yes".

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